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This is my full list, and none of it is surprising. I'm just glad they don't assume I'm older :-)

  Arts & Entertainment - Movies - Science Fiction & Fantasy Films
  Computers & Electronics 
  Computers & Electronics - Hardware - ... - Chips & Processors
  Computers & Electronics - Hardware - ... - Sound & Video Cards
  Computers & Electronics - Hardware - Laptops 
  Computers & Electronics - Programming 
  Computers & Electronics - Software - Operating Systems - Linux & Unix
  Internet & Telecom - Web Services - Web Hosting & Domain Registration
  Jobs & Education - Education - Vocational & Continuing Education 
  Online Communities - Social Networks 
  Demographics - Age - 25-34
  Demographics - Gender - Male
Honestly I don't know why this level is surprising. I think as the world gets more connected, the community is gonna get a little smaller (in feel, at least), and we're going to become less anonymous. If the bad guys get less anonymous too, and nobody pretends that this stuff is sufficient to definitely identify me, I don't see a problem. Yup, big "ifs."

I'm a 29 years old male, but according to Google I'm a 18-25 years old female.


Google got my gender wrong, too.

Here's my full list:

    Arts & Entertainment - Humor
    Arts & Entertainment - TV & Video - Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows
    Computers & Electronics - Computer Security
    Computers & Electronics - Programming
    Computers & Electronics - Software - Business & Productivity Software
    Computers & Electronics - Software - Operating Systems - Mac OS
    Pets & Animals - Pets - Cats
    Pets & Animals - Pets - Dogs
    Shopping - Apparel - Casual Apparel - T-Shirts
    Shopping - Apparel - Costumes 
    World Localities - North America - USA - South (USA) - Kentucky
    Demographics - Age - 25-34
    Demographics - Gender - Male
Some interesting points here aside from the incorect gender, as well:

1. I've only had this computer for about 2wks.

2. In that time, I don't recall having consulted Google in any way regarding my dog or my cat, but it knows I have both... kind of disturbing.

3. Apparently one good search for inspiration/ideas about a LEGO minfig costume is enough to get costumes dumped into shopping categories.... but not LEGO.

4. Given that they tend to dump some things into ad preferences after only a casual search (or out of thin air in the case of the dog/cat), I'm surprised the "Programming" category doesn't have a more specific breakdown.

Maybe you should lay off the Victoria Secret searches ;-)

If you don't mind me asking, what were your categories? I am curious why they inferred female vs male.

     Arts & Entertainment - TV & Video - Online Video
     Arts & Entertainment - TV & Video - TV Shows & Programs
     Arts & Entertainment - TV & Video - TV Shows & Programs - TV Comedies
     Computers & Electronics
     Computers & Electronics - Programming
     Computers & Electronics - Programming - C & C++
     Computers & Electronics - Programming - Java
     Computers & Electronics - Software - Internet Software
     Internet & Telecom - Email & Messaging
     Reference - General Reference - Time & Calendars
Also, there was something about articles related to social stuff / basic rights, but I can't see it anymore (weird).

So yeah, maybe it is because I used to watch Friends, Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City :D

I know, I know, especially that last one; I got in the habit because of my wife and for some weird reason, I began liking that show.

I feel for you. My wife watches "Real Housewives" series and I now know way too much about those people. :-)

22 years old, it guessed I was 25-34.

I'm 25, but they think I'm 35-44... Guess I'm "old" before my time!

Exactly the same for me!

Not surprised that they picked up on radio, it's what I do for work and I browse relevant websites a lot, but lower down the list is dogs (don't have one, no interest in them) and geology. It also thinks I live in Scotland when they know I don't based on my browser location. How strange.

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