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Show HN: You've all heard of stock photos, but what about stock text? (uicopy.io)
13 points by mightyalex 17 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

The text examples on your site are not great copy. “Something goofed” - “goofing” is something humans do, it’s not a synonym for “broke”.

“We use cookies on Fridays to boost employee morale” - I know it’s meant to sound cute, but the way it’s worded it’s giving me sweatshop vibes.

I’d revisit the text examples used throughout the website, because the idea behind the product is actually neat!

Thank you for pointing that out, you are absolutely right. We'll make sure to test the copy examples with more people and improve them.

Hi, I am Alex and together with Zlatko we've started a project that will help ourselves and our fellow designers when struggling with microcopy or marketing slogans. I can simply describe it as "having a personal copywriter beside you".

Whats the advantage of your system over something like copy.ai

It's not AI. It's carefully written content that converts and is engaging to read. Also much cheaper.

Love the design of your site!

Thank you. We are two designers working on this project, Zlate made the design and I did the coding.

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