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Twitter is not exactly mainstream

You're joking, right?

Twitter is most definitely mainstream. When Presidential candidates and major news orgs are using your service, I think we can assume it's "mainstream".

Political activists and major news orgs are among the earlier adopters for most platforms. There are plenty of sports people and celebrities too, and all their watchers. But you could say the same about Second Life a few years ago. Twitter's certainly gone well beyond that, but I still think it's much more of a patchwork of many niches than "the social fabric" that Google Plus and Facebook are heading towards.

Uh... the President took questions on twitter like two weeks ago.

If that's not mainstream, I have no clue what is.

Have a listen to this podcast: http://mixergy.com/clay-johnson-bluestate-interview/

Politicians everywhere have learned to adopt technology early, it's critical for public relations and community-building. Just like Obama visits Facebook or Google for a Q&A. So that alone, and even the niche who follow every tweet (as opposed to the vast majority who pick it up second or third hand via journalists) is not mainstream.

Mainstream is hundreds of millions of ordinary people sharing photos with each other. That's the game Google and Facebook are playing.

There is a difference between adoption and if it is mainstream or not. People knowing what twitter is but not giving a shit about it enough to have an account doesn't prevent it from being mainstream. I'd say Ford is pretty mainstream, but only a patchwork of people drive Ford.

I say "not exactly" because it's not mainstream in the same sense that Facebook or email is. When I speak to non-tech people about Twitter (most of whom use Facebook), most of them still find it a bit of a curiosity and few of them actively use it.

The fact that it's not as mainstream as Facebook or e-mail is not a relevant argument. It's like me saying Drake isn't mainstream because he's not as big as Michael Jackson.

Twitter is mainstream. Besides celebrities and other public figures, it's a way for people within industries to follow one another.

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