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Hotpot.ai | Remote | Consulting & Part-Time | https://hotpot.ai

Hotpot.ai offers AI tools and drag-n-drop software for graphic design and media creation.

Our AI tools include text-to-art, style transfer, super-resolution, background removal, picture colorization, and others are listed at hotpot.ai/tools. More are in the research pipeline.

Related experience is preferred but not required.

Since we aim to be on the cutting edge of ML and media creation, we often build things no one has mastered yet -- so intelligence, diligence, and ability to learn are what matter most.

Hiring areas:

* Web developer for graphic platform

* ML engineers and researchers

* Codex and GPT-3 engineers

* Web developer for video platform

* HTML5 Canvas consultant

* Puppeteer/Playwright consultant

* FFmpeg consultant

Note: if you want to use Hotpot free (app store screenshots, graphic platform, or AI tools), ping me. Happy to help HN users. See hotpot.ai/pricing.

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