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Upstart | Software Engineer | Anywhere in US (Remote) | Full-time

Upstart has a small team that builds and maintains the organization's shared component library, front-end tooling, and frontend deployment patterns.

This is a great role for somebody who loves helping educate and upskill other developers, deeply thinking about reusable component APIs, and how products are built from beginning to end (at scale).

The broader organization works primarily in Ruby on Rails and React. This role is mostly JavaScript, React, and Typescript; but will inevitably touch on how the larger monolith Ruby app consumes this code. Experience with any modern front-end framework is fine, as is learning on the job ^_^

We're open to people 2+ years out of school or 4+ years of experience. Lastly, the work-life balance is great, and you get to work with people across the company.

To give you a sense of what we work on, we've been very busy breaking out monolith JavaScript application into a monorepo. We're in the process of rewriting our shared tooling to allow for frontend development in isolation; where groups can opt-in, extend, or use their own tooling as needed. We're also defining interfaces groups can target depending on how they would like their output to be published and deployed.

If that sounds interesting, apply below or email danny.brown@upstart.com


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