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MinWin is a new kernel and the old NT kernel has nothing to support virtualization.

MinWin is NOT a new kernel. It is a subset of NT. Drop the binaries into IDA and look at it yourself, or dig around for Russinovich's talk on the subject of how they disconnected all the dependencies to build MinWin. Even Wikipedia disagrees with you: "MinWin is not, in and of itself a kernel, but rather a set of components that includes both the Windows NT Executive and several other components that Russinovich has described as "Cutler's NT"."

As for virtualization support, you're wrong on two counts: 1) with the creation of Hyper-V, a number of facilities were added to NT to support something akin to paravirtualization, and 2) MinWin has absolutely nothing here that NT doesn't have, being a subset.

Thanks politician, that is the link @daeken was taking about. I have to say, that I was wrong.

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