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Thanks for the mention Dang, I monitor a few hundred sites of 'importance' and see stuff like this all the time, you are the first one however to thank me for an email saying 'you might want to look into this!'

I've thought about building a similar service before and I'm really impressed with all the features you offer, including many that I haven't even thought about before. Many companies use services like Pingdom for uptime monitoring but they don't have nearly as many features. I think you will do really well!

Thanks Hodgson, SSL certificate expiring before the times of Let's Encrypt was the stuff for nightmare. I had to dedicate some day every 3 months to renew SSL certificates for my websites.

But now with Lets Encrypt & autocert(Go) it's not the case anymore. But still Little Warden would be useful to detect nasty surprises and besides you're offering other features.

P.S. I've added Little Warden to my curated list of startup tools - https://startuptoolchain.com/#website .

How many of them become customers? Great strategy!

None, tbh I don't try and pitch LW too hard, I just give them a heads up, probably a mistake but feels more ethical :)

This comment is just delightful to read.

Thanks for saving us from potential frustrations and for reminding us that helping others can be simply an act of kindness without a monetization scheme attached.

> probably a mistake

I hope you won't ever end up thinking that. :)

As someone who has known Dom for years and started several projects with him, I can say he’s like this all the time and I really doubt he will change.

Thanks a lot for that!

Wow that's really shitty of all the other ones.

Will you name drop them so I can be angry at their ethics for you?

Let's try to avoid the online shaming/callout culture here. It's a classic local/global optimization tradeoff.


Thanks for keeping the peace, dang

Even if my cert is about to expire, I might already know and have a plan to renew and rotate. In fact, I would think MOST large sites have a plan for this and aren't relying on a person from the internet to notice and email them.

Plus, do I need to publicly thank every person that emails and helps me?

There's never a reason to cut it as close as a few days. If you had a sensible plan, you would have enacted it weeks before so as to not get into this situation. Even letsencrypt, with its famously short-lived certificates, is supposed to renew 30 days before expiry.

I have been bitten with this before. I had a good plan, and had actually renewed that one but hadn't reloaded nginx. That's the day I found out that uptimerobot alerts you if your site goes down, but stays willfully silent if it's technically up but using an expired or invalid certificate.

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