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Show HN: SLO-Tracker, an open-source tool to track SLO and Error budget
2 points by roshan8 on Sept 8, 2021 | hide | past | favorite
Hey all,

We are a small team and always struggled to track our product SLO's and Error budgets. So we wrote a small tool to track our product SLO, Error-budget, False positive incidents, and SLO burning rate. It also provides some analytics into how the team might have spent their error budget over time. This tool saved us a lot of time which we would have otherwise spent in aggregating SLO metrics from multiple places. Hope this will be helpful for some.

Currently integration with Prometheus, Pingdom, Grafana and Newrelic are supported. We are planning to add a few more integrations in the near future.

We'll be happy to get your feedback, suggestions and patches to make this a better tool for the community :)

Github repo: https://github.com/roshan8/slo-tracker

Blog post: https://dev.to/squadcast/introducing-our-open-source-slo-tracker-a-simple-tool-to-track-slos-and-error-budget-4dp

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