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Dimension | London, UK / REMOTE | VFX DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer

Dimension is an XR entertainment studio providing revolutionary volumetric and virtual production for broadcast, brands, bands and the big screen. [1]

Our development team is working with cutting edge software and solving hard problems in computer vision [2]. We’re looking for an engineer to join the team and support our on-prem and cloud graphics processing.

If you're excited about the future of graphics, emerging enabling technologies including Unreal Engine and Omniverse, and what those trends mean for end user experiences - reach out via the job description below or reach me directly via charles at dimensionstudio dot co (sic).


[1] Recent Work: https://www.dimensionstudio.co/work [2] Recent Research: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3450618.3469146

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