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Are you on Gingerbread? The keyboards before 2.3 are awful.

Yes, I'm on 2.3.4. I started with 2.1, the keyboard itself was OK. Sometime around 2.2 it started crashing, about every other day. With 2.3 it crashes even more.

The particular problem I had above was not due to crashing. As I was typing, the suggestion bar was pushing the text that I was typing out of sight. So I had to constantly fight with it to actually see what I typed. When taping to move the cursor, it was actually trying to make a selection, but only sometimes. Using the wheel to achieve the same made it constantly jump.

The worst part was that when you reach the end of the text box you cannot scroll below and see what you typed. Well, you can, for a few seconds then it takes you back. You can type, however, but don't get to see what you typed. It's like typing blindfolded. I had to just post the message and go back and edit it.

How something so basic passed QA is beyond my comprehension. Here's one of the threads about the keyboard crashes: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=15311

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