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Airtable | San Francisco/Mountain View CA; New York, NY; Austin TX | Onsite | Software Engineer (many roles), Data Engineer, Data Scientist, SRE, Engineering Manager

[COVID-19: All employees are 100% remote until at least January 2022; we are evaluating when resuming in-office work makes sense, with employee safety as the top priority.]

Airtable's mission is to democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build tools that meet their unique needs. So far, we've built a real-time collaborative database and a rich set of components that enable applications and workflows to be assembled around that database. Unlike single-purpose apps, we think of Airtable as a toolkit of building blocks that people repurpose to create their own applications.

To give a flavor of our approach to product design, here's a blog post describing how we made Airtable's lightweight scripting layer: https://airtable.news/creating-a-scripting-environment-for-a...

We believe strongly in continuously improving our codebase and practices, even when it takes ambitious effort. Here's a blog post about how we ported a million lines of our code from Flow to Typescript: https://medium.com/airtable-eng/the-continual-evolution-of-a...

We're hiring software engineers for web (JavaScript + TypeScript, Node, React), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), and Android, as well as data engineering, data science, SRE, and many other roles.

We're a team with diverse backgrounds. We believe in the power of highly motivated and capable individuals to accomplish great things in small teams, with end-to-end ownership of projects and rapid iteration.

Read about open positions and apply here: https://airtable.com/careers

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