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Tell HN: We made a Forrst invite code for you.
55 points by kylebragger on Aug 1, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments
If you're on HN and care to check out Forrst, you can use the aptly-named invite code "hackernews" (without the quotes) to sign up immediately: https://forrst.com/signup

Curious to know what you think.

And, clickable: https://forrst.com/signup


I'm getting "This page has insecure script." [sic] in Chrome FYI.

For the forrst guys (looking at this), this is triggered by not serving scripts over ssl, while the rest of the page is sent through ssl.

Yeah, we're working on cleaning all that up. Sorry about that.

Don't forget about protocol-relative URLs! http://paulirish.com/2010/the-protocol-relative-url/

Between this and your previous post[0] opening up Forrst to folks with active GitHub accounts, it looks like you're very actively and deliberately trying to pull more developers into the Forrst fold. Out of genuine curiosity, why?

PS: The "Log In" graphic never fails to make me smile.

[0]: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2659193

We always intended the site to be a solid place for dev/designer hybrids, as well as outright devs/designers. It used to be our sweet spot as far as user type was concerned, and I think it's something we could still potentially do well.

Glad you like that log :)

Thanks for the HN code Kyle. I heard you talking about Forrst at the lunch Noah put together right before SXSW, and I heard you got some funding soon after. Congrats!

Quick problem though: I accidentally tied the wrong Twitter account to my account and can't find where to change it (under "Find Your Twitter Friends").

Thanks! I'll share some of my iPad UI designs on Forrst to see if I get any feedback - is that what it's for?

On attempting to sign up as a paying supporter I get the following paypal error:

We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by checking your Account Overview before resending a payment.

Message 3005

Gah, sounds like Paypal is acting up (again).

I signup yesterday and send my first post (http://forrst.com/posts/Decide_when_you_want_to_send_your_Ba...).

I felt like my post was lost in a jungle of new posts every seconds.

Interesting ... I received an email today that my application was "approved". It was rejected before because I just couldn't be bothers to go through all the steps and fill out the information.

Looking forward to checking out the site.

Been using this for a few months. I love it so much, so many amazing designs being posted every day. The site functions extremely well too. Thanks for building it :)

Cool, thanks Kyle...

It took me months to figure out you wanted me to comment on the design of the item on the page. I thought it was an ad

Thank you very much. Been wanting to join for a long time now.

Add me / Follow me: http://forrst.com/people/bunsen

Looking for forrst friends!

Thank you.

Great work Kyle!

just open it up, dudes.

In this case, I think less is more. I know I will visit and comment on Forrst because the noise to value ratio is still relatively low. I don't feel that it is really an exclusive "club" feel, but it does seem to be more developers and designers that are actually doing the work every day than on more "open" places.

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