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Project MKUltra (wikipedia.org)
29 points by psyfi 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

just think what goes on today yet it has not been sanctioned, yet.

Question for the crowd: any time I’ve heard somebody say the name of this project out loud (e.g. history videos) they’ve said “em-kay ultra”, but wouldn’t it be “mark ultra” like how “MK2” gets read as “mark two”?

Same with post-Snowden discussions of “XKEYSCORE” / “ex-keyscore” / “cross-keyscore”, like how the “X button” on a playstation controller is actually the “cross button”: https://twitter.com/playstationuk/status/1169651442027827200...

MK here is a just a digraph, not an abbreviation.


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