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I've seen tab enthusiasts. They are incapable of tracking which tab they already have open and reopen the same one over and over again.

Not really, I have about 100 tabs open at the moment and each one points to a different page. Regarding the "real world usage" for this: Pages I read every day, pages I've opened and intend to read if there's time and pages I read at the moment. Works fine, thanks.

Maybe this is also a function of browser capability: If your browser crashes or becomes unusable with many tabs you won't open many.

Please excuse my curiosity. How do you navigate so many tabs? Is it in some way more efficient than reading them in blocks of say 10 or 20?

I am interested in your use case of pages you read every day. I have such pages and I would love to be able to open a specified list of such pages with one click. Is there a way of doing that? Or an add-on for it?

I use Session Manager. Open all the tabs you use daily, and then save the session and configure Session Manager to open that session on every startup. (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/session-manag...)

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