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I wonder if more pervasive os level virtualization for windows would allow them to 'virtualize' some of the legacy APIs and provide a means for moving their apis forward/cleanup/etc while still maintaining their backwards compatibility.

This is explicitly mentioned in the article:

> In theory, by running all legacy applications virtualized you'd get rid of legacy components and security issues that plague Windows OS today

(There's no mention of the 'but' that one seems to sense coming when a sentence starts with "In theory"; perhaps they just refer to the perhaps-infeasible effort it would take to implement this.)

That's what XP mode does out of the box. I run my really stinking old version of Quickbooks through it.

Don't they already do this partly? Especially when running old 16-bit programmes.

Ah. Mayhaps. I thought they did that with some custom api translation, but I could indeed be wrong.

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