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Pitch | https://www.pitch.com | Senior Frontend Engineer, Engineering Managers | REMOTE (ideally +/-4 hours from CET) | Full Time

Pitch is the modern presentation software we always wished we had. Built for teams that care about where their time and energy goes. Finally, a product that helps people get ideas out of their heads, onto a slide, and out into the world.

We grew from 70 to 130 in the past year, fuelled by growth in user numbers (and a cheeky $85 million in Series B funding). We are (and always have been) committed to remote work, and have employees based everywhere from Sao Paulo to Auckland to Kiev.

Our biggest hiring need is in our Engineering org. We're looking for the following:

* Senior Frontend Engineers - https://grnh.se/e77482d92us * Engineering Managers - https://grnh.se/c913db4e2us

In short, we value product-mindedness, an appreciation for functional programming principles, and humility in our Engineers. Check out the JDs after the jump for more info.

If you'd talk informally first hit me up on andreas (at) pitch (dot) io.

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