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> As for the recommendation to learn native JS: I suggest you instead take the route of learning jQuery. Say goodbye to cross-domain, cross-browser, xmlhttprequest issues. Selectors, manipulation, AJAX, traversing, CSS, effects, it's all there and it works really well.

This is a good example of how javascript is misunderstood and the reason he suggests doing server side js. If you really dive into javascript, you'll see its true beauty and it has nothing to do with xhr, ajax, css or DOM.

Spend some time in jQuery and you'll see how much faster you can move on the DOM, and with half the code.

I don't mean to say it replaces JS, because you will always have native JS. But I would recommend not doing stuff like DOM and CSS manipulation and AJAX in pure native JS. jQuery extends JS and acts as a compliment, not a substitute.

But, I think we both agree that JS doesn't get anywhere near the credit it deserves.

Oh don't get me wrong, jQuery is my js library of choice when doing client side development (and server side in my own little side project), but the javascript he refers to is much deeper than manipulating DOM. Like he says "Learn JavaScript. Like, for real."

You have to learn the JavaScript core and the native DOM first to really understand the motivations and appreciate the beauty behind a framework like JQuery or Mootools.

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