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Windows, Linux or OSX? I'm curious because on Linux, threads and processes are essentially the same thing - they're the same data structure in the kernel. But as far as I know, that is not true on Windows.

I also find his conclusion a bit disingenuous: I never have more than ~10 tabs open. I'm more interested in the performance around my actual usage, not an order of magnitude more.

How is it disingenuous at all? It clearly specifies the conditions and re-emphasizes in the conclusion that the analysis was done based on which browser handles having a large number of tabs open better. Also, the plural of anecdote is not data, but I routinely have more than 100 tabs open. So this analysis is clearly relevant and interesting to me. Edit: proof-reading.

I guess we all have different definitions of "many" in the statement of "many tabs." I didn't think 100 open tabs is realistic, but enough people here seem to do it.

Processes and threads are both schedulable entities in linux, which is a bit muddled, but when we talk about processes, it still implies a separate address space. That's the whole point of distinguishing them.

Of course the more sane model is for a process to be an address space container, and threads to be associated with a particular process, but when discussing them, that particular implementation detail is moot.

Right, I know what processes and threads are under Linux; instance of task_struct. But I'm asking because if we're going to understand why he's seeing the performance he presented, we need to know the kind of system he's running on. And how Linux treats threads and processes is one major difference between it and Windows.

No, my argument is that the point is moot. If a task_struct on linux does not trigger an address space switch it is a thread. While to the kernel they are (regrettably) the same entity, they still have relevant performance characteristics of windows {process, thread}; the difference in cost is the cost of switching address spaces. That cost appears in either operating system. If there is any difference from the way Windows handles threads it is simply negligible in terms of this benchmark.

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