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>Don't look now, but language, culture, and technology all change. Change right out from under the most carefully-written of legislation, in fact.

Yes, and so what? There's a huge gulf between legislation, which is meant to be crafted for the needs of the day and can be easily modified, and a constitution, which is a blueprint for how the government functions. Human nature hasn't changed in the last 300 years. Not one bit.

>Adapting to the now is what I think is the "only reasonable way" to come at the document - and has the advantage of admitting that it's an interpretation, instead of attempting to sneakily de-legitimatize all other interpretations.

The other interpretations are illegitimate - there's nothing sneaky about it. They're nothing more than cruft added by people who didn't have the votes to actually change the document. "Adapting to the now" is precisely the purpose of legislation and also the reason the constitution places boundaries on that legislation.

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