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Electrifying New York: An Electric Vehicle Vision Plan for New York City [pdf] (nyc.gov)
8 points by toomuchtodo 43 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

We should be mandating these requirements now for EVs:

1. Allow smart charging and discharging to the grid, to lower the overall peaks of energy demand (these peak periods are what drive power prices/shortags).

2. Direct user road charging, based on time of day, location, miles travelled, and vehicle class.

Its particularly dumb to add more energy demand to peak hours - ie. by allowing cars to just charge as soon as they've plugged in once the driver gets home (which is typically peak demand, right at the same time as solar generation fading).

> which is typically peak demand, right at the same time as solar generation fading

This is known as the Duck curve.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck_curve

Having a high price per kw during those times for car charging would probably be enough to dissuade people, all EVs have scheduled charging these days.

How many consumers have electricity plans with per-hour charging, and even know what the price is per hour?

This information needs to be embedded into the UI of the EV, and for that we need regulation and standardisation.

Requiring that all employee car parks have chargers is another solution.

All californiens?

I'm all for moving over to electric vehicles; they're cheaper to maintain and electricity CAN (but not always is) be cleaner than gasoline powered vehicles.

One thing I didn't see addressed is where the additional electric power for charging vehicles will be coming from. Doesn't NYC have trouble running AC in the peak of summer? I'd be curious to see if additional generation sources would need to be build out, or if the distribution network will also need to be vastly updated.

If things are done sensibly, EV's could actually help with local grid load smoothing. So-called "smart charging".

Yes, more energy will be needed and the backbone grid will need to be strengthened. Call your local congressperson and get them to support the reconciliation bill, which has money for that.


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