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Patchstack.com | Laravel/Vue Developer (Full-Stack) | FULL-REMOTE | EU Timezone

We provide a tool for developers to automatically protect websites from third-party library/plugin vulnerabilities by powering community driven security research through a gamified bug hunting platform.

Patchstack is the winner of 2021 Global Infosec Awards in two categories - Open Source Security and Web Application Security.

We're looking for a team player who has years of development experience and is product minded. You can help us build both the front-end and the backend of our products. We also give a lot of flexibility and opportunities for work related responsibilities, self-development and for your free time.

We are not looking for staff augmentation, agencies or freelancers. We're looking for a full-time team member who can grow with the rest of the team.

Interested? Reach out to oliver.sild@patchstack.com

Here's also a blog post with more details: https://patchstack.com/hiring-full-stack-php-developer/

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