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Ask HN: Learning Go, what’s the best steps to take to better educate myself
9 points by Tkpain21 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
Would really like to develop on Pulsechain when it’s launched. Learning the basics of Go, but not sure where to get better self-educating material.

I learned Go a few years ago and is now the main language that I use professionally.

Building something with it would be a good start but learning around go routines, channels, interfaces, etc. is something that is often missed by people coming from other languages, but it’s the main thing that gives go it’s value.

After learning the basics with the go tour, gobyexample, et al spend sometime learning and understanding go routines and channels, the problem that they try to solve and go help solve those specific problems.

One example comes to mind, when non-go teammates review my code they are often confused by all of the infinite loops in it (for {…}) but the pattern on an infinite loop with a select, not switch, statement inside a go routine is super common in go but quite confusing to people new to the language

Good luck!

Ultimate Go [0] maybe another option. Heard some good things about it. I haven't tried it though. [0]https://education.ardanlabs.com/bundles/Ardanlabsonline

I found the online version of this course useful. Have heard good things about the in person training too.

* the intro

* google + gobyexample

* "the go programming language" by Donovan and Kernighan (haven't read it myself but seen positive reviews)

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