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Ask HN: Important parameters for evaluating low-code app development tools?
4 points by kinj28 16 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
With many no-code /low-code tools out in market. (Tools like @Appsmith, @Retool, @DronaHQ, @jetadmin @bubble etc ) I am building an evaluation tool which will help user to evaluate the platform and identify the right one for his/her needs. I have broken down the parameters according to following categories (And given weightage to each categories & parameter within) - Basic - Frontend Development - Actionflows/ Event handlers - Branding - Developer Productivity & Tooling - BPM Workflows - Automation Capabilities - Built-in Database - Integration Capabilities - Deployment - Sharing - User Management - Security - Support + Community - App Lifecycle Support - Analytics - Pricing Flexibility

How do you evaluate the platforms/tools? Which parameters are of most importance to you? Any thoughts or other evaluation tools that you would like me to refer to?

P.S. Once built I will share the tool with the community here.

I don’t care about all the prebuilt integrations. I care if it has the one/s I need.

Does it do what I need?

What’s pricing like or it’s structure?

When is it not worth it? - What do I earn from this? How much can I spend per client? How much would it be to hire someone to build a custom solution?

I'd add 2 things:

- Who is going to be the end user? Sales, CS, operations - non-technical people, who may need your help with it later? - Are you planning to scale or stay small?

Btw, there is also @ForestAdmin.

I assume at some point all of these types of services are either too costly or can't handle volume after some number.

So cost and scaling might be important within each category.

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