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For reference, and to show how much it adds up, that area you commuted in has the longest average commute in the US[1]:

> In the area with the longest average commute (New York-Newark-Jersey City), commuters are spending an average of 13 days, 2 hours, and 26 minutes driving to and from work. That means that 14 vacation days a year are barely covering the time it takes to get to work every day. So in addition to dropping the average wage from $34.71 per hour to $30.15 per hour, in order to get 14 days of hanging with their family on a beach, New York commuters must be willing to spend nearly as much time sitting in a car.

They're using full days in that calculation. The average commute there results in ~40 8-hour work days of driving a year.

[1] https://go.frontier.com/business/commute-calculator

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