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Armon Dadgar (HashiCorp CTO) on startup motivation
5 points by stremovsky 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
This morning I was fortunate to listen to a podcast with Armon Dadgar . Armon is a #Hashicorp CTO and co-founder. I found inspiration in his words to what we do https://privacybunker.io/. The matter is that we are also an open-source security vendor and we are building a standard tool for every company to store customer records and with the highest level of security and privacy compliance: https://databunker.org/.

So, according to Armon, the motivation for #Hashicorp was the following:

In a Pre #Oracle world, every company was building its own database.

Every company that manages any data had to build their own storage engine, their own query engine, their own everything.

This was a huge tax on the entire industry.

But once you have a set of vendors that provide standard SQL solutions, like Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, etc... then you can build higher-level applications that consume the database.

For us (#Hashicorp), it felt like, where we are with our tools.

When we started, everyone was building their own platform, everyone was rolling its own approach to automation.

Shouldn't there be a set of vendors who sell that for you and you just operate it rather than building it?

Original podcast: https://founderformula.sounder.fm/episode/33

About Databunker Instead of each company building its own data privacy and GDPR compliance solution, we provide a turnkey solution for this problem.

Ping me to know more: https://calendly.com/stremovsky

Is there a reason this hasn't been removed?

I found the observations valuable. Also the podcast recommendation seems like a good one. Maybe there is an element of self-promotion. But it’s not overt and seems ok to me.

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