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I hope they actually manage to make it. I only have tried it once but my computer has only 8gb of RAM so the experience was kind of slow

Qubes really needs at least 32 GB. I have maxed mine out at 40 in my laptop and I sometimes wished for more.

If you have the memory, and you can live without GPU acceleration, there is really nothing like Qubes. The biggest benefits to me aren't even the security aspects. It's the ability to test things without worrying that anything unrelated gets affected.

If you want to install some random piece of software, especially commercial software that always comes with an install script (or worse, a binary) it's very comfortable to be able to give that program a dedicated playground. When I want to uninstall it, I run qvm-remove vmname and it's gone.

You can use Qubes with less memory if you rely on minimal templates. Some people run tens of VMs on 16 GB.

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