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ExportData | https://www.exportdata.io | Full Stack Engineer (Ruby & React) | Full-time or Part-time | 100% REMOTE (any region)

ExportData is a bootstrapped, early-stage startup. We are building tools for marketers and researchers based on top of the Twitter API. Some of the upcoming features include influencer search (across 200M+ profiles), tweet monitoring by hashtag or keyword, account and tweet analytics.

Our current stack is Ruby 3, Rails 6, Sidekiq + Redis, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, React.JS, Terraform, Docker, AWS.

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails engineer to join a small team of bright individuals. We’re not looking for experts. We’re looking for smart people who can bring in the knowledge and the best processes to get things done.

See https://www.exportdata.io/team for a more brief job description.

Contact Zil _AT_ exportdata.io mentioning HN.

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