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Navattic (YC W21) is hiring
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Hi HN!

I’m Neil, one of the co-founders of Navattic (YC W21) (https://www.navattic.com/). Navattic helps teams create interactive product demos for their SaaS application. For reference, here was our HN launch back in March (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26478189)

When you’re looking to buy software, one of the most important things for users is understanding whether the product will meet your needs.

Navattic helps teams to create an interactive & shareable version of their SaaS app, without involving engineering. Many teams choose to embed these interactive demos on their website so visitors can instantly try out the software, without needing to sign up for a trial or request a demo.

For reference, here’s a live customer example: https://www.monitorqa.com/lp/interactive-demo/

Right now we’re a small, 5-person team with ambitions to build the first end-to-end platform for product-led growth.

We’re growing and are looking for a full-stack engineer to help solve interesting technical problems around DOM serialization, own new feature development and help build our development cadence broadly.

If this is of interest to you, feel free to apply using this link (https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/navattic/34563733-9b10-449a-9d27-c4...) or send me a note at neil [dot] mclean [at] navattic [dot] com with “HN” in the subject line.

Thank you!

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