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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (August 2011)
115 points by whoishiring on Aug 1, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 128 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location and whether remote work is a possibility.

SEEKING WORK -- London, England or remote

We're a duo of PhD computer scientists who have a wide range of development experience (control software, image processing, compilers, code analysis, web development). We are currently working on software for bug finding and have extensive expertise in static code analysis.

Looking to do freelance or contract work. We primarily work in Java but have experience with a wide range of languages such as C, C++, Python, Haskell, Scala, Ocaml.

Contact us at enquiries@insightfullogic.com

SEEKING WORK: I'm thinking about taking on some remote work in the US from here in Italy during the month of August, when things in Europe grind to a halt. Rails would be the most obvious thing to work on, but I've done a lot over the years. Other languages I'd be interested in/have experience with are C, Tcl, Erlang, and mobile Java (J2ME/Android). Get in touch at davidw@dedasys.com


Need a web development generalist to do some frontend work (converting flash content into html/css/js), some PHP backend work (integrating new features into our wordpress sites), and developing some interesting backend tools (price tracking spiders, social crm dashboards, etc.)

Will be a smaller (10-20 hrs/wk) ongoing project for the right person.



web/graphic designer for remote recurring work.

What the hell, HN? Downvoting people so you can be on top? Downvoting & upvoting needs to be disabled in these threads.

The downvote was probably because there's no way to contact this person.

Maybe, but at the time I made the comment, 75% of the posts had been downvoted.

Please provide contact info.

Drop me a line ;)

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote We're a startup looking for a designer. Looking for someone to create our main website and a web-based mobile app (potentially iOS and Android in the future). Prefer someone who can also code up their design (not hand off a psd). Please send an intro and your portfolio to dlauer [a][t] gmail


Looking for someone to potentially make our WebGUI look "sexy" as our colleagues in California would say. We have reached the limits of our HTML and CSS know-how.

The current WebGUI can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y5tUtx63Tc

The article that was posted on the Intel website: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/parallax-parallel-c...

If interested you can contact me at ian.seyler@returninfinity.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - Wake Forest, NC area (yes, I'm being rather specific) - PHP, CSS, some Java, comfortable with basic sysadmin skills, desire to learn new stuff as needed. (contact mgkimsal@gmail.com)

SEEKING FREELANCER (Los Angeles-USA or remote)

Consumer web startup is looking for Python/django developer with the following skills:

2/3 years of experience working with Python, Django, JQuery, Javascript, HTML * DBMS (PostgreSQL is a plus) * Amazon EC2 * Solid oral and written US English comprehension and communication skills * Mercurial * Apache2 / RabbitMQ * Django celery is a plus

o apply, please provide the following: 1) Link to your GitHub/Bitbucket profile 2) Links to public sites you've built 3) A paragraph about yourself 4) Your hourly rate 5) Two references

Reply to: myspinta11@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER (Australia, remote is fine)

Our startup, (RosterPlus.com.au), is looking for a CSS/HTML Master who is familiar with MVC frameworks, (like CakePHP), and jQuery.

Experience in design for multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer), and 'responsive' design is a must.

You will slot somewhere between our designer and lead developer. Strengths in either direction would be amazing.

Please send examples of UI you have been involved in coding, and anything you have done that works on mobile and/or tablet.

We also build web apps for some of our clients, so there is plenty to do if you have the hours!

SEEKING FREELANCER -- Looking for someone to build a web client for our existing backend, which was developed for iOS and Android apps. We're in Chicago but remote is okay too.

Ruby preferred. The timeline would be around four weeks. There are relatively few screens that need to be built, but some slick JavaScript animations will be required.

A UX specialist who can also code the web client is doubly preferred, and additional work polishing the UIs of the existing mobile apps is available.

Please contact hnfreelance811 at gmail dot com. Links to past work are helpful.

SEEKING RUBY FREELANCER -- prefer SF/bay area or Honolulu, but will consider remote. Expanded job desc: http://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/eng/2516664056.html

To apply, please provide the following:

1) Link to your GitHub profile 2) Links to public sites you've built 3) A paragraph about yourself 4) Your hourly rate 5) Two references

Reply to: senna@carmagnum.com

PS - http://youtu.be/Eidtc55ZqoU

SEEKING WORK (remote - germany)

Allround hacker - programming for the last 18 years, professionally the last 12. worked on projects ranging from informix-c on sysV unix, to embedded node.js on ARM, from web framework in Common Lisp to embedded C++ for midi controllers, from neural networks on dspic to REST API in python.

I'm looking for projects where things need to get done, which are dirty (legacy codebases, nasty DB schemas, cpu cycles optimization, concurrency on 8-bit microcontrollers) or wildly interesting (encoding audio for error tolerant streaming, building custom controllers for lighting installations, ...).

I am currently working mostly in web programming (PHP, python, frontend javascript). My latest "let's do some opensource on a weekend project" was a mustache php compiler: https://github.com/wesen/proust .

outdated "artsy" portfolio: http://portfolio.ruinwesen.com/

CV: http://bl0rg.net/~manuel/cv-english.pdf

Contact: wesen@ruinwesen.com

SEEKING FREELANCER (or perhaps a mentor)

This request is much more basic than many of the others, sorry if that offends anyone. If anyone has any interest in mentoring a newbie, please let me know. I'm willing to offer whatever I can in return.

I started learning how to code recently, and I'm trying to launch my first product, an online video-based GMAT prep tool. I've built the site using PHP, MySQL, and unlisted YouTube videos. It "works," in the sense that I can give someone a username/pw and they can access everything.

I need help going from a somewhat functional site to a site that can charge money for a product. This includes: improving the horrible "design" (using a template is fine for now), making the log-in more secure, finding a better way to host the videos (if you think a better way is necessary), and setting up a way to accept payment (PayPal is fine for now).

I'm in New York City, so it would be nice but not crucial to work with someone here. If you're interested, or if you have any advice for me, please let me know. Thanks.

SEEKING WORK: Canadian, legally capable of working in the US. Remote preferred.

Designer + Developer: JavaScript (Backbone, Knockout, Client-Side MVC, Node.JS), JasmineBDD, Python/Django, Java, PHP, HTML/CSS.




Nomadic - currently in LA, flying to SF next week.

I've worked professionally with python, ocaml and erlang. I've worked in search ( http://bit.ly/ji-texsearch-opt , https://github.com/jamii/texsearch ), testing ( http://bit.ly/ji-fuzzer , https://github.com/jamii/ocamlcheck ), distributed systems ( http://bit.ly/ji-mealy ) and am making inroads into p2p ( https://github.com/jamii/dissertation , http://bit.ly/ji-telehash , https://github.com/jamii/erl-telehash ). I have a strong background in math (real analysis, probability, discrete maths) and computer science (randomized algorithms, AI / epistemic logic, machine learning).

I'm willing to work on anything but my main interests are distributed systems and p2p networks. My current project is described here http://bit.ly/ji-mist .

Right now I'm fully engaged but I will be available again around the end of August.

Resume (a bit out of date) - http://bit.ly/ji-about

Blog - http://bit.ly/ji-blog

Github - https://github.com/jamii

References - http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=65525388#recommendat...

SEEKING FREELANCER - remote - content writers/contributors for javascript, groovy and web freelancing topics. mgkimsal@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER We have a couple of opportunities through our partners, which include awesome startups like JUMIO (Daniel Mattes, Jajah exit for $207m, now on board with Eduardo Saverin, Facebook Co-Founder) - sign up and apply instantly with your skills: http://www.twentypeople.com

Companies/Startups, we can host your jobs for free. Contact us at support@twentypeople.com or sign up on the site. It's a limited test right now but getting pretty heated - it's free and early members enjoy upgrades later.

SEEKING FREELANCER - (London, United Kingdom) Front-end Web Developer needed. PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, for several new web (and possibly mobile) applications for location based bookings.

Details: http://uk.crunchboard.com/opening/detailjob.php?jid=11728

Contact: contact@ubicabs.com

SEEKING WORK. From Porto, Portugal, E.U.; open for remote, but will possibly relocate


* Currently Python/Javascript developer, Django mostly; Google Appengine skills (https://bitbucket.org/zemanel/django-sentry-appengine)

* Past experience with PHP, including some Zend Framework, Propel, ZetaComponents (formerly known as ezComponents)

* Past experience with Java in content management applications: Struts, Hibernate, Jboss Seam. Many beers ago.

* Built a small Node.js/Dojo project for NodeKnockout 2010 which got #10 (http://www.slideshare.net/MyCatStoleMyPPT/tweetirc-presentat...)

Frontend javascript:

* Dojo Toolkit (preferred, including experience building a Dijit)

* JQuery


* virtualenv, pip, gondor[.io]

* Git, Mercurial, SVN

* <whatever you need may end up in here too>

Latest pet project (for HNSearch contest)

* http://hnmood.appspot.com

Links in my profile; will provide references by e-mail


Python developer, aspiring data sleuth.

I want to help you extract knowledge from data -- and not just with stats.

From the data side, I've done a bunch of work on text and statistical analysis -- sentiment analysis, text classification, etc. Redis, nltk, shell-scripts and lots of python.

But more excited by the moments when you decide to walk away from all that. I've been working a bunch with investigative journalists, learning that there's a time to stop coding, pick up the phone, and figure out the real story.

So if you're trying to understand your data, drop me a line.

I'd prefer London on-site, but don't rule out remote or coming to where you are.

CV: http://ohuiginn.net/docs/cvdanohuiginn_201107.pdf https://github.com/danohuiginn

Oh, I can also do web backend and scaling work (django/turbogears/pylons/nginx/memcached/mysql).

I'm now busy until the end of the year, probably longer.

Always interested in getting to know people working in similar areas, though.

What's your going rate? :-D


You're probably underselling yourself. Make that 50 quid/hr at least.

do you want to come to berlin? :)

hah. I was _in_ Berlin until about a month ago. So yes, that would absolutely be a possibility!

drop me an email with more? daniel at ohuiginn dot net.


Los Angeles. Remote work is possible.

More info here: http://j.mp/qKivzY

SEEKING WORK -- Remote & Dili, East Timor

I am mostly a Java & Objective C (iPhone app) Software Engineer

For the last five years I worked on Java GUI apps and, for the last three mostly on a high throughtput data logging server application.

I also know some Python. I also used it for a personnal web scraping project on Google App Engine (sources on github).

A few years ago I did some consulting as a PHP (Drupal) Web Dev.

My latest project is here (iOS + Java) http://www.displayator.com

I am nicolasH on github: https://github.com/nicolasH

My Resume is on my website here: http://www.niconomicon.net/content_nnmc/pages/Resume_Nicolas...

Home page: http://www.niconomicon.net/


SEEKING WORK - Remote (I'm based in PA)

I'm a web developer and designer and I focus on developing web applications.

I have an eye for usability and well-placed pixels and take pride in my craft. I'm strong in both front-end (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery) and back-end (PHP/CodeIgniter/MVC.NET) development and I'm able to take a product from the drawing board to release.

Recently I've started working with iOS and have one app in the store so far. I'd love the opportunity to work on more iOS apps and that's the kind of work that's most interesting to me right now.

Take a look at my portfolio for sample work (http://www.consumedbycode.com/) and github for some sample code (https://github.com/parrots). Contact details are on my portfolio.


Python, Tornado, Django, Google App Engine, Javascript (jQuery, learning Backbone.js), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux and VPS (Linode), MongoDB.

My Github repos: https://github.com/ccarpenterg

Some work in Python:




http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2674266 (GeoRadio demo)

Blog: http://ccarpenterg.posterous.com/

Contact: ccarpenterg@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCE WORK - Remote or on site (pay + per diem) USA

I'm a developer with a business degree and a hacker background so my experience is broad. I'm good with JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, HTML5, CSS3, web performance optimization (WPO), web app pen testing / security hardening. noSQL, NodeJS, jQuery, Piwik, CakePHP & other MVC frameworks. I can learn new languages, libraries and tech as needed.

I have 10+ years server side experience (including sys admin), 4 years client side experience. Client side / JS work preferred.

Github: https://github.com/driverdan

Profile site: http://driverdan.com

Blog: http://razorfast.com

SEEKING FREELANCER (Bay Area San Francisco, California, USA)

Looking for freelancers who are expert in PHP/MySQL AJAX, etc. I need someone to help me enhance and implement ideas on a social networking I am building on.

Must be local to Bay Area San Francisco, no exception. Please email to




Full-stack web applications and Android applications developer. Most effective in Javascript (both front/back end). Recently wrote a Node.js/MongoDB data-processing backend. I have also worked on Java/Spring/Oracle, PHP/CodeIgniter/MySQL applications in the past. Currently building a movie recommendation engine on my spare time (http://bit.ly/qhDyjd).

I am used to working remotely using skype, issue/project trackers and git/svn. Open to learn new technologies/languages.

Website: http://bit.ly/qe7ALZ Github: http://bit.ly/ovMP3D


Web designer who can knock out great looking landing pages, like: basecamphq.com sproutsocial.com cotweet.com

Can you knock out different comps of our current product pages? Can you create some visually delicious banners or other web graphics?

E-mail me: iman@trainsignal.com

SEEKING WORK -- Telecommute, or local to Cleveland

Experienced Webapp dev: Java, Wicket, Lucene/SOLR, Hibernate, Google App Engine, etc.

Work sample: I built http://appgravity.com.

I left a cushy job to pursue freelancing full-time in January. Since then I've been slogging it out on oDesk & Elance. Had a couple of great clients, but it's very hard to make a living on sites where so many people are expecting to re-create Facebook for $500.

I work efficiently. I don't require hand-holding. I produce high-quality code.

Contact info and more details at http://armhold.com/contact.

SEEKING WORK - freelance or fulltime

C# (wcf, asp.net), Python, PHP, C/C++. ACM ICPC world finalist. Living in Vitória, Brazil, but very willing to travel or relocate (worldwide). Currently learning Android and iOS. Contact info in profile.


Our Location: New York City or Los Angeles Your Location: Anywhere (only occasional onsite meetings, even if you are local.) Any may apply.

>> iOS development & Android development (2 location finder apps + 1 bubble-bobble style game = 6 apps total).

>> Server and API development (faceted searching with Solr or ElasticSearch, database design with MongoDB or postgres spatial.) You choose the language (python or ruby preferred) and help set the roadmap / timetable.

Reasonable, but not generous compensation, however, work through the end of the year at a minimum. Payment via oDesk or PayPal, no work restrictions.

Teams welcome.

SEEKING WORK - Athens, GA or remote

Web developer experienced in JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Ruby, Perl, and Python. Eager to refine my HTML5/JS front-end development skills or to test my Node.js experience against serious workloads. After a few years of maintenance work, I look forward to making a new service or product viable. Those related to personal productivity or writing would excite me the most.

  GitHub - https://github.com/thirdtruck
  Example Web Work - http://www.rubyai.org/rubyai/
  HTML5/Canvas Prototype - http://www.rubyai.org/rubyai2/web
Email freelance@thirdtruck.org

SEEKING WORK -- Melbourne Australia or remote

Security solutions design, architecture or consulting

- http://security.stackexchange.com/users/1719/rakkhi

- Top answerer information security: http://www.quora.com/Rakkhi-Samarasekera

- Klout score of 58 top influencer infosec: http://klout.com/rakkhis

- Security blog: http://www.rakkhis.com

CV on request. Email rakkhi AT rakkhis.com or @rakkhis on Twitter.


C# MVC web application developer. Currently working on an iPhone/Android app using sencha touch and phone gap. Background is primary with MS technologies - SQL Server, C#, ASP.net, ASP.net MVC, a little bit of VB.net when forced. Well versed in general web technologies - jquery, ajax, google maps, html5, etc. I've dabbled in many other languages such as python, ruby, and even did some mainframe coding when I got out of college.

I have been developing web apps for over 10 years now, dozens upon dozens of completed projects, small to large, all successful.

Angrycoder--we provide MS-centric web products (c#/.net/SQL) and are looking for some occasional contracted help with potential, assuming the combination works well. If you're interested, a GotoMeeting to see some examples of your work would be great. Please reply to dd81 aat LTGI.net

SEEKING WORK - Django/Python development, with jquery, html, css, based in the UK (Cornwall). Looking to fill about 10 hours a week with any remote projects. Will happily take on rescue/maintenance work.


iPhone/iPad, PHP, MySQL

Recently started looking for freelance opportunities. My day job is as a web developer for a state university.

I have 2 apps in the iTunes App Store and currently working on a third.





Currently in Denmark, I prefer remote work, but I would consider relocating for a great opportunity.

Mostly a Ruby coder working with Ruby on Rails. I'm also very efficient with javascript and jQuery.

Some of my recent projects:

http://www.gipote.dk # Helped them migrating to Rails 3 http://flightlogger.net # My own startup, an intranet for aviation schools

Some of the stuff I can do:

- Integrate with payment provider. - Scrape websites. - Help you make a prototype for your idea.

You can contact me on benjamin@bnjamin.com

SEEKING WORK -- Anywhere in Australia (or remote) Java/Javascript/SQL, I have a pending permanent residence visa application and looking to relocate to Australia ASAP roger@rogersmarin.com


NYC: Developing complete website from scratch in Drupal, including multimedia content, user registration and management, in education space. Opportunity for many more projects.

How can get in contact with you?

SEEKING WORK -- Triangle area, North Carolina (or remote)

I'm looking for work on Ruby/Rails-based projects (or anything where my skill set would be useful). I have experience with all parts of the Rails stack:

  - Rails development and Ruby scripting/automation
  - Client-side Javscript/jQuery/CSS
  - Deployment to the cloud (I can set up and secure 
    instances from scratch on multiple providers)
This account is a throw-away, contact me at hackernews.elbvh at gmail and I'll reply from my legit account.

SEEKING WORK -- Remote / Freelance / Contract

I'm a front end development expert (jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, ETC ETC) with design and back end chops. Happiest working with Python / Django on the backend and interesting ideas on the front-end. Available for recurring work and interested in learning new things. I love working on products and doing client services. Totally not interested in working for equity on your neat idea.

http://joshuablount.com/work | work@joshuablount.com

SEEKING WORK -- Boston, MA or remote

Server-side and mobile device developer. Developing mobile applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Server-side communication done with JavaEE, Ruby on Rails or CakePHP.

Successful projects that I have launched myself include the CityReporter applications used by over 20 cities in the United States.



My email address is in my profile.

SEEKING WORK (mostly RUBY, iOS, Python) (REMOTE)

Ruby on Rails developer for 3 years (mostly large, internal Rails sites). Before that developed desktop apps on the Mac for 5 years (using C++, some Cocoa, some Pascal).

I have about 1 day worth of availability myself, but I work with other freelancers if your project/position requires more time than that.

Github: http://www.github.com/rwilcox

Website: http://www.wilcoxd.com

SEEKING WORK -- USA (willing to relocate) / remote

Strong machine learning experience (have heavily used / modified Random Forests, SVMs, DTs, Naive Bayes, deep learning, etc. in Matlab / Python), very good at finding patterns in data and exploiting those. I am interested in pushing the state of the art in machine learning and commercializing it. Also experienced with typical software development tools (Git, SVN, Java, C, etc.)

Contact seekingcoolstartup at gmail

SEEKING WORK: College student with JavaScript (and JQUERY), Node.Js, ExpressJs, Django, Python, HTML/CSS experience. Hard worker, great student and fast learner, looking to get hands dirty. Available 20 hours a week. Philadelphia or remote. Email: jrubinovitz@gmail.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jennifer-rubinovitz/23/993/476

Seeking work (Boston, MA)

Current CS major at Northeastern University. Self-driven, passionate, and a quick learner. I've worked for:

Intuit, RunKeeper, Amazon, Pfizer

Currently seeking jobs in the Boston / Cambridge area. I have experience with turning visual prototypes into full web pages (HTML/CSS), Android development, J2EE service implementation and testing, Python/Django development, Clojure, and bits of iOS.



SEEKING WORK (Remote anywhere, based in Slovenia,EU)

Designer of UI, Web, Mobile, Graphics and Identities. Also know print design. Love typography and nicely made apps. Working with different startups and can work on smaller or bigger projects. Can code my designs in HTML/CSS, also know @media-queries and practice responsive web design.

Portfolio of work: http://yukaii.com and requests here: peter@yukaii.com


Designer based in Austin, TX. Have a reputation for being fast and am comfortable with both web and print design. I'd prefer to take on smaller jobs like landing pages, 1-2 page layouts, business cards, etc. which can be completed within 24 hours, but I'm open to work at a larger scale. Can produce HTML/CSS if required.

Portfolio here: http://stevenkovar.com/portfolio

SEEKING WORK -- Boston, MA or remote

Full stack web developer, browser Javascript all the way down through the stack to DevOps stuff. I'm most effective in Python, Javascript, Java, and Go, in about that order. I've used most of the NoSQL DBs, Flask, Django, Celery, Node, jQuery, Amazon APIs, etc, etc. My increasingly outdated resume is at http://www.njl.us/resume/

Are you looking for freelance work or permanent position?


for iphone/android development

You have no contact info in your profile. How should people contact you?

Any details? Pretty much everyone is looking for iOS/Android development right now ;-)


Los Angeles based startup is looking for a strong user interface designer for a web app. Must have a good eye for colors and layouts. The job requires designing a lot of pretty forms, buttons and overlays so your CSS must be top notch. JavaScript skills are helpful but not necessary. No programming skills are required. Send an email with screenshots or links to minimalist at lavabit dot com.


Java developer working mainly with Groovy/Grails/Java and Android. Looking for short-term FT (3 months or less) or any PT work.

Email / XMPP: petedoyle@gmail.com.


resume: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18509454/persistent/hn/Resume-PeteDo...

Seeking Work - Remote/Freelance

Python/Django/jQuery, with extensive experience building e-commerce marketplaces. I have a research background, data analysis, playing around with NLP right now.

I run a django dev shop, currently taking gigs. Here's my portfolio:



SEEKING WORK -- Boston, MA or remote

Mostly a Python coder, working with Django, Twisted, and whatever else. Have worked in product dev, QA, and operations/devops. Can work at high or low levels of systems.

http://github.com/unshift for some sample code, http://unshift.net for my new personal site, email in profile.

Seeking Work - Remote/Freelance

Python/Django/jQuery, with extensive experience building e-commerce marketplaces. I have a research background, data analysis, playing around with NLP right now.

I run a django dev shop, currently taking gigs. Here's my portfolio:



SEEKING WORK -- Atlanta, GA, USA or remote (willing to relocate)

Strong in Perl, C, C++ with a decent background HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some experience in Python and PHP.

http://github.com/simcop2387/ -- code samples


contact at Ryan@Voots.org or at (Six Seven Eight) 551-2387


PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS developer. I'm based in the UK, and happy with local or remote work.

I've over 5 years experience in PHP, and have used many frameworks, including CodeIgniter, CakePHP and Zend.

I've also got a lot of experience with CMSs including Wordpress and Expression Engine.

My email address is on my profile.



SEEKING WORK: Fulltime or freelance. Seattle, WA or remote.

Worked with Java and Perl for a while, now trying to focus on "the other side." Marketing, market research, business development, optimizing business practices (the ability to write the occasional script really helps with a lot of this).

Also pretty experienced with building Wordpress and hacking and customizing themes.

email: zaccohn@gmail.com

Seeking freelance work: JavaScript (browser and node.js), ruby, python, PHP. Boulder, CO or remote. Example project: http://anigram.heroku.com/ GitHub account: https://github.com/benatkin (my email address is listed there)


PHP/MySQL/JQuery/Memcached stack developer from Frankfurt, Germany

http://udos.name - my skill profile

If you are doing an interesting web project, give me a ping: udo.schroeter@gmail.com. I'm primarily focused on remote work, but I also like to travel so I'm available for on-site meetings and such as necessary.


Highly skilled native iPhone, iPad, iOS ObjC development. Previous clients include Fortune 500s and the US DoD.

"Off the menu" we also do Python/Google AppEngine, PHP, and Mac development. There are 3 of us.

PLEASE NO profit sharing, unfunded ventures, etc.

Please contact through http://drewcrawfordapps.com.

SEEKING WORK -- Worldwide (don't mind traveling) or remote -- based in Vienna, Austria

I've been working exclusively on iOS projects for the past 2.5 years and I'm looking for interesting/awesome iPhone/iPad projects to work on. Not interested in working for equity or profit sharing.

List of completed projects on request. Contact info is in my profile.

SEEKING WORK – Central Europe, remote

Mainly PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, (... and such) and C. Quite experienced with MediaWiki and frameworks like Zend and Symfony. Looking for some small work (about 10 hours a week, may be more), maintenance, or quick fixes, additions, improvements, etc. Contact by electronic mail at carljcole at gmail.

SEEKING WORK: Remote/ PeopleSoft/ MS SQL/ PHP/ Wordpress.

I have worked professionally in all of the above mentioned platforms. I am going to be in India for the next 6 mnths - 1 year and I am looking for remote work. I am happy to work on anything but really keen to work on the above mentioned skill set.

Pls email me at scarcelle@yahoo.co.in

SEEKING WORK: Software engineer — experience with Java, C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, GoLang, Prolog.

Mobile development: webos, windows phone, andoid. Web-services and applications: node.js(express,mongodb,jade,lue,etc),ccs3,javascript;LAMP stack with PHP,*SQL,etc.

Parallel and distributed systems and Golang for fun.

contact: x-sam(antispam symbol)brainscode.com

Where are you located?

Currently Ukraine, Last year was in Germany. I'm able to work remotely.

SEEKING WORK — Boston, MA or remote

Front-end web developer (HTML/CSS/JS) with a strong design background. Full-sweep design-to-code, interactive prototypes, WordPress/Drupal templating and config, Rails/Django View-level type stuff.

Portfolio is down for the moment but ping ericdfields [at] shortmail.com if interested in work samples.

SEEKING WORK - preferably in Sydney or Australia but open to remote work also. RoR, JS, web site design and graphic design jobs are our favorite right now yet we also have iOS app development skills in house. http://semblancesystems.com.

SEEKING WORK: August, through September or possibly through the end of the year. NYC but would prefer something I can also do remotely. Ruby, SQL databases, Unix, "Dev Ops." Recently, iOS and Python. Enjoy things like data scraping, data viz, and clever hacks. See resume link in my profile.

SEEKING WORK (Providence, RI, USA or anywhere via TCP/IP)

Slightly out-of-date resume at http://quadium.net/work/resume.pdf

Contact me at vsync@qt.quadium.net and it'll pop right up in my "clients" mail group.

(I normally live in Orlando but I'm in Providence for the summer)

SEEKING WORK -- Boston (or remote)

I am a Ruby on Rails freelancer with some newfound availability. I can develop the whole stack, from database/system administration up to the front-end/design. My email is here: http://techiferous.com/about

SEEKING WORK - Berlin, Germany or remote.

Hi! I'm Lorenz. I develop web applications using Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I am also a certified Scrum Master and I can cover for your linux system administrator in a pinch.

Check out my website at http://lorenzkitzmann.de

SEEKING FREELANCER - Baltimore, MD area preferred, remote possible.

* Seeking someone with fairly advanced PHP skills

team [at] bizelo.com



I'm a senior UI/UX designer. Here are a few snapshots of previews works. http://www.dribbble.com/nicogarcia I have sucesfully worked remotelly with 10+ HNers only this year.

Drop me a line, nico@nico.im


We're a soon-to-be-founded software company that wants to offer consulting/contract work around Nokia's Qt.

If you're interested contact us via http://woboq.com/

We're based in Berlin but look for remote work everywhere.

We'll be available from around end of August.

SEEKING WORK - Remote work. (I am based in Chiclayo, Perú.) Freelance Web Developer I'm work with PHP, CodeIgniter,WordPress, Joomla...and more. Fast and good job. Personal Site: http://bit.ly/lDHkgG


Web/Mobile UI designer - HTML5/CSS3/Photoshop - from concept to finished product.

Experienced working with developers, version control, template languages, Sass, Stylus, etc++ across time zones.

Portfolio site -> http://nylira.com

C# .Net Port, Windows to Linux Mono .Net

Require a port of our .Net application from windows to Linux using Mono and MonoDev!!!


SEEKING FREELANCER - content writing, copy writing. Remote work, 20 hours/month.


node.js, redis, mongodb

Willing to do complex back-end in node.js (load balancing, caching for search engine, websocket server, crawling, etc).

Other info: Currently bootstrapping a startup, but i'm willing to work on other things on the side

SEEKING WORK - Amsterdam | Remote

Java (J2EE, Android), Ruby (RoR), Haskell, PHP (Different frameworks), Objective C/C++ (iPhone/iPad), C, Read assembler, AWS, Linode, Linux, MySQL, Postgresql, Redis, Hadoop, HBase, Solr, Big data.

hn [at] ab.tl

SEEKING WORK -- Remote, Louisville, KY

Highly Skilled PHP/Ruby Developer look for interesting projects; experienced in building prototypes, mvps, etc.

No profit sharing, unfunded ventures, etc, etc, etc.

Email me at <hnusername>@gmail.com

Seeking Freelance Work -- Denver, Co, Boulder, Co, Fort Collins, Co or Remote

Wordpress, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion, Java, C#



SEEKING WORK: PHP5 (preferably symfony2), jQuery, html5, css, git. LinkedIn profile http://rs.linkedin.com/in/pentarim

SEEKING WORK: iOS, Python / Django, London based, remote work is possible. Please contact through http://pollocksoftware.com


Visual/UI Design. Front-end development.

Examples: http://www.wellroundedgent.com Contact: ryan@wellroundedgent.com


Antwerp area, Belgium Skills: Java, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, ... Remote is possible

Not looking for "full-time" opportunities, rather for smaller projects that can be done over weekends/evenings.

SEEKING WORK -- The Hague, Netherlands - Remote (relocating is a possibility too)

Web Design, HTML, CSS, WordPress development


Minus is hiring in NYC or seeking freelancers in New York area.

Please check out http://minus.com/pages/jobs for more info.


Seeking work.ASP.NET 3.5 ,ASP.NET MVC,TSQL,Datamining,SQL Server 2008 admin & perfomance tuning .I'm based in Rabat ,Morocco.I can do remote work.

SEEKING WORK: i want a Remote job on LAMP platform. You can check my profile in Google using "Mahabubul Hasan Odesk" you will have me on the first.

Ruby Rockstar & JS Ninja SEEKING WORK -- Milano, Italy / Remote

Have an impressive profile. ruby, rails, node.js, backbone.js, jquery, socket.io, mongodb

abhishiv at gmail.com

SEEKING WORK -- Remote work. (I am based in Haifa, Israel.)

Python hacker. More details are here:


SEEKING WORK ruby on rails | web frontend (jquery, html5, css, etc.) | mobile apps | location: boston. remote: yes and welcomed.

SEEKING WORK -- Cologne, Germany or remote -- preferably part-time

Web Developer & UX Architect



Rails/Sinatra development and AdWords management> http://ninthyard.com

SEEKING WORK - remote, UK. Web scraping and data extraction projects. Perl, Matlab and R. Contact: dmn001 [at[ gmail

SEEKING WORK - c#, SQL, HTML / CSS / JS developer. Backend work preferred. Experienced in middleware / integration


UX Designer, Software Engineer - Experience with C, C++, Java and markup/scripting = HTML/CSS, JS. Remote work.

SEEKING WORK Sydney, AU/Django/remote/casual. contact: see profile. (< 1 year experience freelancing)

SEEKING WORK - Indian. python/django, System administration, Mysql replication, svn repo administration.

SEEKING WORK: Python/Django, jQuery, iOS, PHP. NYC or remote. Contact matt@brooklynsoftworks.com

SEEKING WORK, Dubai, remote. Developer. C/Python/Django. Contact: omar.shorbaji@gmail.com

Seeking Work -- Boston, MA Excel (VBA), Python and Matlab Guru Contact: weasky at gmail

SEEKING WORK -- Remote / .NET / PHP / Flex / Freelance alan.chowky at gmail

SEEKING WORK - Ruby ( RoR ), Android, Java, Python - Boulder, CO or REMOTE

Seeking Rails Freelancer,

email kelvin@tinkerbox.com.sg for more information.

SEEKING WORK - iPhone/iPad - contact info in profile.


Remote contractor accepting work in node.js. Contact info and more about me here http://blobaum.com/

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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