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While I don't disagree..

No offense, but, how do you expect a web browser like this to be funded? Are you planning on funding it?

No default search engines, completely free open source, work on the modern web (modern websites stick to specifically designing their sites for whatever is popular, which tends to be the ones with the most funding/affiliation)

It's like saying every modern world wide network (e.g. Internet) sucks. Which it does, we pay per use (monthly fees, data fees), there's bandwidth limits everywhere, there's advertisements everywhere, corporations everywhere

Every grocery store sucks. Full of affiliates and advertisements. And then we actually pay for everything. And we even have to check ourselves out, after 'lining up.' Wait, every store sucks. Every online store sucks.

Hell, the whole corporate world sucks.

Wait, that means the whole world sucks.

Okay, wait, I don't disagree, but..

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