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Interesting test, but the real world usability significance of this are minimal.

Now, if Firefox auto updates in the background like Chrome, I might consider giving it another chance. When I want to go on the net, I don't want to wait for my browser to update.

Chrome doesn't update in the background. It downloads the update in the background, then applies it at startup the next time it starts. It just doesn't tell you it's doing that, so you get a slow startup with no explanation of why.

The "tell you" part is the only difference between the workflow for current Firefox updates and Chrome updates, in fact... And yes, Firefox might start doing them silently precisely because of the purely psychological issue you describe.

>Chrome doesn't update in the background.

How do you know that? I assumed Chrome did update in the background because it uses Google's Omaha project, which supports updating when the system is idle.

"attempt to update application when the user's machine is idle"


Oh, it may be able to update "in the background" if the browser is not running. I assumed you meant updating while the browser is running so the update is ready to go the next time you start the browser.

For my use cases, the two situations are actually equivalent, since my browser starts at boot and only shuts down with the OS or when I decide I should really install the security update.

Firefox does that in 5, at least as far as I can tell. It also updates addons silently. The only reason I've noticed things were being updated is addons that show a "what's new in this version!" page.

For me (and apparently a large number of people in this thread), I won't consider switching to Chrome until they get more powerful extensions, namely TreeStyleTabs and Vimperator/Pentadactyl. The current stand ins completely pale in comparison.

Absolutely disagree. I have 100 tabs open in general.

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