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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (September 2021)
355 points by whoishiring 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 977 comments
Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Carta | onsite (WFH for now) | Full-time | https://carta.com | NYC - New York City, NY | SF - San Francisco, CA | SEA - Seattle, WA

Carta is building the network graph of asset ownership. We help 20k+ privately held companies and a growing number of public companies track who owns what (equity). In Q1 alone this year 55% of all companies that raised money used Carta to manage their investors' and employees' equity/options.

We're a series G Unicorn ($7.4 billion valuation) and offer very competitive benefits packages (generous equity, free lunch, 401K matching, fully subsidized personal healthcare, transportation and cell phone allowances, etc).


We're Looking for Full Stack Engineers[1], Backend Engineers[2], Engineering Managers (EM)[3], Product Managers (PM)[4] and Designers[5] in all of our locations!

Example job listings:

[1,2] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4693532003

[3] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4438671003

[4] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4581831003

[5] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4554784003


Drop a note to robert.balousek+sep21 [at] carta [dot] com for more info.

Flowdash | Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Senior Product Designer | San Francisco & Remote (US-based) | Full-Time

Flowdash (https://flowdash.com) lets anyone build business processes and workflows without code. We combine the familiarity of a spreadsheet with a visual workflow builder, plus built-in integrations to automate repetitive tasks so teams can focus on what matters.

We have a ton of interesting technical challenges and we're looking for humble, self-motivated and independent engineers and a product designer to help us transform how organizations build software.

Our stack is Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, and React+Apollo on the frontend. As an early team member, you'll play an instrumental role in shaping our product strategy, technical architecture, and the type of company we build together.

More details at https://flowdash.com/careers

Tricolor | Irving, TX | Full-Time https://www.tricolorholdings.com/

Tricolor is a fully integrated automotive retail and finance company. We are mission driven. We are building a true consumer first digital experience to scale our growth as a trusted dealer and finance company.

In an industry rife with grift, predatory lending, and otherwise not consumer centric practices, we strive to put the customer first.

Currently seeking mid-level engineers with 3-5 years experience however I expect a few senior roles to open soon so please get in contact.

Apply online: https://www.tricolor.com/en-US/careers/posts/show/732

Always open to questions DM me on Twitter

VantAI | ( Senior Software Engineer | Senior MLE | Computational Chemist) | NYC or Remote | Full-time | https://www.vant.ai/

Tired of niche SaaS productivity tools, want Deep Tech? We're a ML-first Biotech. We run large scale simulations and ML models to discover novel medicines from a class of drugs called targeted protein degraders, this is a super exciting new type of medicines that'll allow us to tackle a bunch of really nasty diseases. We already have very strong traction and work with some of the worlds largest pharma companies on this topic.



You'll help us scale and build out our K8s cluster, backend and possibly some frontend. We're a bunch of mission-driven scientists, so this ideal for someone with strong intellectual curiosity to learn more in biology, chemistry, Machine Learning, you'll work side-by-side with some of the best scientist in these areas.

We use a mix of Go, Rust, Python and you should be comfortable will all of them, and have no problem scaling Kubernetes over 1000s of GPUs and 100's of thousands of CPUs. Experience in deploying/training large scale ML is a plus. We also build apps, so React/TypeScript experience is another plus. You should have 2-3 years experience in building such large scale systems.

Just reach out through the website

Brex | Remote in USA, Canada, or Brazil | Onsite | Remote OK | https://www.brex.com

Brex is reimagining financial systems so every growing company can realize their full potential. We’re building a unified experience so that your software and services can be in one place. Our international team is committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture and believes your potential should only be limited by how big you can dream.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/brex

Our open positions are on our careers page. Feel free to message https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-ruiz/.

Tech Stack: Elixir, Go, Kotlin, Python, Typescript

I have sent a message on LinkedIn since June - no response. Also, since it is a premium account, can't message anymore.

same. Requested connection too. Still pending.

Mudflap | Bay Area | US Remote | Full-time | https://mudflapinc.com

We're building a marketplace that connects truck drivers with fuel stops in the $800B trucking industry. We help truckers save money on diesel fuel (their #1 business expense) while providing truck stops with access to new customers. Fuel is just the start -- this space is antiquated and big (all commerce depends on trucking).

We're looking for backend, iOS, and Android engineers. Our back-end stack is Rails and our native apps are built in Swift and Kotlin. We're open to mid-level (3-4y of production experience) all the way to lead engineers.

For detailed job descriptions, go here - https://www.mudflapinc.com/careers

Send us your LI profile (or a resume) and a few lines about yourself: jobs@mudflapinc.com => you'll reach both the founders and the eng lead here.

Bridebook (https://bridebook.com) | Multiple Positions | London, UK (HQ) | REMOTE (EU) | Full-time

Our aim is to transform the wedding industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology to make the wedding planning experience as stress-free and straightforward as possible. We enable couples and suppliers to connect and provide a seamless, personalised wedding-planning experience for both.

Open positions:

* Senior Front-End React Developer: React, Redux, Typescript, Next.js, Firestore. https://bridebookcouk.homerun.co/senior-front-end-developer/...

* Senior Full-Stack Developer: Typescript, Next.js, Firestore, AWS, GCP, Capacitor. https://bridebookcouk.homerun.co/senior-full-stack-developer...

Remitly | Backend, Full Stack, ML, DevOps, Front End engineers all levels | REMOTE, Seattle, Mandaluyong, Kraków

Remitly is a financial services platform, with digital remittances as our core business line. We’re here to help the millions of immigrants around the world who make the huge sacrifice of leaving their families behind to live and work in another country. These unsung heroes deliver on their promises to take care of those they love and provide them with upward mobility, improving their quality of life. We work hard to help their hard-earned money stretch farther so more makes it to their loved ones safely.

We're hiring dozens of roles across multiple teams, with varying tech stacks (primarily, though: Golang, Java/Kotlin, and TypeScript).

Join our empathetic and customer-centric team!

See https://www.remitly.com/us/en/careers/in/engineering

ROCKSTAR GAMES | NYC-San Diego-New England| FULL-TIME | .NET SOFTWARE ENGINEERS | Existing Visa Transfers Welcome

A career at Rockstar Games is about being part of a team working on some of the most creatively rewarding and ambitious projects to be found in any entertainment medium. You would be welcomed to a dedicated and inclusive environment where you can learn, and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry.


Develop highly scalable server-side features for our online game console clients using object-oriented development in C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server.

Develop back-end services and APIs. Actively practice Test Driven Development (TDD) while developing new features and refactoring existing code.

Work in an AWS cloud-based, event-driven microservice architecture with a high priority on web performance optimization.

Collaborate with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios.

New York: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4187...

San Diego: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4110...

New England: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4161...

You can see our other openings here: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/

Avvir | Mid & Senior Software Engineer | Remote - US Only | New York, NY | Full-time | No Sponsorship Available | Avvir.io

Avvir is hiring software engineers! We analyze construction projects using 3D geometry, LiDar, photos and more. We’re still small, so this is a great opportunity to help grow an awesome team, solve fun problems with cool technologies, & build in best practices from the beginning.

There is an office in NYC but going there is optional & most of the team is remote.

We’re particularly looking for senior folks but would be open to other folks with TDD / pairing experience. We pair a lot of the time and we do TDD full time.

Some perks include 5 weeks PTO a year, great work/life balance, equity, and a super collaborative environment.

Our tech stack: React (and Redux), Forge (based on Three.js) , Python, Java

Careers page: https://apply.workable.com/avvir/

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to careers@avvir.io

Sentry (https://sentry.io/) | San Francisco, Toronto, Vienna | Software Engineers

Sentry develops an open source application monitoring platform (github.com/getsentry/sentry) that helps software teams identify and debug production errors and performance bottlenecks. We have over $125MM in funding, over 30,000 paying customers, and process close to a billion application events each day. We help software teams from Disney, GitHub, Peloton, Reddit, Atlassian, and countless others ship software more confidently.

We're hiring for a range of positions in San Francisco, Toronto, and Vienna, including full stack, frontend, backend, data engineering, site reliability engineering, etc.


[Edit: oops, my teammate already listed Sentry on this page focusing on Product Management roles. Apologies if this comes off as redundant!]

First Dollar | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Full-Time | ONSITE Austin, TX

First Dollar is a modern health savings account (HSA) that helps employees save money on healthcare by getting the most out of their HSA. Venture-backed & founded by a repeat founding team with prior exits to athenahealth & Expedia, First Dollar has ambitious plans to reshape the healthcare system to work the way it should.

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to join our team. As one of our early engineering hires, you’ll have a significant opportunity to shape both our technical strategy and engineering culture. Our stack is TypeScript, Postgres, Apollo GraphQL, and React, all running in Google Cloud. Experience with these technologies is desired but not required.

Please apply on our careers page below: https://apply.workable.com/first-dollar/j/FD00088442/

Maximus | Software Engineer | LA (Santa Monica) or Remote | Full Time | https://angel.co/company/maximustribe/jobs/1579118-software-... Maximus | Product Manager | LA (Santa Monica) | Full Time | https://angel.co/company/maximustribe/jobs/1442989-product-m...

Maximus (maximustribe.com) is a mission-driven consumer health company that provides men with content, community, and clinical support to optimize them in mind and body. Maximus has raised $5M from top Silicon Valley VCs such as Founders Fund and 8VC as well as leading angel investors/operators from companies like Bulletproof, Tinder, Coinbase, Daily Stoic, & Shopify.

Samsara | Multiple Roles | Full-time, Hybrid In Person and WFH OR 100% Remote (US & Canada) | Apply here: https://grnh.se/766dab941us

Samsara, founded in 2015, is a leader in Industrial IoT and our mission is to increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy. Our solutions combine hardware and software to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations across various industries. Our team has raised $930M from Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Tiger Global, Dragoneer, AllianceBernstein Holding LP, Franklin Templeton, General Atlantic, Sands Capital Management and Warburg Pincus LLC.

Open Positions: Senior Engineer (Full Stack, Backend), Embedded Software Engineer, Staff Engineer (Full Stack, Backend, Video, Computer Vision), Engineering Manager, Growth Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, and more!

Analytical Flavor Systems | Data Science | NYC / Remote | full time / part time / internships

*Also hiring for Data Engineering and Full Stack Engineering*

Company Overview Analytical Flavor Systems uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to model human sensory perception of flavor, aroma, and texture, to predict consumer preferences. We help companies develop new products, optimize existing brands, and enter new markets with the best tasting foods and drinks for each target demographic around the world.

Job Overview Analytical Flavor Systems' (AFS) capabilities are evolving as we automate our prediction and reporting workflow on a new data platform. The data science team is responsible for all data applications including model building, model testing, benchmarking, data visualization, and model performance. Analytical Flavor Systems empowers the data science team to own all phases of the model development process.

On a day-to-day basis, you will work in one or more of these areas:

    -Develop new models for new predictive capabilities
    -Test, train, update, or re-architect existing models with new data and research
    -Develop new interactive data visualizations for the customer reporting platform
    -Push the boundaries on sensory data applications by expanding our technological reach into new areas
    -Working with the data engineering and application engineering team to understand client requirements and translate requirements to model capabilities.
    -Build reusable code and develop technical documents to represent new features.
Our current stack

    -Postgres for database
    -AWS for cloud resources
    -R for model building
Technologies used elsewhere in the company -Kubernetes, Clojure, Datomic, Argo, Terraform

*Also hiring for Data Engineering and Full Stack Engineering*

Where can I send an application for an intern position?

Nightfall AI | Fully Remote | Full-time | https://nightfall.ai/

Nightfall is a cloud-native data protection and classification platform.

Our mission is to bring efficiency and efficacy to data protection. We partner with organizations and software platforms to ensure the sensitive data that people entrust them with every day is kept safe & secure. We’re reimagining data security & compliance through a cloud-native, accurate, and performant platform.

We're hiring for roles across the entire company! * Backend Engineers * Fullstack Engineers * Engineering Manager * ML/NLP Manager * Senior Applied Scientist, NLP * Growth Manager * Product Marketing Manager * Account Executives * SDRs * ...and more!

Learn more about us here: https://nightfall.ai/careers

Join us! Apply online or email careers@nightfall.ai with your interest and resume.

Democrance | https://democrance.com | Python/Django/Pyramid hacker | Dubai, UAE | REMOTE optional (although Dubai-UK timezones - particulary with present circumstances)

We're a mature microinsurance SaaS startup, building software to help bridge the gap between insurance companies and those who are not insured or under-insured. High traffic, mobile first + SMS and USSD platform that requires some interesting compliance and security requirements with deployments in countries with variable quality infrastructure.

Stack is Vue.js with mostly django in the back end although pyramid/sqlalchemy is being introduced. Plenty of third party api integration. Gitlab, unit tests, and continuous integration are standard.

Mature and international dev team with a few PhD's included.

Ideally we're looking for a mature developer - industry experience is of course welcome, but not necessary at all.

Please email together a t ourdomain

Highbeam | Founding Engineer + Founding Product Designer | Full-time + Interns + Contractors | Onsite New York + Remote in US/Canada

Highbeam is building the automated finance platform for ecommerce founders.

There are 2M ecommerce businesses in the US and over 20M SMBs that are rapidly becoming digital enabled. These businesses are now running on multiple platforms to manage spend, revenue, finances and capital -- creating a huge pain point for founders. Highbeam offers a single platform for ecommerce businesses to understand, fund and grow their business.

We are well funded by great investors and are based in New York, with remote option available for most jobs. It's an exciting time to join the founding team as we learn from our first few customers and launch our first product.

Learn more: https://highbeam.co/jobs

Smart Spaces | Flutter Developer | London, UK | Hybrid/Remote | Full-time / Part-time |


We are looking for a Flutter developer to help our fast-growing mobile app flourish as beautifully and reliably as possible.

We're building the future of workspaces leveraging technology to create greener, smarter and more connected offices of the future - and are looking to grow our mobile team.

Looking for developers with at least 2 years of experience working in industry and a good understanding of Flutter, and interested in both part and full-time roles.

Tech-stack is Flutter, some Native iOS/Android, and also C# .NET for any full-stack applicants.

Please do email your CV and a small cover letter if interested.


Presidio Identity | https://presidioidentity.com | Full stack engineer | full-time | San Francisco or Remote

Presidio Identity is a provider of digital identity solutions, on a mission to eliminate identity and financial fraud, bringing trust and security to our digital interactions. We offer a natively digital approach to identity that brings security, privacy, and simplicity to user authentication and digital interactions, eliminating identity theft, financial fraud, and bad user experiences. The company was founded in 2020, is well-funded, and is a fully remote, US-based company.

Software engineers at Presidio Identity develop secure and private digital identity solutions. Our solution enables our customers to strongly authenticate their users and eliminate identity fraud while providing users with transparent, private, and secure ways to manage their sensitive data.

Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack

We’re growing our team, seeking a Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack to develop innovative Digital Identity solutions. If you want to work as part of an outstanding team with an obsession for customer success and developing unmatched technology, please reach out to us today. NOTE: We offer stock options in addition to our other generous benefits.

Responsibilities • Software development process from design, implementation, validation, deployment, to troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades • Backend software development for web-scale microservices and database • Mobile client application development for iOS and Android • Software benchmark and testing to ensure efficiency • Writing technical documentation • Work with development team and product managers to define product requirements and plan development process.

Have what it takes? We'd love to here from you. Contact us here: careers@presidioidentity.com with your name in the subject line and links to any relevant work.

Cooper Pet Care | Head of BizDev, Writers | REMOTE (EU) or Amsterdam, the Netherlands | https://cooperpetcare.com/

Cooper Pet Care provides instant access to vet support via chat or video call as well as honest pet insurance with fair and transparent terms.

* Head of BizDev: Help us expand our distribution channels. You will be at the front of the company and will have the dedication to create and apply an effective sales strategy. You will work closely with company founders and will have a first-hand opportunity to shape and define the future of Cooper Pet Care.

* Writer: Are you a pet person? We help our readers and users answer important questions about pets and their health. Help us to craft amazing blog posts and other content that knocks our readers’ socks off.

Apply at https://cooperpetcare.com/careers/

MIT Quest for Intelligence | Cambridge, MA | Full-time | https://quest.mit.edu/job-opportunities

We looking for an Engineering Team Lead! Want to lead a team building and maintaining computational platforms designed to benchmark cutting edge models of natural intelligence? The Engineering Team Lead will work closely with various faculty and research engaged in Quest research missions , guiding the engineering team to rapidly develop, iterate, and deploy solutions. There is potential for a partial remote work schedule. More info and application at the link here: https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_mit/externa...

Cumulus | Senior Software Engineer | Cambridge, MA | Onsite/Remote | Full-time/Internship | https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2694707529

Cumulus Digital Systems is building the Internet of Tools platform to transform the industrial workforce to be fully connected and data-driven, significantly improving safety and productivity in maintenance and construction. Our goal is to eliminate accidents caused by poor work quality.

We are looking for a software engineer to help improve our back-end services. You should have a startup mentality, meaning the ability to rapidly pick up new required skills, and be proactive when it comes to project execution. We are looking for a senior software engineer, who has mastered their craft and keeps up-to-date with developments in their field.

Tech: AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, React, React Native

Reach out to us at careers@cumulusds.com

Influx | Software Engineer | Remote | Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina | Full-time | https://influx.com

Influx is looking for talented software engineers to join our small but growing team.

We build full-service customer support teams that can flex and scale monthly. Influx enables companies of all sizes to deliver consistent and high quality service 24/7.

Influx is looking for experienced Ruby engineers. This is primarily a back-end role using Ruby on Rails and Postgres with infrastructure hosted on Heroku and AWS.

The Influx engineering team is small but growing. There will be enormous opportunities for learning, personal growth and taking on more responsibility as the team continues to expand.

What we’re looking for:

- Someone that is curious, collaborative and ready to take ownership and responsibility.

- Comfortable being part of a small, autonomous and distributed team.

- Top-notch communication skills are essential.

- Eager to learn and grow.

Email me at dennis@influx.com to apply or ask questions. Thanks! :)

Nobias Therapeutics | Remote (US), Norcal/Mountain View/Palo Alto/SF; Philadelphia, PA | Full-Time and INTERNS | salary + equity

Multiple roles, particularly for ML engineers, computational biologists, and medicinal or computational chemists

Nobias is a new pharma startup using a variety of AI tools to speed drug development. We are an early stage biotech using large repositories of biological data, bleeding edge deep learning techniques, automated reasoning, and computational biochemistry to discover and develop new medicines, diagnostics, and insights for a variety of diseases. If you have strong programming chops, a background in ML, and deep knowledge of biology or computational chemistry, we would love to talk to you.

[our domain is nobiastx.com - our landing page is still parked, as we just closed a round and have been focused on a couple of trials we're about to launch. We'll fix the website any day now!]

Please contact us at hn_recruiting {@} [our domain].

Kythera AI | Senior Unity AI Developer (C#, C++) | Edinburgh, Scotland | REMOTE | Full-time

Kythera is a game AI middleware for Unreal Engine, O3DE, Lumberyard and CryEngine. It provides character and 3D vehicle navigation, behavior authoring and rich debugging tools. It’s in use in indie titles and AAA games alike. Read our blog post how we helped Wolcen Studios to implement their impressive 2D formations: https://www.kythera.ai/news/the-2d-formations-of-wolcen-lord...

We are looking for an experienced Unity developer skilled in using both C# and C++ to work with our team on developing a C#/Unity integration for our middleware: https://www.kythera.ai/recruitment/senior-unity-developer-c

Lowkey | Senior Full-stack or Frontend Engineers who like games | Bay Area (SF) | Full Time | https://www.notion.so/lowkeygg/Lowkey-Job-Board-39a26c1b4a00...

Lowkey (https://lowkey.gg) is building the home for short-form gaming videos. We're an early-stage (Series A) startup backed by Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz. Our engineering team is a tight-knit group of experienced developers using modern technologies like React, GraphQL, Apollo, Electron, Node, and Postgres/AWS.

Lowkey is hiring for Senior Full-stack Engineers ideally located in the Bay Area (though we are remote at the moment for obvious reasons).

Come join us! We offer amazing benefits and extremely competitive comp. Feel free to reach out directly at hi@lowkey.gg.

Indigo Ag | Senior engineers, Senior PMs | Boston, MA | Full-time | REMOTE OK | https://www.indigoag.com/join-us


Want to write code to fight climate change?

That's why I joined - you can read the rest but that seems to be the main reason folks from HN want to learn more.

We're fighting climate change by building better apps for farmers and the agricultural economy. If I didn't believe this was one of the most important problems of our generation I wouldn't put so much emphasis on this.

If you want a mission you can tell your grandchildren about, we're working on it right here, right now.

Our stack is JavaScript/React and Python/Flask.

For reference, we're a Unicorn:


We work on agtech, the most underhyped sector in startups:


We've been a CNBC Disruptor in the top 20 for 3 years in a row:


I'd love to hear from you. Yeah you could apply online but I'd actually like to chat so send me a message at aconrad[at]indigoag[dot]com and I'll tell you more about the opportunities we have.

Shield AI | San Diego, CA | www.shield.ai | Onsite | Remote Considered (For certain roles) | Full-Time | HIRING SURGE

Shield AI is an artificial intelligence robotics company building products for the national security sector and first responders. We are searching for people ready to rise to the occasion and join us in developing state-of-the-art technology alongside a mission that matters. Are you up for the challenge?

Positions Open Across Technical Teams: https://jobs.lever.co/shieldai -- Senior Software Engineer - Android (Remote Considered) -- Staff Cloud Data Engineer (Remote Considered) -- Senior Cloud Data Engineer – Senior Full Stack Engineer-- Senior Video Engineer (AI Foundations) -- Senior Autonomy Engineer (State Estimation)-- Senior Autonomy Engineer (Mapping) -- Senior Autonomy Engineer (Controls) -- Senior Staff Software Engineer (AI Foundations) -- Electrical Engineer – Senior Electrical Engineer – Senior Staff Hardware Product Development Engineer – Senior Mechanical Test Engineer -- Production Technician – Operations Program Manager -- Robot Test Technician – Systems Integration Engineer – Technical Product Manager for UAS – Senior UX Designer - Senior Staff/Principal Software Engineer (Hivemind Research) -- Machine Learning Software Engineer – Manager, Machine Learning Platform Team, Senior Embedded Software Engineer -- Senior Robotics Automation Engineer – IT Operations Engineer – Technical Product Manager for UAS – Embedded Software Engineer – Robotics Automation Engineer—Developer Operations Lead Engineer – Developer Operations Sr. Software Engineer – Solutions Engineer – Senior Autonomy Engineer (Planning and Controls)Machine Learning Engineer (Heron) -- Software Engineer C++ (Heron)

Our team is built of scientists, engineers, and business leaders inspired by our mission; to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems.

Upsolve (YC W19) | $350 million+ in debt relieved | NYC | Full-time & Fellowship | Comp: $190k - $200k | https://upsolve.org

Upsolve helps low-income families in financial distress access their legal and financial rights, through tech products, community, and education. Our mission is to fight for a legal and financial system we can all access. Our first product, a web app that helps families file for bankruptcy for free, has relieved $350 million+ in debt for low-income families suffering from medical bills, predatory loans, and layoffs. Today, Upsolve has 150,000+ members. Named to TIME’S 100 Best Inventions of 2020. Upsolve is fighting for racial, economic, and social justice at scale.

Upsolve is funded by Y Combinator, Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt, the Robin Hood Foundation, Jim Breyer, Vinod Khosla, and Chris Sacca, the Hewlett Foundation, the Legal Services Corporation, and several others. To date, we've raised over $7 million.

Senior Software Engineer JD: https://upsolve.org/careers/software-engineer/

The Breyer Labs Social Impact Fellowship JD: https://upsolve.org/careers/breyer-labs-social-impact-fellow...

What is engineering like at Upsolve? https://upsolve.org/careers/engineering-opportunities/

Meet our engineers: https://upsolve.org/careers/meet-our-engineers/

Interested? Email rohan AT upsolve.org

Cross River Bank | Cryptocurrency Product Manager (and more) | Remote | https://www.crossriver.com

Our Crypto product job is the pick of the litter -- https://grnh.se/c074c9663us -- support crypto across the fintech world: build platform capabilities that power crypto startups, disrupt the status quo, and transform the industry. And as part of an already-successful bank that's still relatively tiny, you have amazing benefits (100% medical! Unlimited time off and the ability to use it!) and the resources to make things happen.

And we're also hiring other product manager and scaling development very quickly -- current openings are at http://crossriver.com/careers#careers-listing

Sentry.io | San Francisco, Toronto, Vienna | ONSITE We’re growing quickly, across all functions so take a look at https://sentry.io/careers/ regardless of where your career has lead you. But I’m trying to grow the Product Management org.

- PM for Releases and Metrics is a really exciting role for our Austria office, building gout a new product line: https://sentry.io/careers/3413952/

- PM for Enterprise is a great opportunity to take a winning product upmarket with the wind at your back https://sentry.io/careers/3011205/

- We’re also hiring a PM for the mobile line (in Toronto or San Francisco) please check back in a week (or contact us directly)

Alma | BE Engineers & Product Analyst | Healthtech | NYC/Remote(USA)

At Alma, we’re making it easier for consumers to access high-quality, affordable mental health care by supporting providers in building thriving private practices. We recently raised a $50M Series C and are hiring for many roles, but specially for the Product and Engineering team!

- Backend engineer (https://grnh.se/f74115b22us)

- Senior Backend engineer (https://grnh.se/32a5f75d2us)

- Product Analyst (https://grnh.se/39e7925e2us)

- All Open Roles (https://grnh.se/b453f6d82us)

Our stack is Python, Django, MySQL & React.

Streak | Senior Frontend Engineer | REMOTE (north america timezones)


Streak is CRM for your inbox. Most business users have inboxes that are filled with emails to do with various processes they work on - sales, hiring, fundraising, deals & support. Streak is built right into Gmail where those workflows are already happening.

Lead a small and high performing frontend engineering team at Streak. We work on highly technical projects (like a performant spreadsheet that can render millions of cells). You’ll own projects from start to finish and learn how to ship high quality software. Our team has an outsized impact given its size - millions of dollars of profit per engineer and the ability to improve the lives of millions of Gmail users without actually working at, ahem, a large bureaucratic company.

Change.org | San Francisco, CA or Mexico | Onsite | https://www.change.org

Change.org is the world’s largest social change platform with over 400 million users in 196 countries. Change.org empowers anyone, anywhere, to create the change they want to see. We are a certified B-corporation and enable people to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions through our platform.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/change-org

Our open positions: https://grnh.se/ff3e83493us

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React.js, GraphQL, Node.js, AWS, Redis, Spark & Scala (Data team)

Would you be interested in building low latency complex pricing computation using Rust?

We are Hanson Applied Sciences - a software firm focused on the research of automated trading systems for sports betting exchanges.

Our engineers provide reliable, fast APIs for the trading bots, as well as other responsibilities including mappings, trading monitoring systems, ETL pipelines, accounting systems and trade analysis tools.

Rust is our language of choice (no previous Rust exp needed) and we are hiring :)

Based in London, offering visa sponsorship with a hybrid policy (3 days onsite).




Singularity 6 | Software Engineer, Sysadmin, Game Engineer, UI/UX Engineer, Engineering Manger | Remote or Los Angeles (Westside) | https://www.singularity6.com

Singularity 6 is the game studio behind Palia (palia.com): a cozy, community sim MMO. It's the beginning of many new community-first online worlds. We're still a relatively young, pre-launch startup founded by AAA game industry veterans. VCs include a16z and we've closed a series B round.

Our engineering team is growing rapidly and we're still looking for more help to take Palia to launch. Open position include:

- Engineering Managers

- Game Engineers

- Backend Software Engineers

- UI/UX Engineers, particularly those with mobile experience

- SRE & Sysadmins

We're looking for a range of experience levels. Tech stack includes Unreal Engine, Rust, Nomad and more. We're big on open source and looking to contribute back to the community. If you've always wanted to get into the game industry, this is a good opportunity. If you're part of the industry, this is a studio that pays competitively and is committed to investing in people.

I'm the tech director and you can find me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaaronfarr/

Apply at https://www.singularity6.com/careers

Note: the Engineering Manager and Game Engineering roles require (eventual) relocation to Los Angeles. Other roles can be remote, though we prefer local candidates. Here in LA, we're still working from home, office to reopen late 2021 or early 2022.

Mental Health Startup | Founding Sr Software Engineer | Director Growth

Grow Therapy is on a mission to make quality mental healthcare accessible. We do this two-fold: first by dramatically simplifying the process for independent providers to launch insurance-accepting practices; second by enabling patients to more effectively find an in-network dedicated practitioner. Since launching in July 2020, we received backing from leaders of Village Global, Harvard Medical School, Airbnb, Nurx, PatientPing, and Blackstone. we're excited to expand our team and continue rapidly onboarding providers.

We're hiring for two positions!

(1) An experienced and thoughtful Senior Software Engineer who is eager to assume far reaching responsibility over our software platform and engineering org. You will work directly with our CTO, leading recruitment and hiring, and defining engineering best practices. https://apply.workable.com/grow-therapy/j/9ED39A8921/

We work on a modern tech stack: React/TypeScript, Python/Flask, GraphQL, AWS.

(2) A world-class growth expert who will lead the strategy and execution of various programs to drive user growth and expand the marketplace. Responsible for driving consumer awareness and conversion through organic and paid channels + creating and executing an overall user acquisition strategy. Role reports directly to CEO https://apply.workable.com/grow-therapy/j/3075B40F81/

Don't see a role that fits? Keep an eye on our jobs board https://apply.workable.com/grow-therapy/ for open positions!

Mojeek | Search Engine | REMOTE, UK Preferred

International Web Search Engine with No-Tracking. Independent crawler/indexer with our own servers and full tech stack for search and search advertising.

- Lead Developer https://www.mojeek.com/about/careers/

Tromzo Inc | Senior Backend Engineer and Senior FullStack Engineer | Remote | Full-time

We are a stealth mode cyber security company in San Francisco that is on a mission to radically change how security is done. The company founders have more than 30 years of experience in security and engineering and funded by top tier silicon valley VCs.

We are looking for experienced, passionate and self-motivated engineers to build the platform and services that will drive our growth for the foreseeable future. To be successful in this role, you must have excellent software development skills and excel in a highly collaborative environment. You must be curious about current technologies, fearless in experimenting with it and a quick learner.

Job Description: https://www.notion.so/tromzo/Hiring-4af205e971fe42b6bbe98869...

email: jobs@tromzo.com

Blizzard Entretainment | Mid and Senior SDET | Irvine, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | blizzard.com

The Battle.net & Online Products organization is home to 300+ superpowered engineers, program managers, and designers focused on the technology that powers Blizzard Entertainment’s games. Whether you’re playing one of our titles, chatting with friends, or just shopping online, B&OP ensures that our players are immersed in engaging, exciting, and secure experiences.

The infinite care and loving detail put into every aspect of our games and systems is something we take seriously and pride ourselves on delivering to our players. Are you passionate about creating test automation, test frameworks and testing tools? Are you up for the challenge of joining a highly collaborative team while improving your professional skill set? Do you have a strong desire to work on a team and to contribute in meaningful ways with like-minded people?

Skillset we are looking for:

- Tech: Java + Spring, Oracle, Docker, AWS/GCP

- Load testing: JMeter, Blazemeter

- Automation: Selenium, RestAssured

- Be passionate about gaming

Mid SDET https://activision.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/Blizzard_External_C...

Senior SDET https://activision.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/Blizzard_External_C...

Battle.net & Online Products and Blizzard have tons of other open roles, check them out at careers.blizzard.com

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com/) | Engineering Manager, Software Engineer, SRE, Product Manager | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph is code search that helps developers find code and automate large-scale changes to code. We plan to index the entire open source web, and recently expanded our universal code search platform to the cloud.

Our mission at Sourcegraph is to make code accessible to everyone. We’re doing this by building the Netscape and Google for the world of code—both private code inside companies like Uber, Lyft, Cloudflare, Yelp, and Twitter—and over all open source. Come help us scale code search to be instant across millions of repositories and build the global graph of code by compiling the world! https://boards.greenhouse.io/sourcegraph91

OptiRTC | Boston, MA | Senior IoT Engineer |Full-Time, Remote (US Only)| https://optirtc.com

OptiRTC provides an IoT-based stormwater management platform communities and private entities use to reduce flood risk and protect water quality. Our products are currently protecting water resources in over 100 communities across America, and our team is focused on upgrading our infrastructure and partnerships to support larger networks of assets working collectively.

We are looking for an embedded developer with experience writing firmware in C-11 and designing PCBs to join our small (5.5 person) product development team. This is a US-based remote team with up to 1 week/quarter travel to Boston.

More info and steps to apply on our careers page at https://optirtc.com/company/careers

Kisi | Backend Developer (and others) | Ruby on Rails | Full Time | REMOTE/Brooklyn/Stockholm | https://getkisi.com

Kisi is a security platform with offices in Brooklyn and Stockholm and a global remote team spanning from America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We create hardware and software that helps businesses connect and control their spaces through the cloud.

My team is currently looking for an experienced backend developer. I'm working in the same role, and I'm available if you have any questions (email in profile).

Backend Developer: https://www.getkisi.com/careers/offer?id=408714

Senior Web Developer: https://www.getkisi.com/careers/offer?id=645418

FitRankings | Sr. Full Stack Engineer | Full-time | Austin, TX | https://fitrankings.com

FitRankings is a bootstrapped SaaS powering virtual fitness and connected health programs for organizations like Under Armour, USA Triathlon, Tough Mudder, and H-E-B Grocery Company.

Here you will work with JavaScript and Python on workout data, gamification, wearable API's, and multi-tenant isolation. You should be product-minded, with great communication skills, and some level of interest in fitness. As an early member of the team you must be prepared to help define our long-term culture and practices. A typical week is spent 75% remote, 20% in-office, 5% in-brewery.

Please email jason@fitrankings.com with your interest.


Open Diffix | Software Engineer | Remote (UTC+[0-4]) | Full-time | open-diffix.org

Open Diffix is a source-available project spun off from Aircloak, a company that developed and sells a start-of-the-art data anonymization solution. Open Diffix aims to adapt the Aircloak tech as both a PostgreSQL extension and as simple, stand-alone applications.

Open Diffix is supported by the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, and currently has budget through to November 2023. We expect to secure continued funding in the interim.

We are looking for a particular kind of person.

You like to work independently, you are pragmatic, and you have the confidence to take on hard problems lacking a detailed spec. You enjoy working on a variety of languages, from low-level C to functional or multi-paradigm languages. You are able to simplify or bypass over-engineered solutions. Chances are things will change down the line and changing something simple, or better yet something that was never made, is much easier than changing a monstrosity. You should not need or want anyone breathing down your neck to be productive.

Much of our system is written in C and F#, but we have parts written in TypeScript / React as well. Knowledge of functional programming is a plus and experience with web development is not going to hurt either. We do not specifically look for someone with skills in our particular stack. It is our experience that people who are smart tend to pick up the required tools very quickly.

There are countless challenging things to do in this job. They range from parsing SQL, to GUI design, to low-level C functions, to ensuring that all results produced are safe and fully anonymous, irrespective of the level of deviousness on the part of the attackers accessing the system.

Our team is small, fully remote and dispersed across Europe.

If you are interested, please write us at hello@open-diffix.org.

The company I work for, Sibi, is hiring for:

Lead Designer Product Managers Full-Stack Software Engineers

Sibi is bridging the gap between Manufacturers and Real Estate Owners by providing a technology stack that eliminates various procurement inefficiencies and reduces costs for all - while our data helps drives smarter purchasing decisions.

I joined Sibi as a Product Manager (remotely) in May of this year and it has been nothing but a great experience all around. I work with talented, positive, empathetic people every single day.

Sibi is open to employees working remotely, as long as you are qualified and have experience working remote.

Here's a job posting for Lead Designer role: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2659599460/

If you're interested in any of the other roles, message me and I will personally hand your resume to our CTO and/or CPO.

Hi there I am interest for the Product Manager role at Sibi. Please let me know where I can share with you my resume.

Yotta Navigation | Onsite / Remote | Full Stack Developer, Sensor Fusion / ML / Navigation Engineer, UI / UX Engineer, C/C++ Developer, Technical Program Manager | Full-time | Santa Clara, CA | yottanav.com/jobs Yotta Nav. is an exciting small engineering company started in 2008 to create novel navigation hardware and algorithms. We specialize in sensor fusion and machine learning for wearable and handheld navigation devices. We are currently looking to fill two key senior level roles; a full-stack engineer for internal tools and a sensor fusion / machine learning engineer. HOWEVER we are looking for people for all roles listed above. In general, we are looking for some great developers. If you are interested and you don't match any of the listed job postings please feel free to still contact us.

Submit an application at yottanav.com/jobs or email jobs@yottanav.com

Sherlock | Engineering roles in DeFi/smart contract security | Work anywhere | Part-time or full-time

Come join the DeFi movement and have your finger on the pulse of everything. Sherlock is a protocol designed to help other protocols launch safely and keep their users' funds safe over time. We believe crypto is the greatest movement of our time and after 3 coffee chats I know you'll feel the same way. We could use some help on frontend, and we're especially looking for people who want to go super deep on Solidity. Being a dev and a security expert is the same job in crypto.

We're backed by some of the best in crypto/SV but we're still working off of our pre-seed so you're getting in on the ground floor. Come work with some of the smartest in crypto and do it on your terms. We're distributed all over the world (with heavy presence in the US and Netherlands).

Reach out to jack [at] sherlock [dot] xyz

Startup Dev | Software engineer (JS, Ruby etc) | Contract / Fulltime | Remote

Who we are: Startup Dev offers development services and rapid prototyping to startups. Ever wish you could just jam out a prototype of a new idea in a few weeks and see if people like it? Us too. So that's what we do. Ever feel like your business would be way better with that one missing software tool? Us too. We build that for you.

Seeking awesome devs. Current contracts as asking for: NodeJS and Ruby What we mean by awesome: We love high-energy, productive people, we love the get things done attitude, we collaborate and pair often, we prefer to have customers instead of bosses, we build cool stuff fast.

Good people, great clients, flexible time, remote is encouraged (Though most of our customers are in SF). This is a contract job, but we've been talking about adding full-time so if you're interested in that we'd embark together.

Email: hiring at startup dot dev

LearnToWin | Remote, SF Bay Area | Senior Software Engineer, SRE | Full-Time | https://www.learntowin.us/

LearnToWin is an early stage, VC funded active-learning platform (https://www.learntowin.us/2021/01/29/learn-to-win-announces-...). We allow anyone to create highly engaging learning material and easily distribute it to their users and teams. Our mission is to revolutionize training at high-performance organizations. We are empowering people, teams, and organizations to build effective learning ecosystems to win. We believe that learning should be accessible for everyone, and we empower coaches, managers, and teachers of all kinds with the tools to build effective training material, quickly and easily. We work every day to give instructors the peace of mind to know their teams are prepared for gameday — wherever and whenever that big day comes.

We work with a wide variety of clients from professional sports teams to the Department of Defense. We are a small, fun and driven team who want to fundamentally transform how teams learn and execute. We are looking for engineers who have a strong background in building secure systems to help scale our platform. Experience working with NIST-compliant systems and the DoD are a plus.

Some things we can offer: Meaningful ownership of the project and impact to the business Decent salary and equity A strong culture of fun, learning, and growth Great sessions on breathing

To apply please reach out to caleb@learntowin.us with your resume. To learn more about our open positions please checkout the link below:


Spatial Media | Full-Time | Remote (North America) | http://spatialmedia.ca/

SM is an interactive visual engagement company. We are building a virtual stakeholder engagement platform and enterprise-grade tools for public and private sectors. We are an all-remote company, and we've been intentionally building our culture this way from the start.

Work anywhere, anytime. We are results driven, not time driven.

Open roles:

  - Technical Lead (senior) - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2670330549/
  - Backend Engineer (mid-senior) 
  - DevOps Engineer (mid-senior) - Emergency hire!
  - UX Designer (mid-senior)
Technologies we use:

  - AWS EC2 / RDS / S3 / Route53
  - PHP, Laravel, Laravel Forge, Envoyer, Echo
  - NodeJs, NuxtJs, VueJs
To apply or ask questions, email Rohan at rohan@spatialmedia.ca

TeachBoost | Full-Stack Engineer | Remote (USA) | Full-Time

We're a fully distributed team of 15 looking for a fully remote Senior Software Developer to work alongside our chief product lead. You should be a full-stack Laravel developer and ideally passionate about education!

TeachBoost (https://teachboost.com) builds performance management and coaching tools for K-12 schools, districts, and organizations, and we were part of the Winter 2012 class of Imagine K12, now part of YC. You'll be working on a team of 5 developers with a stack using Laravel/PHP, VueJS, Inertia, Tailwind CSS, and related tech.

Please apply at: https://angel.co/company/teachboost/jobs/1595832-senior-soft...

Please no agencies or dev shops.

Kubecost (Stackwatch) | Senior Support Engineer | Remote (US-East/Central preferred) | https://kubecost.com

Our tooling and intelligence empowers teams to efficiently operate Kubernetes at scale—helping them manage cost, performance, and reliability. We're avid contributors to the open source community.

We're looking to add a second Senior Support Engineer to help us build a scalable, user-first support process, troubleshoot complex infrastructure issues, and influence the direction of our product by tracking and communicating user needs. Be one of our first 20 teammates!

Feel free to apply or reach out to us directly with your CV at hiring@kubecost.com if you're interested!

Check out all of our open roles here: https://angel.co/company/kubecost/jobs

Solstice | Principal Engineer, Director of Product | Cambridge, MA or Remote

Solstice connects households and community organizations to “community solar”—shared solar farms that are installed in a centralized location where local residents can enroll in a portion for free, without any home installations, and enjoy guaranteed savings on their monthly utility bill.

We're looking for a Director of Product to help develop our future product plans: https://apply.workable.com/solstice-2/j/B2C157AAC9/

And a Principal Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/solstice-2/j/1B8C74A4E5/

Super.mx | REMOTE or Mexico City | Senior elixir, ruby-to-elixir engineer, design systems engineer | https://super.mx

At Súper we help millions of Latin Americans get insurance for the first time, so that they have some resiliency in their life when things go sideways.

We have an amazing engineering team with two very heavy hitters on including @malafortune and @bruce

We are looking for three very specific skillsets to compliment our team:

1. A fast-shipping elixir or ruby -> elixir engineer.

You have deep MVC experience in one of these two languages, and probably some early stage startup experience. You like shipping e2e features FAST.

2. Senior elixir engineer.

You are very experienced with Phoenix and have used it to build large projects in production. You are opinionated about contexts.

3. Design systems engineer.

Make our site consistent, beautiful and accessible, with an emphasis on improving the developer experience for the rest of the team. You're a CSS wizard.


GoDaddy | 2 Mid Level Positions | Platform/Data Software Developers | Full-time remote ( Pacific/Mtn/Central mostly )

I'm the hiring manager for the Social Platform team at GoDaddy; we're building data pipelines and services (on AWS) to drive insights and connectivity to social networks for our GoDaddy customers. A huge number of our growing customer websites are built on how they interact with their customers on social networks, and we're building a team to facilitate the tools and data driven insights that power these new experiences. If you're into that and cloud-native tooling, we should talk: kperkins at godaddy dot com if you want to chat. The team is fully remote, and is going to stay that way.


Mutiny | Head of Engineering | Sydney (ONSITE) | www.mutiny.group


We're hiring for a superstar Engineering Lead to join our engineering team.

Mutiny is re-inventing the media measurement market. We take disparate datasets and connect them to take marketers from 'I think' to 'I know'. The power of that analytics revolution empowers marketers to take control of their budgets and start investing in effective, rather than efficient (read shit media) media.

Engineering lead will be architecting the data warehouse sitting underneath the platform to help us to do more, engineer more and execute faster.

We value autonomy, outcomes, speed and contrarian attitudes. Jump onto LI to apply or find one of our founders and just message. People with good GitHubs are preferred.

SmartThings | Embedded Software Engineer | Onsite (Minneapolis) or Remote | Full-time

SmartThings is a Samsung-owned company operating independently from offices in Mountain View, CA and Minneapolis, MN, and we’re creating the easiest way for anyone to get the most out of their connected devices.

We’re looking for someone with diverse embedded Linux experience to help lead current and new initiatives on the Core Hub team. We work to support first and third-party platforms, using Yocto as well as a variety of other frameworks and tools. On the systems side, most of our services are written in Rust, with FFI to existing C code where needed. Experience in Android Systems (AOSP) development also a huge plus!

Our team is a mix of onsite and remote, though most of us are based in Minneapolis.


Location: Tennessee but we're 100% remote friendly. Looking for: Senior devs with extensive Elm+Rails experience.

VisuWell serves hospitals, health systems, and payors with an enterprise telemedicine software platform. Our technology helps doctors perform meaningful patient interactions, virtual healthcare sessions, remote patient monitoring, virtual triage, and smart patient routing, just to name a few.

We are looking for experienced Elm developers interested in the WebRTC space for Telemedicine. Love for new web technologies like GraphQL appreciated. We are looking for fullstack developers with experience with Ruby on Rails.

Applications on our site: - https://visuwell.io/careers/sr-software-engineer/

AptEdge.io | Full-time | Global Remote | Frontend and Backend Engineers | https://aptedge.io/about/

We’re the world’s first incident detection & ticket response automation platform for Customer Support teams, built to prevent escalations and provide a higher level of customer service.

Our founding team built and scaled products like AppDynamics, Salesforce, SignalFx, Okta, and we’re backed by some of the best investors like Unusual Ventures.

We work with a sense of autonomy, empathy, and encourage experimentation with new ideas.

We are hiring Frontend and Backend Engineers. Also looking to hire into non-tech roles.

AptEdge operates as a global, fully remote team.

Tech Stack: Typescript, React, Python, K8s, GCP

For more detail, please check out our job posts here: https://angel.co/company/aptedge-io

CHPTR | ONSITE or Remote | Full-Time | https://angel.co/company/chptr-1/ | Reimagining memorialization, backed by Animal Capital, On Deck, and Christina Aguilera

Founder of Life is Beautiful festival and founder of Keep The Change, two experts in brand and community development, are building a new company in the death memorial space. Our vision is to honor life's purpose by sharing stories from the past to shape the future.

We're NYC-based and are looking for people looking to make an impact in an environment that encourages people to live creatively.

- founding back-end: https://angel.co/company/chptr-1/jobs/1603171-founding-back-...

LzLabs GmbH | Senior Web Developer | Wallisellen, Zurich, Switzerland | ONSITE | Full-Time | https://www.lzlabs.com/

As a Front-end Developer at LzLabs, you will be responsible for the development of an advanced web UI interacting with the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®. You will be involved in many stages of our development lifecycle, from planning and design to implementation. You will work in a UI team as you develop and test new features. You’ll also work daily with other LzLabs development teams.

Please apply online on our HR page, which also lists further details on the position, at https://lzlabs.peoplehr.net/Pages/JobBoard/Opening.aspx?v=d7...

Verdict MMA | Full-time | Remote (US, Canada) | Full Stack Engineer & UI/UX Designer

Verdict has become an integral part of fight night for thousands of fans across the world. We’ve changed the viewing experience of combat sports and have built a growing and passionate community. We're focused, lean, and growing rapidly. We've just raised our seed-fund and are ready to fire on all cylinders. We're a fully remote team and will support a flexible lifestyle — we want output to count, not time in seat. We have a lot more to accomplish and are growing our team to take Verdict to the next level. Everyone on the team is a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts. The culture of combat sports is deeply rooted in our company and there’s never a boring day at work.

Apply here: https://apply.workable.com/verdict

Fueled | Remote | Full-Time | https://fueled.com/jobs -- Who We Are -- An award winning mobile app dev agency.

-- Where You Fit In -- You know how to create jaw-dropping websites and web/mobile applications.

-- Open Roles -- Product Manager|https://grnh.se/2fdaee941us Principal Product Designer|https://grnh.se/9d58bd1c1us Lead Product Designer(Maker)|https://grnh.se/1b9ffbec1us Lead Product Designer (Manager)|https://grnh.se/92da0eb91us Lead Mobile Engineer, iOS|https://grnh.se/401ecbed1us Mobile Engineering Manager, iOS|https://grnh.se/a2b6b2dd1us Senior Backend Engineer|https://grnh.se/b59a80711us Senior Frontend Engineer|https://grnh.se/0709464b1us Android Engineer|https://grnh.se/fde0ce591us iOS Engineer|https://grnh.se/ae7ab1cc1us Mobile Engineering Manager, Android|https://grnh.se/3f48f50b1us Frontend Engineer|https://grnh.se/57cd6a511us

Please apply directly to the links but feel free to contact Christine Chung, Principal Talent Manager (christine@fueled.com) with any questions.

Caesars Entertainment / William Hill US | USA REMOTE (limited number of states) | Senior Cloud Engineer | AWS / IaC / Python / TDD

Rapidly growing trusted betting and gambling company in the US that has just been purchased by Caesars. We're looking for high performing engineers to help build our cloud center of excellence (CCOE) which will cover everything from AWS Landing Zone, Reusable Assets, Shared Services, Consultancy to other teams within the business and more.


The Ad does say regular office visits required, this isn't true and is a mistake, in reality once per quarter is the "required" but that may not need to happen.

If you have any questions please email bhoward@williamhill.co.uk

QuickNode | Full Stack (1) or Go (3) Engineers | Full-time | US Remote or Miami, FL

Our mission is to help blockchain ecosystems scale, by providing accessible core infrastructure.

We make it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. From elastic APIs & dedicated nodes, to powerful tools & analytics, all at your command through a simple control panel.

We're hiring software engineers to work on our core network platform and web interface. In the network platform, we're largely Go. On the web interface side, you'd be working in Rails with some of the best tooling (Sorbet, StimulusReflex, etc). We've got decent tooling in place to make our code approachable - but we need more.

See open positions and specific descriptions here: https://hire.clarify.so/company/quiknode-inc

Farmstead | React/Rails/Android/iOS | Full-time | REMOTE (US)

Our mission at Farmstead is to make fresh, high-quality food accessible to everyone. We’re a delivery-only grocer that’s re-inventing grocery from the ground up. We run our own hubs, and sell our software stack to grocers looking for a better alternative to Instacart and the like.

We have a small, fully-remote product & engineering team and are hiring across the board. While we've been around for years, we're constantly growing and evolving. We're looking build significantly new experiences across:

- native iOS consumer app

- react web consumer app

- native android warehouse operations applications (picking/packing, scanning)

- rails/react applications supporting internal operations, procurement, merchandising and finance teams


Bigleaf Networks | Multiple engineering roles | Portland, OR, or REMOTE | Full-time

We provide peace of mind to SMB's who rely on the internet, by building enterprise-grade SD-WAN resilience on top of commodity-grade network hardware. We touch a little bit of everything: Linux system/kernel development, hardware, networking, cloud services, ops, OpenVPN, Python, Go, Wireguard, AWS, Azure, etc. And looking ahead, we're contemplating: k3s, DPDK, and perhaps some chaos engineering. See: https://www.bigleaf.net/careers/.

I'm personally hiring multiple roles:

* DevOps + Site Reliability Engineers (SRE).

* Back-end Software Engineers.

If you're interested, see https://www.bigleaf.net/careers/. Or reach out: dan g at bigleaf dot net.

FingerprintJS | Senior DevOps Engineer | REMOTE | Competitive salary + Stock Options | Flexible Schedule

FingerprintJS works on turning radical new ideas in the fraud detection space into reality. Our products are developer-focused and our clients range from solo developers to publicly traded companies. Some of our customers include: Target, checkout.com, coinbase and eBay just to name a few.

We are a globally dispersed, 100% remote company with a strong open-source focus. Our flagship open source project is FingerprintJS (14.5K stars on GitHub).

Recently we raised $12M, backed by Nexus VP (previously invested in Postman, Hasura) and Uncorrelated Ventures (previously invested in Redis, Rollbar & Gradle).

We’re looking for an experienced devops engineer to help us build our infrastructure on AWS and several other positions.


Revaly | Full-Stack Software Engineer | Remote

Contact: luke.bechtel@zverse.com (Luke Bechtel, Director of Engineering)

Full Job Posting: https://zverse.notion.site/Senior-Software-Engineer-Full-Sta...


Anyone who has worked with 3D Models — Video Game Designers, CAD Engineers, or Architects — knows it's very hard to communicate effectively about 3D information. Revaly is changing that by providing a rich, accessible web-based, real-time 3D Collaboration platform.


- Thoughtful

- Pragmatic

- Technical

- Efficient & Empathetic in Communication

Learn more: https://zverse.notion.site/Senior-Software-Engineer-Full-Sta...

Holler | Sr Backend SWE and Sr DataSci | Full-time | REMOTE/ONSITE USA | https://holler.io

Holler is a conversational media company with the goal of making online conversations more expressive and fun. We have iOS and Android SDKs that provide our partner apps with contextual sticker and GIF suggestions. We have an in-house, super talented animation studio that produces the content. You can check out our product in Venmo!

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our Cloud Services team, as well as a Senior Data Scientist to join our AI Research Team. The work is exciting and unique, and there is lots of opportunity to design and build green field solutions.

Stack: AWS, Golang, Python, NodeJS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark

Apply at https://www.holler.io/careers

AiRANACULUS | Principal Scientist | Remote, Partially Remote, In-Person | Full Time

AiRANACULUS is an Intelligent RF startup company based in Massachusetts. We are a very small team but are growing fast. Our website is https://airanaculus.com.

We have had SIBR contracts with the Army, Navy, and NASA. We will be starting a multi-million dollar contract awarded by IARPA this month.

We need to fill positions in the roles of:

* Senior Principal Scientist

* Principal Scientist

There is a lot of flexibility in what these roles would be specifically. If you are interested in the company but in a different kind of role, don't hesitate to also reach out. We can move very fast in the hiring process. Knowledge of signal processing and wireless communications is important. Machine learning experience is also great.

If you are interested, please get in touch through the website or my email: bryan.crompton@airanaculus.com.

Avenue (YC W21) | https://avenue.so/ | Full-stack Software Engineer / Backend Software Engineer (Typescript / Javascript / React) | NYC / New York City | Full-Time

Avenue is building the observability platform for operations teams (think Sentry/PagerDuty but for ops). We are hiring early full-stack engineers to help scale the next generation of ops-driven companies. Come join our NYC-based team!

We're a well-funded seed-stage company backed by Y Combinator, Accel, Elad Gil, Lachy Groom, and many other great partners.

Our main product is a web app and worker cluster built using Next.js & React. We build our components with Tailwind (https://tailwindcss.com), and we use hooks & react-query for state management. Our backend is a Node.js / Express app. We use Redis and Postgres for storage, and we use Prisma (https://prisma.io) as our data access layer. Our infrastructure is built on Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.

As an early team member, you will get a chance to set the foundations of our engineering culture. You will help articulate our engineering principles and help set the long-term roadmap.

We're looking for strong engineers with many of the following:

  * 3+ years of full-time software engineering experience
  * Experience building full-stack web apps (you've owned & built features from start to finish before)
  * Extensive knowledge of Typescript, React, and Node.js
  * You're product-minded, you get a lot done, and you have high conviction in what you do.
Please apply via: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/avenue/f4e8842d-83ae-413a-9ee3-d20c...

Spatial Media | Software Engineer | Remote (Australia/New Zealand) | http://spatialmedia.com.au/

  - Javascript Developer (mid-senior) - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2700412251/
Live out your JavaScript developer dream job by joining a small team working remotely throughout Australia and the world on 3D visualisation, web and emerging technology solutions. We are an all-remote company, and we've been intentionally building our culture this way from the start.

We are creating and maintaining 360 degree virtual room editor tools, dynamic MapBox maps and cutting edge WebGL techniques through packages like three.js.

Work anywhere, anytime. We are results driven, not time driven. To apply or ask questions, email Rohan at rohan@spatialmedia.com.au

Glimpse.ai | Senior Machine Learning Engineer - Deep Learning (and other roles!) | Baltimore, Maryland | Onsite, Full-time | VISA Sponsorship Available | https://www.glimpse.ai

Glimpse.ai is a profitable, stable, and growing artificial intelligence startup that is building an NLP product that automatically writes content about any subject with the same level of quality, factual accuracy, and usefulness as a human. This product already has thousands of monthly paying subscribers and our MRR has been growing by 10% month over month.

You would be at the intersection of research and production code - taking our research roadmap and helping make it a reality. You will be helping our AI team take nascent research concepts and turn them into state of the art natural language generation. You will be constantly ingesting research papers, building prototypes, and later turning those prototypes into production code.

Our work almost exclusively involves very heavy deep learning (transformers) and we primarily use PyTorch.

You will be working directly with our Founder/CEO (me!), who is leading the AI team, both as a manager and an individual contributor.

We sponsor all visas, including H1B and Green Card, and we pay market rates for SF/NYC despite being located in an area with a significantly cheaper cost of living.

If you have done work with transformers for text generation, information retrieval, or text style transfer (and especially if it has advanced SOTA), we would be very interested in talking with you. We would also be very interested in talking with people who have used Reinforcement Learning for NLP tasks.

In addition to the Senior Machine Learning Engineer role above, we are also hiring for the following roles:

  * Senior Full Stack Engineer
Contact us by emailing alex@glimpse.ai with "HN" in the subject line.

Keeper Tax | Full Stack Engineer, Performance Marketing Lead | Full time | San Francisco, CA, Remote | https://www.keepertax.com/jobs

We’re building a tax solution for the next generation of workers. Keeper Tax automatically finds tax savings for gig workers. We’re on a mission to help the 59M working-class Americans with 1099 income discover the write-offs they’ve been missing, worth an avg. $1,249 per year, automatically.

We just raised a series A and are scaling up rapidly (4 —> 12 employees in the past 5 months) https://www.keepertax.com/posts/announcing-our-series-a

To apply, please send an email to: matt@keepertax.com (Full Stack Engineer) paul@keepertax.com (Performance Marketing Lead)

Kalepa – AI FinTech Startup – Real World Impact – REMOTE, VISA, NYC Headquarters.

We are transforming the $1T commercial insurance industry. Our ML software platform allows insurance underwriters to rapidly evaluate the true risk of businesses, powering insurance products that are written at the Efficient Frontier: where pricing and coverage match the true needs of small and medium businesses. It’s the way commercial insurance should work.

Our engineering team comes from top tech and fintech companies and works on complex distributed systems that handle billions of data points of structured and unstructured data – all wrapped in highly performant and external-facing APIs and delightful applications.

Please apply at our Greenhouse link below and we will reach out for a conversation:https://grnh.se/cc08e58c4us

Vannevar Labs | REMOTE or ONSITE | FULL-TIME | HQ in Washington, DC

Vannevar Labs builds machine learning products for the country's most critical national security problems. We are uniquely qualified to succeed in this $740B market; our founders have 30 years of combined experience across national security, government sales and CIA, In-Q-Tel, DoD/JSOC, Harvard, and Stanford. We believe our military service members and intelligence officers deserve access to the best technology American innovation can offer, and we are building great products for this mission while holding ourselves to the highest standards of honorable service.

We're hiring across multiple engineering roles - feel free to ping if you're interested in our mission, even if there's not a clean fit. feel free to apply directly on our website, or ping me harrison at vannevarlabs dot com

Digital Onboarding | Senior Full-stack Engineer, QA Engineer | REMOTE (US based) | Full time Digital Onboarding is a marketing automation platform that helps banks and credit unions modernize their onboarding process and develop mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with their customers and members. Stack: Elixir + Phoenix, React, Lambda (Node), Postgres

Senior full-stack engineer: https://www.digitalonboarding.com/about-us/job-openings/seni...

QA Engineer: https://www.digitalonboarding.com/about-us/job-openings/qa-e...

Send me an email me at jonathan at digitalonboarding dot com.

Cedar | Security, Full Stack, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, Product Design, Solutions Engineer & Architect | Full-time & REMOTE | NYC, SF, Salt Lake City | https://www.cedar.com/careers/

Post Series D startup with over $350M raised to date, Cedar is a health-tech company focused on reimagining how patients engage with increasingly complicated healthcare systems. Positions open across multiple teams and tech stacks, please reach out and apply below if interested!

Application Security Engineer(s): https://grnh.se/e66abff01us

Engineering Manager: https://grnh.se/326c1b2f1us

Tech Lead, Platforms: https://grnh.se/1b26f9f71us

Full Stack Engineer: https://grnh.se/ca8f86241us

Solutions Architect: https://grnh.se/c130a2dc1us

Solutions Engineer: https://grnh.se/16dfff0b1us

Product Design: https://grnh.se/c44af7671us

Check out our other openings at https://grnh.se/d747c2f21us!

Happy to answer questions, shoot me an email - I'm a security engineer here.

Rami McCarthy

first initial + last name @cedar.com

Tech stack: React, Python/Django

Haystack (YC W21) | Remote | Full-time | usehaystack.io

Haystack helps dev teams get incredibly good at delivering software. We do that using analytics and alerts pulled straight from Github.

Haystack is a fast growing early startup. From 0 to 1.5 years companies like Microsoft, The Economist, Cameo, Indiegogo and many more are using Haystack daily!

We are looking for:

* Full Stack Engineer: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/haystack/jobs/znulCUM-...

* Sr. Sales Executive: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/haystack/jobs/40uM4uM-...

Interested? Please send me an email at kan@usehaystack.io

Formant | react frontend dev, go aws backend dev, qa engineer, three js | full time, forever remote, full benefits


Want to work with badass robots and create telemetry pipelines and visualize them in cutting edge web frontends? We're looking for some developers to help grow our team in 2021. Being a robot expert is not required.

Tech stack: go, typescript, aws, terraform, kubernates



Backend and threejs devs just feel free to send a resume and intro!

Apply at jobs@formant.io

Teleportal | Software Engineers | Full Time | Remote OK | Los Angeles or Atlanta | https://teleportal.app

Teleportal is a spatial computing company building technologies that empower people to develop and experience multi-user, cross-device spatial experiences and software.

Our technology forms the backbone of Vortex — a mobile application that empowers video creators to jump into CGI filmmaking with augmented reality.

We are seeking Rust engineers to help build the next generation of our platform technology, which includes distributed networking, 3D content/logic, and novel architectures for a new type of operating system, down to the kernel level.

Apply at https://teleportal.app/jobs

Oxford Ionics | Embedded Software Engineers and Compiler Engineers | Full Time | ONSITE, HYBRID (Oxford, UK) | Quantum computing

Oxford Ionics is a small quantum computing start-up in Oxford, UK. We're looking for smart, motivated software engineers to join our growing team of engineers and scientists.

Rust | Python | FPGAs | qubits

This is a rare opportunity for a potentially really varied role, with the ability to make a big impact early on in the company's development. See links below for details




Loyal | San Francisco, CA | Remote or Onsite | Competitive salary + equity package | (Very) Dog Friendly Office

We're working on interventions to lengthen the healthy lifespans of dogs. You'd be joining Loyal at an exciting time, we have an active drug development pipeline [0], some of our compounds were recently selected by the National Institute on Aging's Interventions Testing Program [1], and we've partnered with organizations like the Morris Animal Foundation [2].

On the computational side, we're building a platform for community science, operationalizing public data, and solving internal data workflows. You will see your work directly impact the development and deployment of longevity treatments.

We're currently hiring for a variety of roles:

- Frontend Engineer (NextJS)

- Full-Stack Software Engineer (Python/NextJS)

- Data & Infrastructure Engineer (Python, Terraform)

- Data Scientist (Python)

- Bioinformatics (Python)

If you're interested in longevity (Whether for these roles, or in general), please feel free to reach out to me directly - lampe@loyalfordogs.com or view some of our roles at https://loyalfordogs.com/careers. Domain expertise in biology is not at all required.

[0] https://loyalfordogs.com/the-science/pipeline-current-studie...

[1] https://loyalfordogs.com/nia-itp

[2] https://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org/article/loyal-dog-agi...

MathWorks | ONSITE in Boston Metrowest Area | Full Time

Do you love working on the cloud? Are you passionate about programming languages such as GoLang and modern C++? My team is looking for a smart, creative and energetic Senior Software Engineer interested in building massively scalable concurrent systems whose curiosity and passion drives innovation and production quality to new levels.


Have a question about this role? Feel free to drop me a note! I'm the hiring manager.

-Joe jconti at mathworks dot com


Patchstack.com | Laravel/Vue Developer (Full-Stack) | FULL-REMOTE | EU Timezone

We provide a tool for developers to automatically protect websites from third-party library/plugin vulnerabilities by powering community driven security research through a gamified bug hunting platform.

Patchstack is the winner of 2021 Global Infosec Awards in two categories - Open Source Security and Web Application Security.

We're looking for a team player who has years of development experience and is product minded. You can help us build both the front-end and the backend of our products. We also give a lot of flexibility and opportunities for work related responsibilities, self-development and for your free time.

We are not looking for staff augmentation, agencies or freelancers. We're looking for a full-time team member who can grow with the rest of the team.

Interested? Reach out to oliver.sild@patchstack.com

Here's also a blog post with more details: https://patchstack.com/hiring-full-stack-php-developer/

Skool | Engineers & Test Analyst | Full-Time | Remote

Skool is a community platform that’s optimized for learning. Our mission is to democratize education by building Earth’s largest online school for everybody. We’re a small team of four software engineers, one product manager, one product designer, and one entrepreneur. We’ve built the initial product. We’re in private beta with select communities to get user feedback and bake the product just right. We're looking to hire for the following positions:

* Backend Engineer (Go) — https://jobs.lever.co/skool/1bc9ab93-1a4a-47dd-a6ae-9273f1a3...

* Frontend Engineer (React) — https://jobs.lever.co/skool/39ac48dc-6a9a-4cec-9ba5-af9278f1...

* Frontend Test Engineer (React) — https://jobs.lever.co/skool/df3565a6-f05d-4e96-91a7-7f640fad...

* Test Analyst — https://jobs.lever.co/skool/0f2e7a91-3f51-4f15-be1e-dd2bd2c9...

Our CTO has 20 years of intense software engineering experience, has high standards for engineering talent, system design, and code quality. Our CEO has 10 years of experience in the e-learning industry building a company from $0 to $36m. He self-funded Skool with $10m of his own money. We’re well funded, remote friendly, a product users love, huge growth potential, a meaningful mission, and a talented team capable of getting it done. Join us! The stars don’t align like this very often, get in while the teams small, and equity is on the table. Above market salary, full employer-paid benefits, and more...

Navy Federal Credit Union | Application and Cloud Security Engineers and Analysts (various levels of experience) | REMOTE | Vienna, VA

NFCU is seeking application and cloud security engineers in a continuing effort to embed security into devops across the credit union. We're primarily looking for:

* penetration testers and red teamers (OSCP, OSCE, OSWE/AWAE etc. encouraged to apply)

* analysts and engineers with a deep threat modeling background

* security product owners with a focus on building and deploying cloud security services

If a Fortune-ranked (#59/100) work environment and benefits, the mission of a member-owned financial services provider, and the cause of enabling frictionless security align with the next chapter in your career, we're looking forward to hearing from you. Kindly mention hackernews and email your CV to agatha_farngalo and linda_nguyen at our primary domain, navyfederal.org.

Smartcar | Remote within California | Full-Time| https://smartcar.com The connected car API for developers.

Here are our open roles:

Customer Success Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/smartcar/f823af93-07a9-4058-b86c-673b3...

Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/smartcar/fbd6fc05-1627-40ad-9234-d6faf...

Content Marketing: https://jobs.lever.co/smartcar/3828ea2c-8bc9-402b-bbc3-c4af0...

Feel free to reach out to our internal recruiter directly!


Epistemic AI | Multiple Roles (see inside) | Remote (Worldwide) | Full-Time | https://www.epistemic.ai

We are building the next generation of tools to accelerate biomedical research using AI and NLP.

Our team consists of scientists and engineers who are dedicated to enabling advances in biomedical research and practice.

Our partners include some of the greatest biomedical institutions in the world, and our scientific advisory board includes pioneers and leaders of the field.

We are looking to hire senior or lead level:

* front-end engineers

* full-stack engineers

* devops engineers

We are searching for demonstrably tenacious, resilient individuals who are relentless in their pursuit of a solution and who thrive when challenged. You, like us, have the desire and drive to build something incredible from the ground up. You, like us, are competitive yet collaborative and strive for excellence in your work. You have passion and compassion, with empathy and deep respect for customers and colleagues. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.

Our team is fully remote, with team members in North America, Europe, and APAC. We hire in all time zones. The compensation we are offering is generous for a company of our size, including competitive cash and equity compensation, 401K matching, excellent health insurance (no monthly payments). We also subsidize equipment, education, and home office furniture. Our technology stack is based on AWS (Cloud), Python 3, Tensorflow, Pytorch (NLP, ML, Deep Learning), Graph databases, Typescript and React (Frontend). We have a CI/CD pipeline and a continuous release process (CircleCI, Github). We train ML and NLP models on clusters of GPUs on Amazon and on Google Cloud TPUs.

If you're intrigued and want to come help accelerate biomedical research please drop us a line at jobs@epistemic.ai

Hey all, this is Stefano, CEO and co-founder. Please AMA!

Hello Stefano, thank you for your post on Epistemic AI. I don't have the experience to apply there yet, but I was wondering if you could suggest any tips to someone from a non-tech engineering background looking to enter tech, and AI in particular.

Thank you in advance!

Hi superout, that is a loaded question, hard to answer without more context (what are your goals? what is your background, can you program already, what's your learning style, etc). In general, so many options out there... Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Amyris | Remote | Full Time:

We are searching for a talented, curious, and self-motivated engineer to join our software engineering team in building the most advanced production-scale synthetic biology platform on the planet. R&D at Amyris is a highly multidisciplinary effort, where we need brilliant contributions from every area of the life sciences and engineering disciplines in order to take projects from concept to market.

Senior Software Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/c665e1fd-9009-4a58-84a2-c1c8d49...

Software Engineer 2: https://jobs.lever.co/amyris/19140318-2ebd-45d6-bae7-9367840...

Shortform | REMOTE | Full-stack Engineer | Full-time / Part-time | $100-200k


Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to learn? Do you have hundreds of books in your to-read list and articles saved in Pocket, but wish you could extract the main ideas faster?

The goal of Shortform is to make the world's best ideas more accessible. Right now we create the world's best book guides, with in-depth chapter-by-chapter summaries, original insights building on the book's ideas, and distillation of the book into actionables. They're like superpowered book summaries.

Eventually, we want to summarize and contextualize every meaningful idea published each day, in every form of media (books, articles, podcasts, videos). Imagine you had a magical Chrome extension that takes any page you're viewing (like a top HN article) and gives you a high-quality summary, along with summaries of alternative viewpoints. That's a vision of what we're building.


Company status: We launched 2.5 years ago. Shortform was funded by the founder (who has built multiple bootstrapped profitable companies in the past) and has taken on no outside investment. We "could be profitable" but are reinvesting in growth. Engineering team consists of 4 full-stack engineers.

Technology: Vue.js on frontend, Flask/Python on backend. (Keywords for searchers with tech flexibility: Angular, React, Django)

About the role: Ideally you're fullstack on the web, and comfortable on both front-end and back-end. Position is remote (current team is worldwide). Fulltime / parttime roles available. We're able to pay competitive market salaries (i.e. not decreased by equity).

Email jobs+engineerhn@shortform.com to get more details about the company, what we're building, and the application process.

ML6 | Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer | Python, TensorFlow, Google Cloud Platform | Full-time | Amsterdam, Berlin, Ghent (EU)

We are a Machine Learning consulting company that builds end-to-end Machine Learning solutions. By applying the latest AI research, we keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.

If you are interested check out: https://ml6.eu/resource/

You will mostly work with TensorFlow and Python to solve hard Machine Learning tasks and help to put these into production. As a Premier Google Cloud Service Partner, ML6 has a very strong relationship with Google, providing you options to collaborate and alpha test a lot of their latest ML tools.

We are looking for:

• Machine Learning Engineer

• Data Engineer

• Full Stack Engineer

• Software Engineer

• Customer Engineer

• Project Manager

• Sales Consultant

• HR Officer

Apply at: https://ml6.eu/join-us

Parkside Technologies- Multiple Positions- Fulltime- San Francisco,CA: Remote OK

Parkside is simplifying global access to US markets through regulatory innovations and technology. We are a US-based broker-dealer allowing foreign citizens the ability to invest in US securities using their local currency offering low fees and no minimum investment amounts.

We are looking for Senior QA Engineers and for Cloud Operations Engineers, plus many other open positions.

We're currently looking for Senior experience levels in both roles, but we are open to more junior candidates as well.

Our tech stack includes: Clojure Clojurescript AWS Apache Kafka Cognitect Datomic Docker Docker Compose Kubernetes GitHub Quay Slack JIRA Drone CI Quip

If interested, please learn more and apply here: https://parkside-securities.breezy.hr/

Paro.io (paro.io) [Chicago or Remote] - we're a Series-B startup backed by Madrona Ventures that is disrupting traditional employment. We built a 2-sided marketplace that connects businesses to highly vetted financial services professionals that can provide expertise flexibly and on-demand. As a platform company, we tackle a lot of the same problems other modern marketplace platforms like Uber, DoorDash, AirBnB face such as dynamic pricing, matchmaking, and monitoring real-time AI models.

We're at about 70 employees and our product and engineering team is our largest function that we're rapidly hiring for. We're looking for engineers, designer, PMs, or anyone looking to break

Reach out to me at ankit@paro.io or visit our website https://paro.io/careers

Paro.io (paro.io) [Chicago or Remote] - we're a Series-B startup backed by Madrona Ventures that is disrupting traditional employment. We built a 2-sided marketplace that connects businesses to highly vetted financial services professionals that can provide expertise flexibly and on-demand. As a platform company, we tackle a lot of the same problems other modern marketplace platforms like Uber, DoorDash, AirBnB face such as dynamic pricing, matchmaking, and monitoring real-time AI models.

We're at about 70 employees and our product and engineering team is our largest function that we're rapidly hiring for. We're looking for engineers, designer, PMs, or anyone looking to break

Reach out to me at ankit@paro.io or visit our website https://paro.io/careers

Restaurant Brands International (RBI) | Miami, Toronto, Baar (just outside Zürich), and Remote | full-time, interns | https://careers.rbi.com/global/en/r-technology-landing

RBI is one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant companies with approximately $32 billion in annual system-wide sales and 27,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and U.S. territories. RBI owns three of the world’s most prominent and iconic quick service restaurant brands: Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons.

RBI Tech is a collaborative, high-impact team within a multi-billion dollar business. We’re growing fast, thinking faster, and constantly exploring. We create products and technologies to deliver digital consumer experiences that enhance guest interactions with our brands across 27,000 restaurants.

We recognize that guests no longer make food decisions based only on the food itself, but rather the entire experience surrounding the meal--and that experience is becoming increasingly digital. We’re building a React and Node stack to support an ordering platform spanning across the three brands. We’re solving technically interesting problems while building products designed to engage and delight our users.

By collaborating with our brand partners, we are able to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital experience for our guests. We’ve launched campaigns like The Whopper Detour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDhC6LsAJgM) which helped the Burger King app reach #1 in the app store when it launched and the new Tims Rewards program which has been used by over 20% of Canadians.

Join our team! Refer to https://careers.rbi.com/global/en/c/technology-jobs for open roles.

Seer Medical | Software Engineer | Melbourne, Australia | Full Time | 70% Onsite | https://www.seermedical.com/ Seer Medical is an Australian med-tech company. We’re building a wearable EEG monitoring device to support the in-home diagnosis of neurological, sleep and cardiac conditions. We already see more than double the patients requiring video-EEG than all of Australia’s hospitals combined and we’re expanding globally.

  We’re looking for:
    - a versatile Typescript developer to work on our iPad diagnostics app and cloud platform.
    - a Junior software engineer

  Technologies used:
  - Typescript 
  - React & React Native  
  - PostgreSQL  
  - Rust & Python
Interested? Email me: nick [at] company domain

Computas | Multiple positions | Oslo, Norway | ONSITE Computas is a Nordic provider of IT solutions and consulting. We deliver value-adding solutions for the public benefit to both public and private sectors. With our 35 years of experience with system and application development, we are one of the leading experts in the Nordic market on cloud solutions, AI and machine learning. We are looking for new colleagues for a number of positions:

- Chief Architect Data Engineering

- Cloud Data Engineer / Architect

- Cloud Devops Engineer

- Experienced UX and Graphical designers

- Frontend and mobile developers

- Azure Architect

- Tech Lead

- Senior .Net Developer

While most of us work remotely most of the time during the pandemic, being able to go onsite from time to time is necessary. For positions in Norway, fluency in Norwegian is necessary.


Marqeta, Inc. | Lead Software Engineer | Full Time | https://www.marqeta.com/careers/3047032

Marqeta provides the infrastructure for modern money movement. We support customers with non-traditional requirements such as just-in-time payments for delivery services, virtual cards for electronic wallets, and many other uses.

I am looking to hire Lead Software Engineers to architect and build Marqeta's CI/CD platform as we transition from a start-up to a multi-billion dollar company. We recently completed our IPO, and are flush with cash to spend on tech and teammates! If interested, please feel free to contact me directly: kmartinez@marqeta.com

Location options: Oakland, CA; Denver, CO; Fully Remote

Telework for now with planned re-opening and post-COVID fully remote

StackSource | Software Engineer, Growth Marketing Director | Remote | Full-Time | https://www.stacksource.com/

For Growth Marketing Director position see: https://www.stacksource.com/career/growth-marketing-director

We're a small team looking to add a new mid level engineer. We are looking to hire a key engineering role, someone capable of working across the full stack, with more a focus toward back end. Please contact me at nathan@stacksource.com for more information.

Our platform helps commercial real estate owners, developers, and capital advisors manage their capital formation activities - finding sources of capital, fielding offers, negotiating intelligently, and closing through a UI.

We use a custom dialect of JavaScript which incorporates planned future features of the language as well as some custom, test-bed changes.

Our founders come from Google and Facebook.


Minimum Qualifications

- Experience in one or more programming language, including but not limited to: JavaScript, Java, Python, C/C++, C#, Objective C, or Go.

- Experience with web technologies.

- Knowledge of computer science fundamentals, such as: Object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, asynchronous control flow mechanisms (callbacks, event handlers, promises), server architecture, etc.

Preferred Qualifications

- BS or MS in Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent experience.

- Expertise in SQL, JavaScript, or web application development.

- Interest and ability to learn new programming languages and tools.

Contact nathan@stacksource.com to apply.

Matician | Palo Alto, CA | Full-time | Onsite |


Positions: Firmware Engineer; Supply Chain Manager; Linux/Embedded Systems Engineer; Computer Vision/Machine Learning Engineer; Platform Systems Engineer; iOS Engineer

Matician is bringing Level 5 autonomy to consumer electronics for in-home use. We're a small team (just over 30 full-time) led by repeat founders (Mehul Nariyawala and Navneet Dalal).

Our user-first mentality is bringing autonomous robotics into the home to solve existing, real-world problems. We're building products meant to be incredibly useful first, and cool second!

Apply via our website above, or send resume and a blurb to exec@matician.com and let me know you found us on HN :)

-April (Talent Lead, Matician)

Handsome | Senior Frontend Engineer | REMOTE | Contract (6 mo+)


Handsome is looking for a talented freelance frontend (or fullstack) engineer to work closely and collaboratively with our design team to create extraordinary, award-worthy website experiences.

The primary workload will be building out React pages (from Figma mockups) while contributing to our Design Library, and integrating REST APIs.


- React

- Node

- CSS Modules

- Babel, ESLint, PostCSS, Webpack

- Next.js

- Storybook

We are ideally looking for someone that has 3+ years of experience in the above (or similar) technologies.

Handsome is a digital experience agency. We work with the world’s most innovative brands to create digital products, services, and businesses that help them thrive in a progressively connected world. Our client partnerships include FedEx, Keller Williams, Dell, Facebook, Home Depot, Nickelodeon and others.

Shoot me an email at nick.dandakis[at]handsome[dot]is.

Reviewable | Lead Product Designer | REMOTE (US only), full-time | https://reviewable.io

Hey there! Reviewable is growing quickly and we're looking for an experienced Product Designer to help us continue to delight developers around the world.

Reviewable is a code review tool for GitHub pull requests that makes the process of serious reviews thorough yet efficient. It's not for everyone but the teams that need it swear by it. However, as Reviewable has grown organically over the years its design hasn't kept pace, and the most common complaint from potential users today is that the UI looks confusing and the workflow feels foreign. That's where you come in!

As the sole designer on the team, you'll be in charge of proposing and designing new features, revamping the onboarding flow, updating the app's visual design, and over time overhauling the core design of the tool to better align with user expectations. You'll also be contributing in other areas (e.g., marketing, development, customer support) as your skills and inclinations allow.

We're looking for somebody with significant product design experience, as well as experience working on developer tools or as a developer. You should be comfortable with Git, HTML, and CSS, and have great written + visual communication skills.

Reviewable is a very small bootstrapped company that I founded and ran solo for many years. We're growing steadily, though, and expanding our team as we do so. We're remote work natives, but we hope to supplement that with occasional in-person gatherings as the pandemic recedes. We move fast, unencumbered by committees or office politics; everyone reports directly to me.

Please get in touch if you find the challenge of designing developer tools intriguing and aren't afraid of leading the charge. You'll have an outsized impact on the product and ultimately help bend the company's trajectory upward!

Airtame (https://airtame.com) | Full-time, Fully Remote basis from Portugal, Romania, Hungary

Airtame is a young Danish company that develops a wireless streaming product for businesses and education. We are based in windy Copenhagen but have offices in New York and Budapest. We are also open to hiring engineers based in Portugal and Romania on a fully remote basis.

We're currently hiring:

* Senior Platform Engineer (Embedded Software Development) - Remote from Romania, Portugal, Hungary (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/5330119002)

* QA Engineer - Remote from Romania, Portugal, Hungary (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/5344066002)

* Senior Software Engineer - Remote from Romania, Portugal, Hungary (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/5112249002)

* IT Administrator - Copenhagen (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/5498921002)

* Technical Support Representative - Los Angeles (https://boards.greenhouse.io/airtamejobs/jobs/5265455002)

Meet Airtame engineering team:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jUqPWEvMlg&list=PLnZhp4hHHk...

SeedLegals | Mid and Senior Level Software Engineers | London, UK | 1-2 days / week in the office | Full time

SeedLegals is London’s hottest lawtech startup. A disruptive startup to power other startups!

Our platform uses document automation and clever engineering to revolutionise how startups and small businesses create and negotiate the legals and equity arrangements that build and fund companies.

We're a profitable series A scale-up, looking to increase the size of our delivery team, by hiring technology passionate problem solvers. More details about all the positions we have open, can be found here: https://seedlegals.com/careers/

Tech stack: Spring, Kotlin (still some Java to migrate), Angular, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, AWS

If you're interested, please reach out to tu@seedlegals.com

Melbourne,FL | Remote (US) |Full-stack and Test Engineer Positions

WellHive is a fast-growing organization focused on transforming the way health systems coordinate and deliver care through secure, modern technology. Our teams leverage the latest in cloud-based tools and services to design and build complex and compelling applications. Every employee is treated as a valued contributor that brings their own unique experience and perspective to the issues we are solving for our users. WellHive proudly offers competitive pay and benefits in addition to flexible working conditions.

Please check out our current job openings at https://www.wellhive.com/careers.

Hookdeck | https://hookdeck.com | Remote (Canada) | SRE & Backend Eng

Hookdeck is looking for a backend and reliability engineer to improve Hookdeck core platform and infrastructure. We are a small team of 3 operating completely remotely and without schedule.

We help developers spend less building and troubleshooting issues with their webhooks to focus on their products instead. We offer a complete infrastructure to develop, test, receive, distribute and monitor webhooks and asynchronous events.

If you are looking to be part of a early founding team, fully leverage your knowledge & talent, have impact and work on hard scaling and concurrency challenges then this might be for you.

We are offering competitive compensation & generous stock options.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Email me at alex@hookdeck.com :)

TOSHI (https://www.toshi.co) | Full stack web developer (Ruby on Rails/React) | London, UK, Remote UK | Full-Time, Contract

2x Mid/senior software engineers, £45k-£70k depending on experience 2x Short term contractors, £500/day (6 week contract, September - October 2021)

We're looking for a number of software engineers to join our team of 8 on either a contract or permenant basis, working on last-mile delivery for the luxury fashion space (think Deliveroo/Postmates for fashion).

If you were working with us today, you might be helping us to integrate with Stripe Connect as our primary payment method for at-door payments, or improving our in-house scheduling algorithm to ensure that orders are allocated in the most efficient way to our team of Assistants.

Email edwin@toshi.co to apply.

SeedFi | Software Engineers, PMs | SF, NYC or REMOTE (USA) | seedfi.com

SeedFi is a fintech startup that builds products for Americans living paycheck to paycheck. We're focused on improving our customers' financial health by helping them build savings and improve their credit score. Our products aim to permanently get people out of debt cycles. So far, the response we've seen has been really amazing: trustpilot.com/review/seedfi.com

SeedFi has over 25 employees and is growing fast. We raised $19M from top tier VCs like A16Z and from major social impact funds. We've already helped our customers build millions of dollars in savings.

To apply, please email your resume to jobs at seedfi dot com.


You can also ask me questions via the email on my profile.

Resolve | Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) | SF, Remote (US) | Full-time | https://www.resolvepay.com/

Resolve is a B2B payments company that allows merchants to extend risk-free credit terms to their customers. By making it easier to get paid, Resolve helps manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors increase sales and improve their cash flow. Resolve is a spin-out of Affirm and backed by top investors, including PayPal and Affirm co-founder Max Levchin.

Resolve is seeking an exceptional Senior Software Engineer to join the founding team and help modernize the B2B payments industry.

More info: https://angel.co/company/resolvepay/jobs/1578207-senior-soft...

What You Will Do:

* You will lead the development of products for our merchant partners, customers, and/or our finance, risk, and operations teams

* Collaborate with Product Management, Design, and other functional teams within Resolve to iterate and enhance our product offerings

* Plan, design, communicate, and implement software systems with an eye towards robust, extensible architecture

* Be an integral part of the development team, participating in solution design/review and code reviews

* Lead technical discussions and plans to improve our overall software quality

* Estimate project work effort and delivery, and create project roadmaps

More info: https://angel.co/company/resolvepay/jobs/1578207-senior-soft...

Questions/resume? Message us via ^ the link above or message me directly: sean+hn [@] resolvepay.com

Ventana Micro Systems | Software Engineer | San Francisco Area, Pune, Bangalore | ONSITE (except COVID-19) REMOTE (US, possible) VISA | Full Time | http://ventanamicro.com

We are a well-funded start-up, founded by seasoned industry veterans, that is developing a family of best-in-class, high-performance RISC-V CPU cores focused on a chiplet form factor. Start working now in the growing community around the open RISC-V instruction set architecture.

Software Engineer: Software development and performance optimization for high-performance embedded and server platforms. Various roles available. Work on compilers, language runtimes, operating system internals (Linux), device drivers, hypervisor, boot and runtime firmware, much of it open source. swjobs@ventanamicro.com

University of California, Irvine (UCI) | Ruby Software Engineer, Quality Assurance and Production Support Analyst | Irvine, CA or REMOTE (US only)

I'm part of a small team that builds and supports custom applications for various offices on campus. We have two openings:

[edited -- updated links]

Ruby Software Engineer https://careersucirvine.ttcportals.com/jobs/7302333-ruby-sof...

Quality Assurance and Production Support Analyst https://careersucirvine.ttcportals.com/jobs/7428861-quality-...

When you apply, please add a note that you heard about it from Hacker News. Thanks.

Remind | Staff Software Engineer (Fullstack) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | REMOTE

Remind runs one of the largest free services in education (Remind Chat), one of the fastest growing school/district SaaS businesses (Remind Hub), and a revolutionary new direct-to-consumer business (Remind Tutoring). The common thread through each of our product lines is the belief that success in education is driven by relationships, and the Remind communication platform is where the next generation of education relationships live.

As a Staff Software Engineer, you'll have a major impact on our systems -- and on the lives of the almost 30 million students, parents, teachers and administrators on our platform!

Please consider applying:


We are hiring within 3 hours of Pacific Time.

Picnic | Senior Software Engineer | London, UK | ONSITE or REMOTE | Full time or contract

Keywords: React Native, TypeScript, RxJS, MobX, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite, CQRS

Picnic is a new group chat app, built for close friends (https://picnic.chat).

Group chats matter, and they matter more than you might think. For billions of people, they've come to play a vital role in our most important relationships: the space online where our real friendships live. We believe the one-size-fits-all, functional apps where our group chats live today could be so much more. That's why we are on a mission to build a better home for people's favourite group chats: one that is more joyful, more intentional and more ethical.

It's an exceptionally good time to be joining our small but mighty founding team of top engineers from Facebook, Apple, Google and more. We are fresh from raising a £2.1m Seed round led by top tier VCs (announcement coming soon) and are backed by the likes of Robin Dunbar (the man behind Dunbar's number), Snapchat's 1st Engineer and many more world class operators.

We're looking to hire somebody who is comfortable working as a key part of a small team, with experience of having shipped consumer-facing mobile apps. The Senior in our job title does not refer to how many years of experience you have (or your degree!), but to your general approach to development: you are able to think about the system and architecture as a whole, know enough about all aspects of the stack to effectively diagnose issues, and are able to pass your knowledge onto other members of the team.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, read more about who we are, what we're doing & how you might fit in here: https://www.notion.so/teampicnic/Senior-Software-Engineer-c8...

Occipital (The Spatial Computing Company) | Full-time | ONSITE | VARIOUS LOCATIONS | REMOTE | Salary range $60-250K

At Occipital, we’re working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real-world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well. https://occipital.com






For detailed information check out https://occipital.com/jobs

Keywords: photogrammetry, geomatics, SLAM

Warby Parker | Data Engineer, Software Engineer (Data) | Full-time | REMOTE (or New York, NY)

Warby Parker's Data Infrastructure team’s mission is to ensure timely, accurate, and reliable access to data across the company. Our team designs and builds Warby Parker’s data systems and we work closely with Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and other Engineers to increase access data across the organization. In this role, you’ll play a key part in building, scaling, and maintaining our data infrastructure, and your work will impact nearly every employee across the organization.

* https://boards.greenhouse.io/warbyparker/jobs/2582228

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to chris.bleakley@warbyparker.com

Gower St | Clojure Engineer | REMOTE (UK only) | Full-time (3 or 4 days per week also possible) | £50000 - £65000

At Gower Street Analytics we are transforming the Film industry using predictive analytics and data science. We have contracts with major studios that are household names. We're a small organisation and you'll have lots of opportunities for making a lasting impact on the film industry in this job.

We are currently hiring a mid-level or senior developer in a UK based remote role with experience in Clojure and/or functional programming. You'll be working with Clojure, Go, Python, Docker and Terraform deployed on AWS.

Read more here: https://apply.workable.com/gowerst/j/81F0C1440C/

Hotpot.ai | Remote | Consulting & Part-Time | https://hotpot.ai

Hotpot.ai offers AI tools and drag-n-drop software for graphic design and media creation.

Our AI tools include text-to-art, style transfer, super-resolution, background removal, picture colorization, and others are listed at hotpot.ai/tools. More are in the research pipeline.

Related experience is preferred but not required.

Since we aim to be on the cutting edge of ML and media creation, we often build things no one has mastered yet -- so intelligence, diligence, and ability to learn are what matter most.

Hiring areas:

* Web developer for graphic platform

* ML engineers and researchers

* Codex and GPT-3 engineers

* Web developer for video platform

* HTML5 Canvas consultant

* Puppeteer/Playwright consultant

* FFmpeg consultant

Note: if you want to use Hotpot free (app store screenshots, graphic platform, or AI tools), ping me. Happy to help HN users. See hotpot.ai/pricing.

Humanloop | Infrastructure for AI | Backed by YC and Index | London + Remote Hiring

- Software Engineers: front-end specialist

- Machine Learning Engineer

- Interaction designer

(see jobs.humanloop.com for full details)

We're a team of ML researchers and Engineers who've worked at Google, Amazon and Microsoft research on some of the biggest ML projects out there.

ML and deep learning are a new software paradigm that needs new tools. We're building a platform for Human-in-the-loop ML that drastically reduces data needs and accelerates time to deployment. In the future people will program by teaching and curating datasets. (https://medium.com/@karpathy/software-2-0-a64152b37c35), we're making software 2.0 possible.

Team: humanloop.com/about

Contact the founders at founders@humanloop.com

RStudio | Software Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US or Canada) | https://www.rstudio.com

RStudio is a Public Benefit Corporation that makes software for data scientists. Our core offering is an open source data science toolchain, and we aim to make it available to everyone, regardless of their economic means.

I have the first two roles open, but there are plenty of interesting positions available:

- Software Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4673184003

- Software Engineer (Infrastructure): https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4664715003

- Senior UI Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4633843003

- Lead QA Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4578057003

- Solutions Engineer: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4538299003

- Head of Storytelling: https://www.rstudio.com/about/job-posting/?gh_jid=4673160003

- More positions at https://www.rstudio.com/about/careers/

Revolut | Software Engineers and many more | London, Krakow, Berlin, New York, Moscow, Vilnius | Full-Time | REMOTE | https://www.revolut.com

Revolut is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. We’re hiring throughout the company for many roles. I work on Data Platform, helping people bring ML models to production. We use Terraform, Kubernetes, GCP, Vault, Python, Java, Kotlin, Postgres and many more. There are a lot of interesting challenges and projects. We're looking for experienced engineers that will work within a distributed company.

We are valued at 33B and on the track to IPO soon.

Careers: https://jobs.lever.co/revolut?lever-via=8QDkIWda8L

Verkada | SFBA | Engineers

Verkada is a C stage startup with strong product market fit. We have modernized enterprise physical security (cameras, access control, sensors) and are working on a bunch of new hardware & software products to continue expanding into enterprise building management. Our vision is to build a privacy focused building operating system of the future.

We are looking for all types of engineering talent from Frontend to Backend to Firmware to Hardware. If you are excited about building modern cloud enabled hardware, and passionate about what you do reach out I'm sure we can find you a spot.

Email me directly at: mike.lyons@verkada.com and I'll connect you with the right team.

Careers page: https://www.verkada.com/careers/

CodeSandbox is hiring!!! We are looking for engineers who can help us build the next iteration of CodeSandbox that will allow you to run any kind of project from anywhere. We have exciting challenges ahead of us and particularly need support on the infrastructure front, full stack, community support, devrel and more to come. Currently hiring for: - Senior Full Stack Engineer (TypeScript) - Senior Support Engineer - Senior Infrastructure Engineer. Browse our openings here: https://codesandbox.io/jobs. All remote, flexible work hours, unlimited vacation days (take a minimum of 25 days), educational budget, choose your own work station, parental leave, freedom to create and run your own project, etc.

Ivanti Hiring | Staff Engineer (Python) | Senior Engineer (Javascript, React) | India | Fulltime

Staff Engineer (Python) JD : (3 Openings)

- 7-10 years of experience.

- Wizard of Python, Django or similar web api framework.

- Experience with Kafka or similar messaging queuing service.

- Experience with Elastic Search.

- Experience with micro services.

- Solid understanding of Containers and Container Orchestration frameworks like kubernetes.

- Solid understanding of design patterns and principles.

- Solid Architectural understanding.

- Ability to write clean, production ready, highly scalable, modular and well tested code.

- Dedicated smart worker.

Senior Engineer (Javascript, React) : (3 Openings)

- 2 to 5 Years of experience

- Extensive and solid understand of javascript

- Solid understanding or React or similar UI frameworks

- Well versed with module bundlers like webpack, Rollup etc..

- Understanding of micro frontend architecture.

Email your resume at reffermenow@gmail.com

Time By Ping | Multiple positions | US Remote | Full-time


Senior Engineering Manager

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer, Windows Applications

We are a team working to sanctify and return time (https://medium.com/@ryanalshak/why-time-by-ping-ae24c7e7c1ab). TBP builds time tracking tooling for lawyers to help them better understand their time, and stop spending all of their time filling out timesheets.

To learn more about our team, check out https://medium.com/time-review/tagged/time-by-ping

Sonder | San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle, Dallas | Onsite, Remote | Full-time | https://www.sonder.com

Sonder is transforming hospitality. We are building the operating system for the future of the hospitality industry. Technology is at the core of powering the platform for the world's first deconstructed hotel and we are the first to do it. We recently announced our plans to go public via a SPAC this year. We are growing rapidly and looking for talented engineers to join us on this journey.

We are hiring Senior/Staff Engineers, SRE (Toronto), Staff Data Architect (Dallas/MTL), Engineering Manager (Seattle)

View all positions at https://grnh.se/cee91ba62us

Disco | Sr React Native Developer | Remote | Full Time

Disco helps creators make a living teaching what they love to do. Our SaaS learning platform helps creators build, sell and scale live virtual learning experiences.

This is a rare opportunity to build a mobile app from the ground up. Our existing team of 7 developers has built a feature-rich web application. We are looking for a lead Mobile Developer to deliver the first version of our mobile app and work with the rest of our developers to set best practices for scaling it up.

The existing web app is built in React with a backend using TypeScript and Go GraphQL services.

Sr. React Native Developer: https://disco.breezy.hr/p/2ab056b4debb-senior-react-native-d...

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona, Budapest ONSITE or REMOTE | Engineering, Marketing

About Rollbar:

* We're a ~70-person team (SF, Barcelona, Budapest, and remote) with a mission to help developers build software quickly and painlessly

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Twilio, Duolingo, Salesforce, and Twitch

We're currently hiring for:

- Engineers - Backend, Front-end, Full-stack, SRE

- Engineering Manager (Budapest)

- Developer Advocate

- Demand Gen Manager

Please apply via: https://rollbar.com/jobs

Satalia | AI led technology | UK Based - Remote Working

We use artificial intelligence to solve exponentially hard efficiency problems. Our ethos is to attract and empower smart, kind and curious people, and trust them wholeheartedly to take care of our purpose, products and profits.

If you want to work on something different, and do so in an entirely different way, check out our open positions below.

Current vacancies:

- UX Lead - Full time - https://careers.satalia.com//jobs/1301635-ux-lead

- Senior Data Scientist - Full time - https://careers.satalia.com//jobs/1301624-senior-data-scient...

Gigapay | https://gigapay.co | Stockholm, Sweden | Full-time | Onsite or remote (UTC+2)

Gigapay is a fast growing fintech startup building a simple and automated solution for gig- and creator platforms to send instant payouts to freelancers, influencers, creators and giggers. We believe in a friction-less job market where it's easy to pay and get paid for tasks and projects.

Current openings include:

Senior Frontend Developer (React.js): https://gigapay.co/senior-frontend-developer/

Backend Developer (Python/Django): https://gigapay.co/backend-developer/

Numerai | Web Developer | San Francisco | Remote/On-site with WFH days | Full Time | https://numer.ai

Numerai is a new kind of hedge fund powered by thousands of competing data scientists from around the world, all working to predict the stock market. We are hiring a web developer / front-end engineer to lead the development of the website that our participants use weekly to download data, upload predictions and stake cryptocurrency. JavaScript (Vue), HTML, CSS.

Job details: https://angel.co/company/numerai/jobs/1257894-web-developer

Reach out via the job posting or to me, Jonathan: jonathan [at] numer [dot] ai

Carbon Five | San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chattanooga, and New York | Full-Time, Onsite | https://www.carbonfive.com

Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy. We partner with our clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams. We work with numerous startups in addition to companies and organizations like Chime, Coinbase, StitchFix, Protocol Labs (Filecoin, IPFS), Compass, Everlane, WeWork, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/carbon-five

Here are our open roles:

- Developer: https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/position/?title=Developer...

- Senior Developer (5+ years): https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/position/?title=Senior%20...

- Product Manager (Senior): https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/position/?title=Product%2...

- Product Designer: https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/position/?title=Product%2...

Tech Stack: The majority of our work is in Rails, Node, and Java, but almost everything is up for grabs. The only tech we don’t work in is .NET and PHP.

You're 'Developer' link 404'd, but I'd love to apply!


Sentenai | Multiple Roles | Remote (US) | Full-time | US citizens only

Sentenai helps organizations make decisions at the speed of their data. Our data fusion platform uses autonomous data engineering to organize data from sensors, logs, machines and other operational data sources, optimizing data for use in realtime intelligence and historical analysis applications.

Sentenai's primary customers fall under the DoD umbrella; unfortunately that means we are currently unable to consider any applicants who are not US citizens or are located outside the US.

Sentenai is hiring multiple roles:

- Software Engineer - Help us evolve our data fusion platform

    - Haskell
    - Erlang
- Front End Engineer - Develop data intensive user interfaces

    - Typescript
    - Tailwind
    - Vue
    - D3
    - Flask
Contact us at jobs@sentenai.com

Niche | Pittsburgh, PA | Full-time | Onsite and Remote (USA only) | https://www.niche.com/

Niche is the leader in school search. Our mission is to make researching and enrolling in schools easy, transparent, and free. With in-depth profiles on every school and college in America, 140 million reviews and ratings, and powerful search tools, we help millions of people find the right school for them. We also help thousands of schools recruit more best-fit students, by highlighting what makes them great and making it easier to visit and apply.

Senior Mobile Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/nichecom/jobs/4032911004

Software Engineer, Back-End https://grnh.se/04218d544us

Software Engineer, Front-End https://grnh.se/875c78f24us

Senior Software Engineer, Front-End https://grnh.se/92e922094us

Senior Product Designer https://grnh.se/110e92594us

Data Engineer https://grnh.se/f36aa2d14us

Scrum Master/Software Development Project Manager https://grnh.se/ab4da11b4us

Quality Assurance Analyst https://grnh.se/96855c294us

Site Reliability Engineer https://grnh.se/a8e047c24us

Altus Assessments | https://altusassessments.com/careers/ | Canada/EU/USA | Full Time | Remote(EST ±4) Altus empowers higher education institutions to look beyond book smarts, and to identify and nurture exceptional professionals by using unique data to generate meaningful insight that influence key academic decisions. We’re a quirky, vibrant, and diverse group of 100+ working collaboratively to tackle some tough problems (like how to evaluate empathy in someone who wants to train to become a doctor), and some less tough ones (like how to answer that bonus question on Trivia Night).

We're a team of 30 developers/devops/qa working across several Javascript focused stacks. We've recently acquired a company in a similar space and welcomed many new faces.

You'll have the chance to work on a range of different problems and hopefully learn some new skills too. During product development you'll be able to focus on implementation of features from start to finish. Presently we're working on some architecture heavy rebuilds. If you're excited about greenfield projects we have much to offer!

Our main stacks are: Express/Typescript/Vue NestJS/Vue MeteorJS/Blaze LAMP

We’re hiring across a number of open positions:

Software Developer (Intermediate & Seniors) - We have a few dev teams hiring. https://apply.workable.com/altus-assessments/j/9706468867/

If you want to know more about our team culture or have questions about these roles feel free to email me at gguja [at] altusassessments.com or apply directly.

We don't do white boarding/puzzle questions as part of the interview process, however we do ask applicants that pass the phone screen to make a presentation on how you would approach a system design problem.

Senior Software Engineer | Remote, USA | Must be within the USA | Full-time | https://nvisium.com

We are looking for a Python or Javascript-skilled Sr. Software Engineer to help expand our product engineering team, which focuses on building a platform for delivering secure development training. You would be part of the team creating a brand-new way of training developers on secure coding. The ideal candidate is excited to code and solve engineering challenges while working with a 100% remote, yet close knit team.

Full job details and description can be found here: https://nvisium.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=22

Paperless | Engineering, Sales, Marketing | Remote (EU only) | Full Time | https://paperless.io/careers

Paperless is seeking to set a new standard for electronic document workflows! We're looking for multiple roles to join our team onsite in Frankfurt, Germany or remote (EU):

  * Senior Ruby / Rails Engineers
  * Senior TypeScript / Angular Engineers
  * Integration Engineers (Salesforce, Pipedrive, NetSuite)
  * Demand Manager
  * Sales Manager
  * Business Developer
Become part of our awesome team and apply now: https://paperless.io/careers or contact me directly jan+jobs at paperless.io

MariaDB | Developer Evangelists (DevRel)| Remote | Full-time permanent | https://mariadb.com/

We have two openings on the Developer Relations team:

- Developer Evangelist (Cloud App Dev / DevOps): https://mariadb.com/about-us/careers/job-openings/developer-...

- Developer Evangelist (Geospatial): https://mariadb.com/about-us/careers/job-openings/developer-...

BITS GmbH | Munich/Germany | JAVA | Angular | IT Consultant (PM) | Fulltime | Onsite/Remote (50/50) | https://mybits.de

At BITS, we support both corporations and startups in the digitisation of their business units and processes.

We are looking for fulltime

- JAVA developers

- Angular developers and

- IT Consultants (PM)

to join our teams.

If you are looking for challenges and like to push issues forward, then we would be happy to hear from you, regardless of whether you have just completed your studies or have years of experience.

More info: https://www.mybits.de/offene-stellen | about BITS: https://www.mybits.de Feel free to contact me: marc.schallehn@mybits.de

Speedscale | Atlanta, GA | ONSITE | https://speedscale.com/careers/

We record traffic from live systems and use it to autogenerate incoming requests and API mocks. You can use it to develop against realistic simulated 3rd party APIs or throw it in your CI system to make sure new builds handle production load. Nobody likes writing tests and mocks, so let Speedscale do it using your own traffic.

Hiring Front End/Full Stack at the moment: https://speedscale.com/careers/

Latest tech including kubernetes, Go, react and cloud data warehousing. Backed by YC, Sierra and TSV.

Send me a note at matt@speedscale.com or careers@speedscale.com.

Reddit | Backend, Frontend, iOS, Android, Machine Learning, Managers, Product, Video | SF, NYC, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Ottawa, Seattle & Remote, Dublin (Ireland), Australia, Berlin (Germany) | Full-time Reddit is growing fast. We are currently raising up to $700m in our Series F funding to make strategic investments in the platform including video, advertising, consumer products, and expanding into international markets. We are hiring across the board, I want to specifically stress out the jobs for video product which is currently a really exciting area to work and innovate in.

For any Golang enthusiasts out there: we are writing more and more of our services in Go. We have interesting challenges in scaling, data pipelines and building the foundation for a series of new products.

Reddit does not have geographic compensation adjustments: you can work from anywhere and receive compensation tied to pay ranges of high-cost areas such as the Bay Area (https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Reddit-permanent-work...)

- Staff Backend Engineer - Video Ranking Personalization https://boards.greenhouse.io/reddit/jobs/3262369?gh_src=3c9b...

- Machine Learning Engineer, Video Recommendations

- Staff Backend Engineer - Video Ranking Personalization

- Senior Backend Engineer, Compute, Germany

- Senior Backend Engineer - Video Creation

- Principal Backend Engineer, Economy

- Engineering Manager, Video Product

- Engineering Manager, Live Video

- many more…

If you are interested apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/reddit?gh_src=3c9ba6c41us

Can you share some insights into your interview process? Context: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28356028

The interview process at Reddit is not very different from any other larger tech company from my own experience of having been interviewed and interviewing myself.

I do believe though that there is a good amount of candidates out there who believe preparing for interviews is not necessary because they already stacked up x amount of years of work experience.

Where are your offices in Ottawa? It's so nice to see more big names popping up here.

I am not sure, this might be remote until the pandemic becomes more manageable.

CloudTrucks | Software Engineering, Data & ML Positions | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE


CloudTrucks is building a platform that reimagines what is needed to operate a trucking business. We use technology and data to innovate in a space that affects one of America's largest essential workforces. We work on everything from logistics to fintech to business automation! We have series A funding with multiple years of runway and are looking to grow our small engineering team with a number of foundational roles:

- Senior Software Engineer (for every product team)

- Senior Software Engineer (Data Science & Machine Learning)

- Senior Mobile Engineer

- Engineering Manager

- Analytics Engineer

Our tech stack: Typescript, React, Django, Python, Postgres, Redis, GCP

BombBomb | Colorado Springs, Denver, or Remote | Onsite | Remote OK | https://bombbomb.com

BombBomb is a complete email marketing platform in which users can make, send, and track the results of both traditional emails and video emails. Connecting people in a more meaningful way is not just what BombBomb’s software delivers, it’s also what drives our team every day. Through simple, personal video, we aim to rehumanize communication.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/bombbomb

Here are our open roles:

- Software Engineer: https://bombbomb.applytojob.com/apply/IXMpYmoEjb/Software-En...

- Sr. Software Engineer: https://bombbomb.applytojob.com/apply/nmiATYuivE/Senior-Soft...

- iOS Developer: https://bombbomb.applytojob.com/apply/ItLx0Q0GhK/IOS-Develop...

Tech Stack: Core App (2010+): PHP7.1, Apache, ReactJS, AWS EC2, RDS, SQS, Redis. Services (2015+): NodeJS, Golang, DynamoDB, Redis, Lambda, Docker. Clients: Electron, C#, Swift 4, Kotlin, Java. Analytics and Prediction: AWS Aurora, Athena, Hadoop, SKLearn. APIs: Webhooks, OpenAPI, SDK Generation, developer.bombbomb.com. CI: Github, Jenkins, TeamCity, TravisCI, Serverless. Video Pipeline: Unique realtime clustered encoding, WebRTC, CloudFront. Delivery: PowerMTA, Twilio. Backoffice: Chargify, NetSuite, Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot.

App Annie (www.appannie.com/careers) | Global | Full-time | 100% Remote permanently

App Annie is the largest app intelligence platform, delivering powerful market data and insights to succeed in the app economy (mobile and web). App Annie can help you and your company better understand the app market, how customers interact with your app and market opportunities. The Vancouver team is building a new product that will go beyond the data and will be a set of tools for companies to better reach their customers and users.

We have opportunities globally in Data Science, Design, Software Engineering and Product;

-Principal Product Managers -Product Marketing Manager -Senior Big Data Engineers -Data Analysts -Enterprise Architects -SVP, Engineering -Senior Backend Engineer -iOS Engineer -Product UI/UX Designers

FareHarbor | Amsterdam, San Francisco | Onsite with flexible remote | Visa sponsorship in Netherlands | Full time FareHarbor is the leading reservation software for the tour and activity industry. Our clients do things like whale watching, snorkeling, ziplines, and escape rooms, and we provide the software to run their businesses.

In San Francisco we are hiring a site reliability engineer.

In Amsterdam we are hiring senior and mid-level engineers to work on devops, backend, full stack, security, and data engineering. We provide relocation assistance and visa sponsorship in the Netherlands.

Come work on interesting technical challenges with a great team at a quickly growing company!


MIRANTIS | Remote (Europe) | Full-Time | Opensource project : https://k0sproject.io/

Mirantis helps organizations ship code faster on public and private clouds. The company provides a public cloud experience on any infrastructure from the data center to the edge.

This is a great role for somebody who loves opensource and cloud native tech stack!

Our open role: https://smrtr.io/6xbHn

In this position, you'll contribute to the development of k0s and related projects and technologies. This offers you a good position to help build solutions and tools to widen the adoption of Kubernetes and push cloud-native technologies to new levels and frontiers.

Work that Cloud!

OLA | Senior Mobile Developers | Full-time | Remote

Less than 1% of Latin Americans have an investment account. You can help change that. Join the founding team at OLA and help us build the Fintech of the future; a place where consumers can come invest, learn and connect. Join a team of ex Visa, ex Coinbase and Open Source experts to help build, shape and grow the next unicorn in LATAM.

We are looking for: - Senior Mobile Developer iOS - Senior Mobile Developer Android

Full description here: https://siguelaola.notion.site/OLA-is-Hiring-8847c6a741d24f7...

Reach out to me isa@siguelaola.com or jobs@siguelaola.com Looking forward to meeting!

Moda Operandi | Senior Backend Engineer, Lead Devops Engineer | REMOTE | Full time

Moda Operandi is a ten year old fashion retailer based in NYC. We're hiring a an experienced backend engineer, and a devops tech lead/team manager to work on the modernization of our tech stack.

We're building a platform using Scala, Node, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS, code generation, and a lot more. Come join us!

Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/modaoperandi/jobs/5498793002

Lead Devops: https://boards.greenhouse.io/modaoperandi/jobs/5441933002

KPV LAB Edinburgh | Front-end Engineers | Full-time | Edinburgh, UK | Onsite / UK remote

KPV LAB is creating new visually stunning and meaningful ways to explore and present information.

Our 3D data visualisation project is looking for two more engineers to join the current dev team of six. Everything is built using web technologies: TypeScript, React, WebGL (prior WebGL or shader experience is a bonus, but not necessary), Node.js, Postgres. Those coming from a games dev background would also be of interest.

More details (with pictures of our fantastic office in the centre of Edinburgh) see https://www.kpv-lab.co.uk/jobs/

For questions (and even a demo!) start a conversation with our CTO Tom Beddard: tb @ kpv-lab.co.uk

Sendwave | Various Roles | Remote | Full Time

YC2012 (https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/sendwave)

Join our global team bringing modern, affordable banking services to those who need them the most. We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and a compassionate work environment dedicated to using technology to help people connect and support each other, today in Africa, Asia and eventually, worldwide.

Preference is given to candidates in timezones from UTC-5 to UTC-3.

Senior Android Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4757312002

Senior Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4383168002

Engineering Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4729318002

Senior iOS Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4337436002

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/4673569002

Data Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sendwaveapp/jobs/5372945002

Plus many others: https://www.sendwave.com/careers

Primer|All the developers! (Python, iOS, React)| REMOTE (EU timezone)

We're an 18 month old start-up, set up by an ex PayPal team to make payments simple, connecting merchants to the entire payment stack via one unified API.

In those 18 months we've already grown to 70+ people, based remotely across 20 different countries, partnered with Klarna, GoCardless, TrueLayer and more, and secured over 25m USD in funding including an Accel-led Series A.

We're growing our engineering teams - if you want to join a fun, friendly and collaborative team, who do their best work flexibly from wherever they like (within Europe!), then feel free to get in touch.


Or feel free to email lauren@primer.io with your CV :)

Hollywood.com | Senior Level Full Stack Developer | Contract to Hire | In-Office - Boca Raton, FL

Hollywood.com pioneers new ways to bring Hollywood’s stories to the world through technology.

We’re about to launch the Hollywood.com Movie Tickets App, bringing movie lovers the fastest and easiest way to buy movie tickets, but that’s just the beginning.

This is where YOU come in. We’re looking for a senior-level Full Stack Developer (5+ years of experience) ready to lead and grow our website team as we approach the first of many major entertainment tech launches.


- React/Svelte


- Node.js

- Webpack/Rollup

- Docker

Sound like you? See the full posting for more information: https://www.linkedin.com/hiring/jobs/2696981783/detail/

Disciple Media (https://www.disciplemedia.com) | Kraków, Poland, Remote EU | Full-Time

Disciple is a platform for building and managing online, branded networks and communities. We currently have over 500 native apps live in the Apple & Google Play app stores, as well as a web client. Our apps are white label (they all run the same code) and configured to the requirements of our customers.

- Android Developer: https://www.disciplemedia.com/careers/android-developer/

Kraków, Poland is preferred, but remote in Europe is OK as long as you can get to Kraków easily a couple of times a year.

Pex | Multiple positions | REMOTE (North America and Europe), FULL-TIME | https://pex.com/careers/

Pex is on a mission to democratize digital rights for everyone. We are the team behind the Attribution Engine, a licensing infrastructure for the Internet enabling fair compensation and increased access to content. With its advanced identification technology, Attribution Engine ensures compliance and safety for platforms, gives rightsholders total control of their content, increases access and confidence for creators, helps law enforcement prevent toxic content, and provides brand safety for advertisers.

After raising a $57M round [0], we are hiring for numerous positions [1] to help us bring our services to the masses:

  - Lead Data Architect
  - Lead Data Analyst
  - Engineering Manager
  - Senior Data Engineer
  - Senior Machine Learning Engineers & Researchers
  - QA Automation Engineers
  - Product Managers
For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salaries within North America and within Europe
  - equity, with a 10-year exercise window
  - 30 days of paid time off + 9 local holidays + the day off on your birthday
  - 99% covered health benefits for US-based employees, 70% for dependents
  - up to 16 weeks paid parental leave
  - a fully remote work environment AND work-life balance
To learn more, please reach out to us at hire@pex.com and read about our hiring process and culture in these two blog posts:

  - Interviewing at Pex? Here's what you can expect during our hiring process [2]
  - Pex culture: Focusing on what really matters [3]

  [0] https://pex.com/blog/pex-announces-57m-in-new-funding/
  [1] https://jobs.lever.co/pex
  [2] https://pex.com/blog/interviewing-at-pex-heres-what-you-can-expect-hiring-process/
  [3] https://pex.com/blog/pex-culture-focusing-on-what-really-matters/

Lucid Motors | Multiple positions | Newark,CA | Full-time

ADAS Data team is hiring for 3 roles and Lucid is growing rapidly and has tons of opportunities.

ADAS Data Engineering team roles:

SDET: https://jobs.lever.co/lucidmotors/e669554f-0c65-43ea-9181-c2...

ML Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/lucidmotors/463717ef-2a54-43ce-949c-4c...

Software Generalist: https://jobs.lever.co/lucidmotors/a140dfe3-5c43-4bb8-85ef-55...

Aven | Burlingame, CA| FULLY REMOTE | https://aven.com | https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/Aven

Aven is building a new type of credit card backed by assets (secured by the equity in your home or car), enabling us to offer lower APRs to consumers.

Positions: Backend Engineer, Front End Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Data Scientist

The team is a combination of finance (Goldman, SoFi, LendingClub) and technology (Microsoft, Facebook etc.) executives, with top tier investors -- Founders Fund, Sequoia, Khosla Ventures etc. We have raised upwards of $60 million so far.

Apply at the link above or email usman@aven.com.

Aven | Burlingame, CA| FULLY REMOTE | https://aven.com | https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/Aven

Aven is building a new type of credit card backed by assets (secured by the equity in your home or car), enabling us to offer lower APRs to consumers.

Positions: Backend Engineer, Front End Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Data Scientist

The team is a combination of finance (Goldman, SoFi, LendingClub) and technology (Microsoft, Facebook etc.) executives, with top tier investors -- Founders Fund, Sequoia, Khosla Ventures etc. We have raised upwards of $60 million so far.

Apply at the link above or email usman@aven.com.

Bainbridge Health | Philadelphia, PA, USA | REMOTE

Receiving medication at a hospital is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Ensuring safe and secure medication supplies is also one of the most complex and expensive things hospitals do. There is a mountain of data, but very little of it is used effectively.

We work with leading hospital pharmacies across the United States to translate data into actionable clinical and supply chain insights. Leveraging their own administration and pharmacy preparation datasets, we guide hospitals to safer, more efficient medication use. We also provide the most comprehensive benchmarking on medication use and decision support available to assist with governance, research, and supply chain development across industry through partnerships with leading organizations.

Join a team that is focused on real world improvements that can be measured month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, in terms of better care, better outcomes, and lower prices for real people.

We are actively looking for a Software Engineer and a Solutions Engineer. The first role is primarily focused on building our internal platforms and tools, while the second is focused on supporting the full Customer Experience from pre-sales to on-going use.

We are a Python, Go, SQL (MS-SQL, Oracle on the customer side, BigQuery in-house), and Javascript (VueJS) shop. We build on Google Kubernetes Engine and similar tools.

If you have prior experience with healthcare, and especially hospital, technologies, and are looking to work with a modern tech stack and a more focused team, that's a plus.

Our corporate HQ is based in Philadelphia, PA, but our team is remote with folks in FL, MN, NJ, and OR as well as PA.

Learn More About Us: https://bainbridgehealth.com/

Apply via Angel List: https://angel.co/company/bainbridge-health-1

Hello fellow DevOppers (DevOps?)!

Feeling overwhelmed after the apocalypse? Is that #fullyremote #vanlife lookin' kinda good lately?

We’re a (very) small band of highly experienced devops people who help our clients with the most difficult of Kubernetes / cloud-native problems. This is actually devops, meaning we often develop production-grade code to solve unusual requirements.

We’ve always been 100% remote (US TZs only), have great benefits, spend 1 day a week on internal projects, and if I may say so myself have an outstanding culture.

If you’re interested, please do read on! https://superorbital.io/careers/

Iterative.ai (Series A, US based) | REMOTE, WORLDWIDE | FULL-TIME | OPEN-SOURCE

We are building dev tools for ML engineers and Data Scientists (MLOps).

Use cases like - Git for ML, CI/CD for ML, Terraform to manage ML infrastructure, experiments bookkeeping, datasets managements, etc.

We build DVC.org (8K+ stars on GH), CML.dev (2K+ stars on GH), SaaS product (think like GH for ML). Think about us as a Hashicorp (Terraform, Vault, etc) for ML and MLOps. We are looking for back-end (Python, Go) and front-end senior engineers.

Please, find job descriptions here - https://www.notion.so/iterative/Iterative-ai-is-hiring-852cb...

To apply send a direct email to ivan@dvc.org.

Einblick | Frontend Engineer | REMOTE (USA) or Boston | Full-time

We're an early stage spin-off from MIT / Brown University and are building a platform that brings teams together to make better data driven decisions and changes the way people work and interact with data. https://youtu.be/ilePGjl68fw

Frontend stack: React, TypeScript, MobX, MobX-State-Tree. Middleware stack: Node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB. Backend stack: C++, Python

Feel free to reach out to Phil (pe at einblick.ai) or me (ez at einblick.ai), both founders and UI enthusiasts. Otherwise apply here: https://einblick.ai/careers/

Threekit | DevOps Engineer | Test Software Eng | Remote (US and Canada) | https://threekit.com

We are a 3D, AR and Virtual Photography enterprise B2B SaaS platform. We have tons of top tier clients, including Crate & Barrel, Steelcase, Herman-Miller, Milwaukee Tools, HP, Taylor Made, etc. We have raised $30M, ~100 employees, ~3x growth in revenue the past year. We have been major contributors to three.js, glTF standard. Our background is in Hollywood VFX.

Tech stack: GCP, Kubernetes, Node.js, TypeScript, React, Gitlab CI/CD, etc. Pretty straight forward microservices setup.

Please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/threekit

Seam (YC S20) | Backend & FullStack | SF, Near-Remote | https://getseam.com/

Seam builds an API for all the IoT devices around us. A mix of Plaid/Stripe, Seam lets software developers connect and control WiFi locks, thermostats, elevators, EV chargers, and more.

Our team were early engineers at Nest, Github, Sonder, Square...etc. We shipped millions of IoT devices and built dev tools used by every developer on earth. We are advised by the amazing Bunnie Huang and backed by YC and some of the best hard-tech investors.

You can learn more and apply here: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/seam

Contorion | Senior Data Scientist | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE (currently remote) | Full time

Contorion is a fast-growing online shop for professional industrial and trade supply. We invest in innovative machine learning solutions to support various areas of our business and to build a competitive advantage.

We're growing our data science team and are searching for new colleagues to work on projects such as ad-bidding, pricing, on-site search, and our own recommendation solution.

If that sounds interesting to you here's the full job description: https://www.contorion.de/jobs/detail/243595?lang=en

In case you have any questions drop us an email to jobs@contorion.de.

Medly Software Systems LLP | Multiple Roles | Pune, India | Full-Time

Medly is a digital pharmacy that was founded by second-generation pharmacy owners with decades of experience in the industry. By combining the personal relationship you’d expect from a corner drugstore with the efficiency of a national pharmacy, we aim to make healthcare more efficient and enjoyable.

We are hiring for following roles:

- Associate Backend Developer (Kotlin, Micronaut, AWS Lambda)

- Associate DevOps Engineer (Terraform, AWS)

- Associate QA

- Senior Backend Developer (Kotlin, Micronaut, AWS Lambda)

- Senior DevOps Engineer (Terraform, AWS)

- Senior Frontend Developer (React, Redux)

- Software Development Manager / Engineering Manager

You can send me resumes at shirish.padalkar[at]medly.com or apply directly at https://apply.medly.careers/

Rakuten (Rakuten Rewards) | San Mateo, CA or San Francisco, CA | Some Remote | H-1B Transfer | Full Time | iOS Engineer, Android Engineer, React Engineer

Rakuten.com is the leading Cash Back service that has helped 12 million members in the U.S. earn over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores. We're more than online shopping and have expanded into verticals such as In-Store Cash Back, travel, gift cards, and more.

The engineering team is growing to solve technical challenges across all parts of our stack. My team which is responsible for browsing and navigation is hiring iOS, Android and React engineers.

Rakuten offers competitive comp, benefits including generous PTO policy, and great work-life balance.

If you're interested please reach to me directly at yuriy.dyrenko at rakuten.com.

Fotoquirk Ltd | https://www.fotoquirk.com | Mobile developer with C++ skills | Remote

Fotoquirk Ltd, based in Durham UK, creates innovative visualisation and augmented reality software for mobile devices and the web. We are a small, dynamic and international team aiming to strike the right balance between graphically advanced products and practical solutions which solve actual business problems. We provide visualisation tools for various leading window decorating businesses in the UK and the USA, and ar currently expanding globally.

We are looking for an enthusiastic software developer to work on our mobile development team, initially on project basis but possibly extending to a permanent contract. Our visualisation apps are custom-built layers in Kotlin/Swift/Javascript on top of our proprietary multiplatform C++ visualisation core. They tie into ARCore or ARKit for augmented reality applications, connect to an extensive set of C++ and Python server backends for additional functionality, and are controlled with React portal apps.

This is a remote working job, but you should be prepared to interact on a regular basis with the rest of our team, and be responsive. We offer very competitive rates, depending on qualifications.

Suitable candidates do not necessarily need any formal qualification, and self-taught candidates are explicitly invited to apply, but you should at least have one of:

* experience with Android development and the Android NDK,

* experience with iOS development and SwiftUI,

You should also:

* be able to demonstrate experience with modern C++,

* have an interest in and possibly experience with 3D graphics.

Ability to demonstrate some of the above with e.g. contributions to an open source project is a major plus. We are in particular looking for people with a strong desire and capability to learn new technologies 'on the job'.

Send your application to jobs@fotoquirk.com.

Timescale | Full-time | Global Remote | Database, cloud, observability engineers | https://www.timescale.com/careers

TimescaleDB is the leading open-source relational database for time-series data. Fully managed or self‑hosted.

Promscale is the long‑term store for Prometheus data, designed for analytics. Open-source, horizontally scalable, and operationally mature.

We are hiring engineers to fulfil roles in areas of database, cloud, and observability. Multiple roles available. Also looking to hire into non-tech roles.

Timescale operates as a global, fully remote team.

Find out more at our careers page: https://www.timescale.com/careers

Hubdoc @ Xero | Full-time | HYBRID \ REMOTE (depending on role) | Toronto | https://www.hubdoc.com --- With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.


Intermediate Software Developer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/b8d276cb-4d20-4486-869c-72b654d46...

You will become an integral member of our Dataflow team who are responsible for our document processing microservices pipeline which integrates our upstreams, downstreams and machine learning to process millions of our financial documents per month, along with the internal tools/applications supporting it. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker.


Senior Software Engineer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/0f2a60a6-abf7-47c2-9799-f20817132...

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Contract) (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/6a1d7df2-30ff-48d3-81ad-4b155cbce...

Our Workflow team is responsible for all customer facing aspects of the Hubdoc application. As a Senior Engineer, your remit will be focused on our web, and mobile front-ends and their supporting API's as well as our document intake pipeline which processes millions of financial documents per month. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker


Many other openings! https://jobs.lever.co/xero/?lever-via=XwiHpkoGYx

Cognite | Oslo, Norway and Austin, US | Full time | On-site (we help relocate) or remote | https://www.cognite.com/en/careers

Cognite provides contextualised data as a service, such as digital twins, focusing on asset heavy industries to start with.

We're hiring for several positions. Most are on-site, but we're looking for a senior/principal DBRE with Elasticsearch, Kafka, or FoundationDB experience. The DBRE positions are offered remote in EU + US time zones, the rest are mostly in on-site Oslo, Norway. We help with relocation.


Zonar Systems | Seattle & REMOTE USA | Full Time | https://www.zonarsystems.com

We build systems to help people and freight travel safely. Our software and hardware is deployed on school busses, trucks, and commercial vehicles in the USA, Canada, and beyond.

Some open opportunities: Software Development Manager, Security Engineer, Firmware Engineer, iOS Developer, Product Manager, Python Developer, UX Designer, Site Reliability Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Front-End Web Developer

Most of our roles are based in Seattle and we have the option to work remotely within the USA.

https://zonar.link/jobs -- all open opportunities

D2iQ | https://d2iq.com/ | Remote - USA, UK, or Germany | Full-Time

D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere) is the leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that enable organizations to embrace open source and cloud native innovations while delivering smarter Day 2 operations. With unmatched experience driving some of the world's largest cloud deployments, D2iQ empowers organizations to better navigate and accelerate cloud native journeys with enterprise-grade technologies, training, professional services and support. Whether you are deploying your first Kubernetes workload, optimizing your business analytics with Spark or Jupyter, or looking to educate your developers on the benefits of cloud native, D2iQ has the expertise, services and technology to enable you on the journey. D2iQ is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in London and Hamburg, Germany. D2iQ investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Khosla Ventures, Microsoft, and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

Open roles, all full-time remote in the US, UK, or Germany:

* Software Engineer, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/74565f5e1us

* Senior Software Engineer, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/7c5f7b231us

* Staff Software Engineer, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/156ecc621us

* Senior DevOps Engineer, Kaptain: https://grnh.se/303d82721us

* Senior or Staff Software Engineer, Kubeflow: https://grnh.se/9c7d2de11us

* Senior Customer Operations Engineer, Germany or UK: https://grnh.se/bd3feb651us

Philanthropi | Multiple Positions | Fully Remote | US Only (Pref East Coast) | Full Time

We provide a platform for everyone to manage their charitable giving. The company is funded through 2022 and going for more funding at the end of the year. You'll get competitive pay and benefits. Check us out at https://philanthropi.com/.

We're hiring for the following positions:

* Senior Backend C#/Java Developer

* Senior/lead UI/UX

* Senior DevOps/Network/Infra

We're a small but growing team of around 30+ people and you would have the opportunity to make a large impact.

I'm a senior backend developer who recently joined. If you have any questions or are interested in joining us - shoot me an email at matt.smith at philanthropi.com.

Mux (YC W16) | SF, London, REMOTE (US, CAN, and UK) | Full-Time | Elixir, Golang, TypeScript/React | https://mux.com/jobs

Mux is how developers build online video.

With Mux Video, developers gain access to a powerful API for video streaming--think Stripe for Video. You don't have to have strong feelings about ffmpeg settings, you just go. And with Mux Data, developers realize incredible insights into how their videos perform from platform to platform, place to place, and user to user.

I'm Ed, and I'm an engineer on the DevEx team here. This is, and I have to stress that I'm not kidding because everybody says this sort of thing, for real my favorite job that I've ever had. The team here is sharp, there is a real and concerted focus on not just competence but on the human side of things; one of the company's core values is "be human" and I thought it was marketing stuff 'til I joined and learned to my surprise that it is emphatically not. Also? Legit, the best onboarding experience I've ever had. During a pandemic, no less.

The tech stack actually manages to balance cool with useful, too. It's a multi-cloud environment running Kubernetes on AWS and GCP, with Elixir, Golang, and some NodeJS (some JS, mostly TypeScript), plus React and TypeScript for all the usual bells and whistles.

Mux is a good place to be and if video is your bag, or even just sounds interesting, you should check us out. At the moment our hiring is limited to the US, Canada, and the UK, but the company is fully remote--I'm in Boston and I don't feel disconnected compared to the SF folks. Feel free to head on over to https://mux.com/jobs and check out our openings; we run a pretty standard interview-loop process and I don't feel like we waste candidates' time. Even if you don't see an immediate spot that clicks with you, feel free to reach out anyway; we have a certain facility for finding room for amazing people.

Spora Health | Full Stack Engineer | Remote | Full Time | https://www.sporahealth.com/

Spora Health is a primary care provider and network for people of color. Our vision is to create a fresh perspective on healthcare - we call this new vision Culture Centered Care.

We are looking for senior Python/Django devs who are US based to help make this vision come to life.

Apply here- https://apply.workable.com/spora-health/j/1780D9B79B/

Ninja Ops | IT person with Windows experience | Berkeley | Onsite | contract (20-40hrs)

Seeking stellar IT person. Windows experience, MDM, AD / Group Policies, security hardening Some networking skills might be nice but can be taught Mac skills can be taught but are a plus

Customer service mentality is a must I'm seeing a candidate who is calm and thorough, has the windows fundamentals and has good security sensibilities.

IT work will fill about 20 hours a week Opportunities abound for cross training in DevOps, programming and formal infosec work.

Normally I'd be fine with remote, but the client wants people available for onsite work. (which is to say that if we get RMM working and things settle and we're jamming on projects, there are ample WFH opportunities)

hiring at ninja-ops dot com

Wander | Full-time | Remote | https://wander.com | Multiple positions

Wander.com is a network of smart homes that empowers remote professionals with the freedom to work from and live wherever they want. Whether it’s a week on the coast in Monterey relaxing with family or a month in the desert in Joshua Tree finishing your next book, a Wander Home is the perfect spot for your next workcation, vacation or anything in between.

We are hiring for:

-- Designer (App UI/UX)

-- Typescript Engineers (App + API)

-- Marketing Engineer (Site + Marketing integrations)

Tech stack: TS/React/React Native/NextJS, GraphQL, Hasura, Google Cloud

Contact: If interested, please email me at nathan@ the domain above!

Prisma | www.prisma.io | Senior Infrastructure Engineer | Full-Time | Remote UTC -5 to UTC +3

At Prisma we are building the data layer for modern applications. If you are fascinated by the software that power large technology companies such as Twitter, Airbnb and Facebook but want the challenges, freedom and ownership of a young startup, then Prisma might be the right place for you.

You will be one of the first engineers working on the Prisma Data Platform, a cloud based platform - building reverse proxies, highly performant HTTP services and more.

Read more, and apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/prisma/jobs/5521031002

HitchPin | Remote | Full-Time | Full Stack Developers (Front End Focus)| hitchpin.com

HitchPin is a digital marketplace startup using technology to address one of the greatest challenges humans face in the next few decades - how we will feed 9 billion people.

Why join the HitchPin team?

We're a team of diverse individuals united by a mission of providing tools to one of the hardest working and underserved demographics - the farmers and ranchers who create the food the world eats. If interested in our mission, please email bryce(@)hitchpin.com. No recruiters, please.


- Tech stack includes: React, Swift, Django/DRF/Celery, Docker, Terraform, AWS ECS/S3/RDS, Postgres

- Important mission, competitive pay, work/life flexibility, fully remote/distributed team, and a team first culture

Brightline | Fullstack, Senior Fullstack Engineers, Data Science | Rails | Remote USA | Full Time

We're on a mission to bring extraordinary care to kids, teens, and their families. Together, we can transform what behavioral health care looks like in this country and (literally) change lives.

We've brought together a leading team across healthcare, tech, and business who are driven to tackle this massive national problem every day. Together, we're building exceptional technology and real-world care to bring families a warm, supportive, and goal-oriented experience of care that will help them thrive long-term. Join us!

Sr. Fullstack Engineer: https://grnh.se/3c0ac57b3us

Monad, Inc. | Multiple Positions | Full-time | Remote | https://monad.security

Monad makes security easier by simplifying security data, enabling teams to move quickly from data to insight to action. We've just announced a $17M Series A, and are hiring data and backend engineers, SRE/DevOps, software engineer in test, and more.

For more about us here's a video with our CEO and CTO: https://vimeo.com/586052004/0d2854eb48

See our open positions and apply here: https://monad.security/careers

MoneyLion | Senior Engineers | NYC or Remote | Full Time

MoneyLion is a FinTech company serving unbanked and underbanked Americans with a variety of financial products and services. We're about to go public via SPAC and are hiring multiple Engineering roles

Senior Java Engineer - Spring / Kafka / Axon / AWS - Banking and Investment teams

Senior Mobile Engineer - React Native - Banking and Investment teams

Senior Site Reliability Engineer - AWS / Terraform / K8S / Bash / Golang / etc.

See https://moneylion.breezy.hr/?&location=New%20York%20City%2C%...

or reach out to me: nbartomeli at moneylion dot com

Stride | Senior Software Engineer, Web Frontend + many other positions | REMOTE (US-only) or San Francisco, CA

At Stride we're working on a benefits suite for what we believe is an underserved community – freelance and gig economy workers. We want to create economic security for anyone who works for themselves. We offer an easy way for 1099 workers to apply for health/dental/vision coverage. We're also expanding to other spaces like tax and financial management, so as to make it financially accessible for anybody who juggles multiple gigs, or is just pursuing a dream on their own.

As a business, we sit on a unique position and have partnerships with a ton of giant companies (think Doordash, Postmates, Instacart, and many more) who want to better serve their workforce. It's rare that a startup has a good mission and a good business, but here we are. We're currently in hyper-growth mode, and have expanded our Engineering team from 12 to 30 people in the last several months. This year we're planning for our revenue to multiply significantly. We are backed with plenty of capital ($38.9M) by world-class VCs like NEA, Venrock, F-Prime, and others.

On the engineering side we use React, Node, Typescript, Serverless, Terraform, GraphQL, Postgres, AWS Fargate/SQS/Lambda, Python, Scala/Akka and some cool machine learning models you're going to love hearing about. Your work will be mostly greenfield, and you'll get to have a leading voice on the future of our platform's architecture and infrastructure.

Originally headquartered in San Francisco, we now are a remote-first company and nurture remote workers from all over the United States. We offer fantastic benefits (after all, it's our product!) and you'll be surrounded by the most driven, smartest people I know. We have a supportive, productive culture that's respectful of your own personal time and well-being.

https://www.stridehealth.com/careers but hit me up at pedro.tabio at stridehealth.com and let's talk :)

Rivian | MLOps & DevOps engineer | Palo Alto (ONSITE or REMOTE)


We’re looking for MLOps and DevOps engineers to join us in building the software-defined, data-driven factory of the future. We love using modern tools tools like terraform, kubernetes, kubeflow, and dbt (to name a few) to automate our our workflows and allow data scientists to train, deploy and monitor models that make production decisions on the factory floor every single day. If this sounds interesting to you, head on over to https://grnh.se/25b640213us so we can get in touch.

Fuel Labs | Senior Software Engineers | Full Time | REMOTE only

Fuel Labs is the blockchain industry leader in scaling R&D. We're building blockchain scaling and smart contract development tools. This includes a new blockchain-optimized high-performance virtual machine and a new Rust-based DSL for developing safer and more efficient smart contracts.

If you're interested in working with VMs, interpreters, compilers, and/or love good error messages from your compiler, look no further.

We're hiring junior and senior software engineers in Rust, TypeScript, and Solidity. No blockchain experience required; complete disdain for blockchains okay.


Galileo Healthcare | Multiple Positions | Fulltime | New York, NY; Remote OK |

Galileo is a well funded Healthcare/Tech startup founded and led by Tom Lee, founder of One Medical. We are on a mission to radically transform healthcare and make quality primary care affordable and accessible to everyone, especially those in under-served populations. We are working to disrupt the broken system of healthcare not only through our approach and service, but also through transformational technology that does not exist in the industry.

We're hiring across the stack for:

- iOS (Swift)

- Android (Kotlin)

- Back-end (Python/Flask)

- Front-end (React)

- Site Reliability Engineering (AWS)

- Application Security

- Engineering Managers

- Design

- Plus many openings outside of engineering

Apply here: https://careers.galileo.io/#Jobs

Tably | Rust engineer | London (VISA) or REMOTE | tably.com

Talented Rust programmer, keen to work on products that make the world ~0.001% more productive? We're fundamentally solving one of the biggest problems around: interacting with data. And we need your help. Join us and work on:

- Differential dataflow


- Collaborative editing

- Wasm

- Distributed data warehousing

- Streaming SQL

- Accessible UI

We need to know the high notes you can hit. Show us as best you can, and we'll give you a decision typically same-day.

Four things we've found are helpful to communicate this:

- Describe (or share!) ~100 lines of code you're particularly proud of

- Describe a larger project you're particularly proud of

- Share an interesting heterodox opinion you hold

- Tell us what you personally would hope to get out of a role

London or remote, with option of UK visa sponsorship.

Start date late October; open to starting immediately with different salary/equity ratio.

Abiomed | Cloud Software and Security Roles | Full-Time | North of Boston, MA | Hybrid

Abiomed builds medical devices used to recover hearts and save lives. We've been growing our cloud software engineering and product security teams exponentially over the past year as we work to build future of patient care with cloud-based solutions.

Our two immediate openings: * Sr. Cloud Software Engineer - this is our * Sr. Cloud Security Engineer - this is our first cloud security hire

Apply: https://careers.abiomed.com/

Tech: Azure Cloud, C#/.NET Core, Machine Learning, Kubernetes, Angular, Javascript, Python, Databricks

Happy to chat more about these roles and others in the pipeline: etacvorian@abiomed.com

Around | SRE, SDET, WebRTC Media Client Engineers, Growth Marketing Mgr | Full-time | 100% REMOTE US + EU + LATAM timezones | https://www.around.co/


Around is an early stage, Series A startup backed by Ryan Hoover, Naval Ravikant, Wing, Credo, Initialized Capital, Slack Fund, Floodgate, and Forerunner Ventures.

Less meeting, more making. Video calls designed for energy, ideas, and action.

A new era of work... Video calls need to reflect a new era of working. That’s why we took video and made it less. Less traditional, less formal, less bulky, even less realistic. Less about blowing up people’s faces on a 70-inch HDTV, more about focusing and doing. Around is there for a quick session to supercharge all future-of-work applications. It’s just enough to be present but makes space for what’s important: the task at hand.

Our sophisticated, AI-assisted audio technology developed over a period of 2 years completely transforms the possibilities and dynamics of a video call. Dedicated conference room equipment is no longer needed, and Around’s focused UX makes video calls fast and productive.

To apply, submit your resume: https://boards.greenhouse.io/around

*Current Open Roles*

*Site Reliability Engineer (large scale distributed systems in AWS cloud environments, extensive Kubernetes experience, containerization experience using k8s)

*SDET (strong test automation experience, web + mobile testing, strong JavaScript programming, leader who's hands-on)

*Growth Marketing Manager (US-based, growth hacker mentality, organic + paid, hands-on leader, freemium model startup experience)

*Media Client Engineer - Client Side (WebRTC, C++, Chromium, Electron)

*Sr. Frontend Engineer (React, Redux, TypeScript)

*Sr. Fullstack Engineer (React, Redux, TypeScript, Node)

Webaverse | Senior Software Engineer | Remote

Webaverse is turning the internet into an immersive game. Our main product is a decentralized framework for 3d web applets which double as NFTs, with deep integrations into the Ethereum ecosystem, Discord, and our friend's projects. We also run our own blockchain for experiments. We fund ourselves by selling NFTs around our own first-party production (a dark anime universe) which uses the NFT ecosystem as ingredients. The tech is JS-heavy: THREE.js on the frontend and mostly node in the back.

We are VC funded.

If you're interested in working with the best engineers on a cutting edge metaverse project, I'd love to hop into Hubs and show you around! We are all remote/VR. adrian@webaverse.com

SBLive Sports | Sr. Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time - https://scorebooklive.com

SBLive is building out a sports data platform that will power the largest high school sports network in the world. Our vision combined with our first generation of products has already positioned SBLive as the most innovative company in the market and we have thousands of teams using our products already.

We are looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer with dev ops experience. Our full tech stack consists of Ruby on Rails, MySQL, GraphQL, React, SASS and TypeScript.

If this sounds exciting, shoot us a note with your resume (or a link to your linkedin, github, etc) to jobs@scorebooklive.com

Sell.app | Contract - Full-Time - Co-founder | REMOTE

Hey everyone, founder of sell.app here. SellApp is a simple way to sell digital products online. A digital goods seller can spin up a storefront in less than a minute and start selling instantly, while we automatically take care of all the difficult parts — delivery, checkout, security, and so on.

We're a distributed team of three (all technical) who are looking for a motivated back-end developer to help continue building out SellApp. You'll be working with the TALL stack (Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel, Livewire), with a TDD approach.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send an email to hello'at'sell.app and we'll take it from there.

PS: No agencies or dev shops, pretty please!

Constructor | Machine Learning Engineer & Data Scientist | Remote | Full Time | https://constructor.io/

Constructor.io powers product search and discovery for the largest retailers in the world, like Sephora and Backcountry, serving billions of requests every year. The KPI optimization team plays a central role in implementing algorithms that optimize for business KPIs like revenue & conversions. We focus on metrics over features, arming our ranking algorithms with powerful capabilities that bring value to customers in the way they care the most about.

We are looking to fill 2 roles:

* ML Engineer -- https://apply.workable.com/constructor-1/j/A85142CF46/

    Push the limit of what’s possible in real-time personalization to users throughout their searching and browsing experience, making the impact of personalization transparent to business users. You will build and deploy robust ML systems, optimize and test for lifts in business metrics like revenue, and collaborate with technical and non-technical business partners on developing analytical dashboards that explain the significance of the personalization to stakeholders.
* Data Scientist -- https://apply.workable.com/constructor-1/j/628514F231/

    Lead the design, analysis, and interpretation of experiments with sequential A/B testing that shape decision-making around search, browse & recommendation experiences in a data-driven manner, taking initiative and performing data exploration to understand user behavior, suggesting opportunities for improving our recommender & search systems, and implementing data delivery pipelines.
Please send your CV to workable links above, including a short intro about you in the cover letter section (no need to be too formal); ping me with any questions at sasha@constructor.io.

Toughbyte | Full-time | REMOTE | https://www.toughbyte.com

At Toughbyte, we're building a tech recruitment platform that helps developers find their ideal job. We're bootstrapped, profitable and growing with the biggest startups in Europe such as TransferWise as our clients.

We're now looking for a Russian speaking Ruby developer to join our team of over forty people. No prior work experience required. For more info and to apply go to http://tbyte.co/hn

PS. even if you aren't into Ruby and don't know Russian, we may have some other positions for you, so check out our site above

Moderna Therapeutics | Cambridge, MA, USA | ONSITE | https://modernatx.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/M_tx

Moderna’s Data, AI and Informatics team is hiring! If you’re interested in building systems to accelerate our efforts in bringing more mRNA therapies to the world, we’re excited to see what you could bring to the table!

We have multiple roles open: - Software Engineering (Angular/Node) - Data Science/AI (Python, Areas: Commercial/Medical Affairs, Chemistry, and Biological sequence-function modeling)

If you’d like to learn more, please check out the posted job descriptions and/or contact @giessel and/or @ericmjl on Twitter.

REMOTE US - Full time - Senior Backend Clojure(script) Engineer

E-Learning platform focused on Healthcare outcomes. Stack is Clojurescript, AWS serverless (Lambda, S3, AWS, Dynamo). Mature ETL pipeline. Looking for someone who loves Clojure/FP, produces great work independently with attention to detail, and enjoys building cool stuff. Equity, unlimited PTO (with real w/l balance focus). Excellent small team. Sizeable Series A round coming soon - meaningful career/financial growth opportunity.

Drop me a line at recursiveagenda@gmail.com with a resume/LinkedIn if you want to chat about the role.

Orion Browser by Kagi | https://browser.kagi.com | Remote | Full-time

We are building the next generation macOS browser based on WebKit. We have more than 500 people in private beta and we have great feedback. We are opening a position for a macOS developer.

Requirements are advanced Swift and Javascript knowledge, while C++ experience (for WebKit) and macOS platform knowledge is a bonus. Remote is OK. Learning macOS dev on the job if you are already an experienced iOS dev is fine.

Work experience and education is secondary - but you need to know how to solve difficult problems and code exceptionally well (we will send a test project). Send your CV to vprelovac@kagi.com.

Perfect Recall | Full Stack Engineer (first hire) | Full Time | Onsite Waterloo, Canada | https://www.perfectrecall.app

We let you share key highlights from your Zoom calls, replacing written notes. Our software records and transcribes Zoom calls. Users can then highlight transcript text to create short, consumable clips.

We’re making our first engineer hire. You'll have a major role in developing the core product and creating the culture of our engineering team. You'll be working closely with the founders. You'll have full ownership over major features - frontend and backend, from prototype to production.

Our frontend is written in React, with Typescript. Our backend is Django and Celery deployed with Terraform on AWS. We use Postgres and Redis. Experience with our stack is not necessary.

Engineering problems we’re solving: Recording Zoom calls at scale, producing dynamic media at near-real time performance.

Video calls today are an inferior substitute to in-person interactions; low-resolution, high-latency, and without additional capabilities. We believe that the potentials of video as a communications medium have just barely been explored, just as the first movies were essentially recorded stage-plays. We see a future where video calls are more productive than face-to-face, because of the value the intervening software delivers.

In terms of our company culture, we believe that raw hours make a difference. Working too many hours doesn't guarantee success, but working too few leads to failure. We expect everyone to put in their best effort every day, but we generally don't expect you to work late evenings or on weekends. We are careful to avoid burnout, but we also don't want to sugarcoat the fact that raw hours can make a huge difference in a startup.

If what we’re doing sounds interesting, apply below or email david@perfectrecall.app


Multiply | Lead Engineer | Full-time | On site + remote | Mauritius

This is a rare opportunity for anyone looking for a challenging tech role on a tropical island.

Multiply is a leading dynamic pricing SaaS for retailers. We build a platform and smart pricing algorithms that are connected to dozens of European and global retail channels.

We are looking for a Lead Software Engineer to join our team. We use Python, PostgreSQL and TypeScript. Our challenges: creating very smart autonomous pricing algorithms, processing rich competitive data updates at high speed (currently >2000 per second) and unifying large numbers of external APIs.

While we offer nearly unlimited remote work, being in Mauritius or relocating to Mauritius is a requirement.

To apply: jobs@multiply.cloud

HappyFunCorp | Software Engineers | Remote | Full-time or freelance | https://happyfuncorp.com

We seek excellent developers, especially JS web devs (React/Next/Node) but also Go and Java. We work on a wide variety of projects with a wide variety of technologies, so we prefer generalists with a reasonable amount of experience under their belt -- but there are always exceptions.

We do web and app (and occasionally blockchain) development for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. We're probably best-known for having built Bookshop.org; we also won an App of the Year award from Apple; and we pay well. Email: jobs@happyfuncorp.com

Aldo | Web | FULLY REMOTE / Eastern Europe & LATAM | Full-Time | https://www.aldohire.com/

We are Aldo, a boutique global headhunting company that helps US companies find brilliant talent in Eastern Europe and LATAM.

We help companies hire nearshore/offshore talent directly and unlike Toptal/Upwork we don't take any cut off the developers' pay.

We're currently looking for the talent for following positions with active clients:

- Mid/Senior Full-Stack JS Engineer (LATAM or Eastern Europe): https://effectiveband.notion.site/Mid-Senior-Full-Stack-JS-E...

- Frontend Developer in Monterrey, Mexico with a US-based startup (job description coming soon)

- Senior Backend Engineer (LATAM, remote): https://effectiveband.notion.site/Senior-Backend-Engineer-LA...

- Senior DevOps Engineer (LATAM, remote): https://effectiveband.notion.site/Senior-DevOps-Engineer-LAT...

- Senior Node.js developer with AWS Serverless Expertize (Anywhere – remote): https://effectiveband.notion.site/Senior-Node-js-developer-w...

- Senior .NET Developer with Experience in React (Poland only): https://effectiveband.notion.site/Senior-NET-Developer-with-...

If you find any of the positions of interest to you, shoot us an email at hireme [ат] aldohire.com!

CODA Farm Technologies | Fullstack Engineer | Seattle, WA (REMOTE) | https://www.codafarmtech.com

CODA Farm Technologies is building the world’s first fully autonomous AI-powered irrigation system. Our first product, FarmHQ, gives farmers a way to monitor and control the mobile irrigation systems they already own and trust. Help us fix irrigation, save water, and improve farmers lives.

Technologies: React JS/React Native/Redux/Typescript/Cypress Python/SQL AWS/Terraform/Git

More info / apply: https://www.codafarmtech.com/careers

Printavo | Sr Software Engineer (Rails) | Chicago (remote) | Full-time | https://www.printavo.com

We help thousands of screen printing businesses around the world track their workflow. Printavo is a simple, but powerful solution that empowers small businesses with organizational tools, automation, reporting, and much more Video: https://youtu.be/hKqw40CarLQ

Printavo is a team of 26 now and growing quickly from COVID.

Job descriptions: https://jobs.lever.co/printavo

Contact for questions! bruce@printavo.com

Qloo | Multiple Roles | Full Time | REMOTE (NYC & Amsterdam)

Qloo predicts consumer taste across media, products, fashion, hospitality and travel in a privacy-centric manner. We have an API and maintain some consumer-facing projects. We were funded by investors like AXA and Elton John, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barry Sternlicht, and others.

We're a small team with big output. There's a nice office in SoHo, NYC you can work out of, if you want.

We have a few positions available with flexible terms and titles:

1. Senior React developer – Typescript, redux, material-ui, xstate, Storybook.

2. DevOps / Cloud – Kubernetes, aws, Python, Airflow, Postgres.

We'd love to hear from you: jobs@qloo.com

Please mention your general location and include links to any relevant projects.

Macrometa | Remote (India, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Poland) | Full-time | www.macrometa.com

Macrometa's mission is to make every developer a hero by making globally distributed application development and deployment simple and instant. This for us means taking responsibility for the entire experience of building and running cloud and edge apps. To do this we must provide the most powerful globally distributed stateful edge runtime, deep capillary networks, and a developer experience second to none.

We are looking for a Performance Testing Lead, Site Reliability Engineer, Full Stack / JS Developer and QA Automation Engineers.

Interested? Please send your resume/CV to hiring@macrometa.com

NK Labs | https://www.nklabs.com/careers | Full-time | ONSITE | Cambridge, MA

EE, Firmware, FPGA

We are hiring electrical engineers and embedded software / FPGA engineers. We are mostly ONSITE, but nearby remote may be possible.

NK Labs is a product development engineering firm in Cambridge, MA. As product design consultants, we bring our clients' ideas to life and solve their toughest technical challenges. Our team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers have a diverse range of skills and experiences across many technical fields, including consumer electronics, scientific instrumentation, aircraft subsystems, and robotics.

Traction Rec Technologies | Developer Team Lead | Full time | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Onsite or Remote in Americas TZ

Traction Rec is enabling community centers (your local JCC/YMCA/BGCA) to scale their offerings. We're a leading ISV vendor on Salesforce.

We're growing & looking for a developer to lead a team of 3-4 in building new payment processing & billing features.


Required Skills: leadership experience, development experience, Salesforce experience is not necessary

If you are interested, please email me at jrogers@tractionrec.com

FileCloud (Codelathe Inc.) | Software Development Engineer (C++) | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.linkedin.com/hiring/jobs/2689547774/detail/

5+ years of software development experience.

FileCloud is the fastest-growing Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS) solution in the industry, with over one million users worldwide. Our products are used by many global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies and world-leading public sector organizations. If you have strong background in C++ and developing high performance Desktop or Server applications please consider applying.

Wingback | Senior Rust Backend Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE | Salary: $100k + bonuses | https://wingback.com

We are Wingback, a new startup building the infrastructure needed to make it easier for anyone in the future to build and grow a SaaS product. If you worked for a SaaS startup before, the chances are high that you got asked to build a custom pricing plan with a custom feature set for one specific client at some point. If so, you probably hated the task and no one in your team wanted to work on it either. Wingback makes it possible that developers won’t ever have to do that again.

We are looking for experienced engineers who want to join our freshly formed team. My co-founder and I have already built and exited a startup from zero to a team of dozens of engineers and $1m+ in revenues in the in the past, so you can expect things to run (mostly) orderly from the beginning. We are planning to ship the first basic version of the product in just a few months (ambitious but possible) and will pay extra for everyone who helps us make that happen. After that you can stay on for the future if we fit well together, but there are no hard feelings if you see it as a one-off project either.

Since I posted last time, we have already hired a great core team on 5 continents!

We are still looking for:

* Senior Rust Backend Engineer

Our previous company was one of the earliest supporters of rust[0] and we are committed to continue to support the amazing rust community through sponsorships and open source contributions.

We do not care about your academic degrees or where you are from, but about the stuff you did and what you could create in the future given the right opportunities. If you are interested in working with us, write me an email at work_with_yann_hn₍ₐₜ₎wingback.com and tell us about the projects you worked on that you are the most proud of and which technological feats of the past inspire you.

[0] https://2016.rustfest.eu/blog/1aim

AudioFocus | Oakland, CA | Hardware Design Co-Founder | Full-time

AudioFocus (YC S19) makes hearing aids that work in noisy places like bars. We use a combination of an in-house built auralization framework and deep learning models to accomplish this. Our prototype runs on the iPhone and we're looking for someone to built a hardware prototype and take it all the way to mass manufactured scale.

You have experience in:

- Low Power Architecture Design

- Wireless Audio Transmission (NFMi, 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz)

- Validation & Mass Manufacturing

and are a lifelong learner, have interest in ML processors, and have worked at Apple AirPods, a hearing aid company, Bose, Doppler Labs, or something similar.

Founded by me (UC Berkeley, BS-EECS, 2011; UC Berkeley, PhD-ML, 2019). Contact: shariq@audiofocus.io

Mode | HQ - San Francisco, CA or Remote (US) | REMOTE | https://mode.com | VISA

Mode is building a world-class platform for data scientists, analysts, and everyone else who needs to ask and answer questions with data. Our product is an integral part of data science workflows at Lyft, Twitch, Shopify, and thousands of other data-savvy organizations.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, check out our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/mode

To see all of our positions: https://mode.com/careers/

Some of the key roles we're hiring for include:

* Director of Engineering: https://grnh.se/3c50cb101us

* Director of Product Design: https://grnh.se/908c7e941us

* Senior DevOps Engineer - https://grnh.se/01c149d31us

* Senior Backend Engineer - App Foundations: https://grnh.se/91460b071us

* Senior Engineer - Visualization Systems: https://grnh.se/1722df711us

* Senior Back-End Java Engineer: https://grnh.se/5db164a41us

* Senior Product Manager: https://grnh.se/e967fbb21us

Tech Stack: Go 1.3, Rails 5.1, Ruby 2.6, Java 8, PostgreSQL 9.4, JavaScript, TypeScript 3.5, Angular 11, AWS, Terraform, Cloudformation, Docker

Blinkist | Remote possible if your main location is Germany, UK, Spain, or Finland | Relocation & visa support for Germany | Full-time | Engineering, Marketing, People

Hi all! Through audio and text explainers called Blinks, original podcasts, and author-driven content, Blinkist is on a mission to help people turn ordinary moments into extraordinary learning opportunities anytime, anywhere.

We are currently hiring for: - Senior Backend Engineer (Ruby) - Senior Mobile QA Engineer - (Senior) Talent Acquisition Specialists And more! Details are on our career page: https://www.blinkist.com/en/jobs

Rosebud AI (YC S19) | Fullstack Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | http://blog.rosebud.ai/hiring/

https://rosebud.ai/ powers a suite of apps to help creatives make content. https://tokkingheads.com/, our most popular app (2 million IOS downloads, all organic, high retention) allows any portrait/photo/face to be animated in seconds with no skill. Creators use Tokkingheads to make memes, deepfake parodies, NFTs, and most notably make their family and friends feel special with photos of past loved ones animated (1.8M views #tokkingheads hashtags on TikTok).

Responsibilities and what we are looking for:

* Build Great Products. We care deeply about what our customers want. We constantly iterate on our products and prototype new ideas. You must be very good at interpreting customer requests, translating them into great user experience, and implementing it in code.

* Tackle Challenging Problems. A lot of our underlying technology is based on machine-learning algorithms. ML-algorithms are often not designed to run in real-time and require unique runtime environments. You must have experience with cloud-based service-oriented asynchronous systems. You must also understand how to bridge the gap between asynchronous algorithms and synchronous user interactions with web and mobile applications.

* Prototype New Features. We meet our customers where they are. This means rapidly building prototypes end-to-end, including storage, business logic, and user experience.

* Productize Exciting Research. Our team includes engineers developing new machine-learning algorithms. You should be able to understand the constraints and requirements of algorithms and participate in productizing them.

Our stack: Flutter; React.js with TypeScript; Node.js with TypeScript running on Firebase Functions; Firestore and Google Cloud Storage; PyTorch wrapped in Flask and running in a Kubernetes cluster.

Stella Connect by Medallia | Remote, US, Argentina, Spain, Prague

(https://stellaconnect.com, https://medallia.com)

Md-Sr Ruby on Rails Engineer

We have several open backend Rails engineering positions. We're looking for anyone able to learn, grow, and contribute. I like to say we're a startup culture meeting enterprise needs.

We're a diverse group of passionate developers. We like to have fun and learn new things. I for one am learning to speak a new language while on the job.

Our tech stack is

* Rails

* postgreSQL

* ElasticSearch

* GraphQL

* React

* Typescript

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to expand their current role, lead a project or two, mentor, or bring in new ideas.

Please contact me if you're interested:

Hunter Meyer


IVPN | Infrastructure Engineer | Remote (Europe / UTC-1 - UTC+3) | Full-Time | https://www.ivpn.net

IVPN helps others resist online surveillance. Join us:

We are looking for an infrastructure engineer to help us develop and maintain our server infrastructure. In this role, you will use your knowledge of system and network administration to build reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure for our VPN service.

Responsibilities, requirements and more: https://ivpn.recruitee.com/o/infrastructure-engineer?source=...

Leap | https://leap.so | SF Bay Area | Full-time | Founding Engineer

Leap is a social learning platform for a traditionally underserved market — people 55+. We're building a platform for small group, synchronous events where older adults come to learn, grow, and connect.

Joining as a Founding Engineer is a chance to have a ton of ownership, agency, and impact on an important mission — building more meaningful connections.

More here: https://www.notion.so/foundingteamleap/Founding-Engineer-1a2...

Autodesk | Remote US & Canada | Full-time | https://www.autodesk.com

Autodesk is the global leader in design and make technology, including industry-leading 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services, that offer customers better outcomes through automation and insights for their design and make processes.

We’re hiring for a range of roles to join our team and build the next generation of construction productivity software. Our customers are building some of the most amazing construction projects on the planet, and Autodesk allows them to be radically more efficient.

* Senior iOS Engineer, Remote US & CA: https://autodesk.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Ext/job/San-Fra...

* Senior Frontend Engineer, Remote US & CA: https://autodesk.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Ext/job/San-Fra...

* Senior Software Engineer, Remote US & CA: https://autodesk.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/Ext/job/Texas-USA---R...

* Software Engineering Manager, Remote US & CA: https://autodesk.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/Ext/job/Atlanta-GA-US...

And many many more: https://autodesk.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/Ext/7/refreshFacet/31...

Neomind Labs | Ruby on Rails or Elixir Full Stack Developer | Remote | US | Full or Part Time | https://neomindlabs.com

Neomind Labs is a fully remote team providing stewardship services for Ruby on Rails and Elixir applications. We're currently looking for people with 3+ years experience who enjoy mending as much as making.

We offer medical benefits for full-time and part-time developers.

Please read more and apply here: https://30hourjobs.com/jobs/319/neomind-labs-ruby-on-rails-d...

OneFootball | Remote Germany, UK, Poland, Portugal | Full Time

We are the most popular digital media platform for young football fans. Founded in 2008 and one of the world's first 1,000 applications in the Apple App Store, we have come a long way to provide our users with the best personalized digital football experience.

We are 290 diverse, dynamic and driven employees representing no less than 40 different nationalities working from our vibrant office in Berlin. We share common values and are extremely passionate about our job.

Among the others open positions:

- android engineers

- backend engineers

- engineering managers

- sre engineers

- ios engineers

- web engineers


Switcher Labs SA | Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland | fully or partially REMOTE

We are a tech company developing a multi-camera video production platform on iOS (switcherstudio.com).

We are looking for the following software engineers:

- GPU Graphics Expert (Metal, WebGPU, OpenGL, …)

- Audio Expert (audio pipelines, encoding, audio over IP, resampling, …)

- WebRTC Expert (C++ and JavaScript API, WebRTC implementation)

- Network R&D Engineer (TCP, UDP, BSD Sockets, WebSockets, …)

- Swift Engineer

- Emscripten/WebAssembly Engineer

- Software Research Engineer (Swift on Windows and Andoird, React Native on Windows and MacOS)

For working on site as employee, you must be legally authorized to work in Switzerland or be EU citizen. For working remotely as employee or contractor you must be located in CH, EU or US.

Apply by email: jobs-ch@switcherstudio.com

Can I email the provided address to get general information on some of roles listed. I didn’t see any of the roles listed on the site. Or is it strictly for application?

SimplePay | Ruby on Rails Developers | UTC+0 to UTC+8 | REMOTE

SimplePay is a profitable, developer-owned online payroll software company, with solid annual growth. Our software lets 21,000 small business owners (and their accountants) run their South African, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong payrolls without headaches, so they can focus on the challenge of building their businesses. We're also developing new product lines.

Our development team was already mostly remote pre-pandemic. We have a very supportive culture, and are putting a lot of thought into ensuring remote work is happy work.

To find out more about us, check our developer blog (https://tech.simplepay.cloud) or about page (https://www.simplepay.co.za/about)

Do you believe SPAs are overkill for most apps, but wouldn't mind digging into Vue.js for pages that will benefit from the increased interactivity? Do you laugh when people give up the power of SQL DBs in favour of data stores that don't offer any benefits for their use case? If so, you may fit in well with our mindset.

Experience: Ruby on Rails. If you've used other web frameworks and are keen to get into Rails we'd definitely consider you! Just be sure to mention that in your application. The work is mostly on the back-end, but some front-end skills are welcome - we're doing more and more interactive things with Vue.js.

Location: UTC+0 to UTC+8

Please apply at https://teamsimplepay.applytojob.com/apply/k3nsnahdKv/Experi... and attach your resume / CV in PDF format. In the "Cover Letter" section of the application, please include 1) the time zone in which you reside, and 2) a link to a PR created or an issue logged for an open source project (no matter how small or long ago) as the first two lines. Also tell us why you would like to join SimplePay.

Datadog | Software Engineers | ONSITE (Boston, Denver, NYC, Paris) and REMOTE (US & EU) | Full-time

Datadog is a monitoring, tracing, logs system, and more, for your infrastructure and services. We build our own tsdb, distributed tracing tools, cutting edge visualizations, and more. We love shipping great experiences for customers just like us and are growing fast! We write Go, Java, Python, and React, (mostly) run on k8s, and are multi-region and multi-cloud.

We're looking for people who can build systems at scale as we process trillions of events per day. Let us know if that's you!


Pihr | Front-end developers | Stockholm

We're a small, profitable company whose mission it is to make the workplace more equal through technology. We build software for analyzing the gender pay gap in organizations and highlight to those customers where there are inexplicable difference in salaries.

We use dotnet and Angular to build our services and now we are looking for senior front-end engineers that can help us shape the future of our applications, https://pihr.teamtailor.com/jobs/1139376-front-end-developer. Or reach out to me, mille.besso at pihr.se

Drawbackwards | Remote-First (Phoenix, AZ) | Front-End/UI Developer (React) | Part-Time/Full-Time Contractor Drawbackwards is a UX design & development agency in Tempe, AZ.

We're looking for a React/Typescript & UI developer to join our 5-person development team building a new large-scale, greenfield product. Our design team provides thoughtful, comprehensive and high-fidelity mockups in Figma for pixel-perfect implementation. The team follows async-first communication/development practices, is highly supportive and egoless, focusing on the work and results first.

Please feel free to email seanc@drawbackwards.com with a little background on yourself.

Stacklet | UX Designer | Remote [Americas] | https://stacklet.io

At Stacklet, we’re building a platform to help organisations manage cloud governance at scale with code. Our technology is built on the popular Cloud Custodian OSS tool, a CNCF project used by thousands of global brands.

We’re looking for an experienced UX Designer to help us translate the essence of Cloud Custodian into experiences that make it simple for our customers to understand and optimise the state of their cloud in terms of compliance and risk.

If this sounds like a fun challenge, and you’d like to know more, feel free to reach out to me at jobs@stacklet.io.

Swapfiets | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Fulltime | partly remote/partly onsite (hybrid model) | Backend Engineers (.NET) | Sr Site Reliability Engineer | Web Analyst (CRO)

Would you like to contribute to a more circular world ? Join our movement and take a ride with us at Swapfiets, the #1 micro mobility brand in the world!

We are the bike membership with the recognizable blue tire, active in 9 countries in +70 EU cities with around 240.000 members and 1.500 employees. Around 100 employees at our HQ in Amsterdam with a Tech team of around 30 colleagues.

Find out more at https://jobs.swapfiets.com/l/en

Airtable | San Francisco/Mountain View CA; New York, NY; Austin TX | Onsite | Software Engineer (many roles), Data Engineer, Data Scientist, SRE, Engineering Manager

[COVID-19: All employees are 100% remote until at least January 2022; we are evaluating when resuming in-office work makes sense, with employee safety as the top priority.]

Airtable's mission is to democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build tools that meet their unique needs. So far, we've built a real-time collaborative database and a rich set of components that enable applications and workflows to be assembled around that database. Unlike single-purpose apps, we think of Airtable as a toolkit of building blocks that people repurpose to create their own applications.

To give a flavor of our approach to product design, here's a blog post describing how we made Airtable's lightweight scripting layer: https://airtable.news/creating-a-scripting-environment-for-a...

We believe strongly in continuously improving our codebase and practices, even when it takes ambitious effort. Here's a blog post about how we ported a million lines of our code from Flow to Typescript: https://medium.com/airtable-eng/the-continual-evolution-of-a...

We're hiring software engineers for web (JavaScript + TypeScript, Node, React), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), and Android, as well as data engineering, data science, SRE, and many other roles.

We're a team with diverse backgrounds. We believe in the power of highly motivated and capable individuals to accomplish great things in small teams, with end-to-end ownership of projects and rapid iteration.

Read about open positions and apply here: https://airtable.com/careers

Syapse | Cloud Engineer, Senior Cloud Engineer, Senior Integration Engineer | REMOTE (USA) | Full-time | https://syapse.com/

Syapse uses real-world data to guide cancer care. Our data platform helps hospitals, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies analyze the care that cancer patients get, and plan how to improve it.

Stack for devs: Python, Postgres, PySpark, Airflow.

Stack for cloud engineers: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform.

More info on the roles: https://syapse.com/careers#t3

If you're interested, please email me at tom.briggs@ the domain name above.

Columbia University - Data Science Institute | Research Software Engineer | In-person + Remote

We're looking for someone eager to work at the cutting edge of research, helping to develop the next generation of causal and probabilistic programming languages.

Get in touch if you're passionate about any of:

- Compilation / program transformations

- Probabilistic programming

- Bayesian / Causal inference

- Machine learning

- Program synthesis & analysis

You’ll work with me (http://www.zenna.org/) and the DSI, doing:

- Language design & implementation

- Optimizing / scaling research code

- Algorithm development

Ideal attributes:

- Strong programmer. esp. Julia, Python, C++, ML-family

- Comfortable digesting research e.g. from PLDI, POPL, NeurIPS or ICML

To apply, please write to zt2297@columbia.edu

Bond Capital | Full Stack Engineer / Data Engineer | Remote | https://bondcap.com

BOND is a San Francisco based venture capital firm that invests globally in fast growing technology companies.

BOND is looking for a full stack engineer with broad experience across frontend, backend, and data engineering to build internal tools and data pipelines helping our team to source, invest in, and track our portfolio companies. We’re a small team with high product ownership building in React/Flask/Postgres on Docker/Kubernetes/AWS and Airflow/dbt for data.

Reach out to Will directly at will+hn@bondcap.com

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