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I use virtual desktops ("Spaces" on Mac), and typically have 16 open, with one window per desktop. Each "desktop" represents one unit of work, whether that's a project, or bugs that I work on in parallel (waiting for reviews, etc).

In general, each window starts with one tab, but as I do more research into something, more and more tabs open. I religiously close tabs I'm not using, and the ones I keep open tend to be API references and similar.

I also use tabs as a TODO list, so any open tab is something I have to do. Closing them means my system breaks.

This would all be completely unmanageable without a few optimizations:

- TreeStyleTabs makes managing 25-30 tabs per window manageable. I almost never have more than that.

- Firefox Nightlies use considerably less memory than the release version, mostly due to the MemShrink effort within Mozilla (where I work)

- I set browser.sessionstore.max_concurrent_tabs to 0, to prevent a restart opening all my tabs and sinking memory into windows that aren't in my regular rotation.

Even so, Firefox typically uses 1.5-2GB of RSS, and slows to a crawl after a few days. This is due to fragmentation, and I'm working on fixing it.

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