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Org Real (tygr.info)
152 points by mostafah 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

This is really cool!

I could imagine something like this but for software/infrastructure architecture, where it would impose a formality/standard of language that would be useful for exchanging ideas, especially in earlier stages of remote collaboration.

This also works really well with the box/tree description I give to people who are new to computer science or systems administration, and looking to understand more. Basically, it's useful to think of stuff in computers as both a series of boxes within each other, and as a tree with a base and branches. Folders start with a big box that contains smaller boxes as you `cd` into other folders, but they're also a tree because you start at the root and travel along branches as you cd.

I wonder if something like this can be used to model the structure of technical documentation and therefore test its validity.

Reminds me of Gay Deceiver's organization system from The Number of the Beast - I've always wanted to implement something like that, but I lacked the skill when I had the time, and now (maybe) have the skill but (certainly) lack the time. Well done!

Interesting human-readable DSL for specifying a relative location of near-by things with corresponding auto-generated "text visual art" diagrams.

In general, plantuml + Org Babel can be used to create diagrams in Emacs https://plantuml.com/zh/emacs

This looks interesting. Might be worth looking at older systems like pic and graphviz for inspiration. One gripe if the author is here: the chosen font and colors are near unreadable. Thank heavens for reader mode.

Was this inspired by the classic 1970s Lisp demonstration SHRDLU?


Hmm, I tried to post a comment earlier: did comments get erased from here? Anyway, this looks neat, and it might be worth looking at older drawing tools like Pic and GraphViz for inspiration.

There's a duplicate posting, with your comment.

Seems somewhat similar to how Inform 7 handles rooms.

really cool. it’s great to see how active emacs dev has been, recently

Yep, they have really come into their own - so much cool stuff in the Emacs ecosystem

Super cool! Visualizing org mode is something I don't think we can get enough of. Keep it up!

A bit of a nitpick but the box drawing characters aren't ASCII.

bravo, super fun and impressive work.

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