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LUMICKS | C++, UI/UX, QA, DevOps | Amsterdam, NL | FULL-TIME, ONSITE when safe to do so, VISA | lumicks.com

LUMICKS is bringing novel tools for single-molecule biophysics and cell avidity to market, enabling scientific researchers across biology and medicine to unlock new types of experiments.

We produce z-Movi, a unique instrument that can directly measure the overall strength of interaction between cells ("avidity") and could have an enormous impact on research in immunology, paving the way for new therapies for cancer. In collaboration with end users, we have developed a fast and intuitive workflow software that takes you from defining your parameters to viewing your data in no time.

We also build C-Trap, which can be used to "grab" a single molecule, and apply precise mechanical forces to it. At the same time, one can visualize the molecule using highly-sensitive fluorescence microscopy. Our customers use it to watch DNA being copied by the molecular machinery of the cell, or observe molecular "engines" walking across the scaffolding structures of a human cell. LUMICKS systems are currently in use in opinion-leading labs across the globe, including Stanford, Johns Hopkins University, Tsinghua University, NIH, Max Planck Institute, TU Delft, and Imperial College London.

We're an academic spin-off from a research group at VU University Amsterdam. We care deeply about providing our users with easy-to-use, reliable software that actively supports Open Data and Reproducible Science. To make this happen, we're looking to expand our engineering team with additional:

C++ developers -- http://lumicks.com/vacancies/cpp-software-developer

UI / UX software engineers -- https://lumicks.com/vacancies/ui-ux-software-engineer/

QA engineers -- https://lumicks.com/vacancies/qa-engineer/

DevOps engineers -- https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2696267508

Read the full job descriptions, and apply directly, at: http://lumicks.com/careers

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