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Sherlock | Engineering roles in DeFi/smart contract security | Work anywhere | Part-time or full-time

Come join the DeFi movement and have your finger on the pulse of everything. Sherlock is a protocol designed to help other protocols launch safely and keep their users' funds safe over time. We believe crypto is the greatest movement of our time and after 3 coffee chats I know you'll feel the same way. We could use some help on frontend, and we're especially looking for people who want to go super deep on Solidity. Being a dev and a security expert is the same job in crypto.

We're backed by some of the best in crypto/SV but we're still working off of our pre-seed so you're getting in on the ground floor. Come work with some of the smartest in crypto and do it on your terms. We're distributed all over the world (with heavy presence in the US and Netherlands).

Reach out to jack [at] sherlock [dot] xyz

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