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StockAlarm | Full Stack Engineer | 4d+/w | Fully Remote (Any timezone as long as you can join meetings on Tuesday 9AM PST) | https://stockalarm.io/

We're a tiny group of stock + crypto loving engineers working on StockAlarm (https://stockalarm.io/). Two ex-Facebookers, one Amazonian and 3 more individuals spread globally. Only one of us is full-time at the moment.

The product has grown very fast over the last year with over 30k MAU currently. You can read up on us in our IndieHackers interview at https://www.indiehackers.com/interview/how-weve-grown-in-a-c....

Want to learn all about rapid growth and building awesome products? Interested in trading as well? Reach out to us at joinus@stockalarm.io . Please note; we currently all work on a contractor basis. Please only reach out if you're okay working as a contractor as well.

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