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MongoHQ Acquires MongoMachine (mongohq.com)
69 points by friism on July 28, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

This is the first I've seen in the PAAS space regarding MongoDB and I'm excited to see that it is available and maturing. Our team currently uses MongoDB in some production and evaluation roles for some of our offerings - so efforts in the MongoDB space are every exciting.

However, in reading this press release, I'm not able to ascertain why this acquisition took place. This is the meat of what I read:

We were impressed with MongoMachine’s creativity and innovations and saw early on how well they matched our core values and direction.

But in all seriousness... seriously, what are MongoMachine's "creativity and innovations?" ..and To MongoHQ: what are your "core values and direction?" It would be awesome for you to mention to readers what this actually means.

I've never heard of either of you before, and I am a MongoDB user excited about PAAS offerings, yet this press release tells me nothing about either of you and how this acquisition helps (could help) my business.

I'd love to hear more.

The term "consolidation" comes to mind. There a fair amount of people using Mongo right now, but it's still a young piece of software. I'm not sure the market can sustain three (or even two) dedicated Mongo hosting vendors.

+1 -- I imagine it was a merging or at the least a talent acquisition.

Which I don't mean to downplay, having a strong, independent Mongo PaaS company is fantastic.

Given the high standard the MongoHQ guys hold themselves to, I have no doubt that they look very closely at the "core values" of anyone they partner with. As for direction, well, that's for them to tell us :)

By the way, we've been using MongoHQ extensively (I have a feeling we'll be one of their biggest customers over the next several months), and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They're amazing in every way. If you're looking for MongDB expertise and hosting, they're the guys.

MongoMachine was based out of the same city I'm in, and as such I've seen the founder talk about a few times at local tech events. The selling point, was not that they would host your data, but they would help automate the provisions, configuring, troubleshooting, etc of your private mongo instances in your own private setup (like EC2). If someone knows better or as a more official message, please correct me :-)

Fuck, now that's gone. This needs to be more popular. I work with datasets that are large enough to be impractical with third parties anyway.

Edit: Don't correct me saying it's not gone because they got acquired, I saw what dotCloud has done with Duostack (which had offerings which were more interesting than PHP). That is to say, nothing.

I think that actually they teamed up to take action against MongoLab.

MongoLab announced about $3M series A funding round in May. http://techcrunch.com/2011/05/18/cloud-database-provider-mon...

For those who didn't know, MongoHQ provides a really nice web UI and pricing is decent. I've went with MongoMachine in production because it's cheaper to run multiple DBs on there.

Also, funny enough I've used MongoHQ's web interface to admin my MongoMachine instances remotely, so it's somewhat hilarious that MongoHQ is buying MongoMachine. They each really do bring something a bit different to the table, I hope MongoMachine plans stay around at MongoHQ.

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