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Show HN: AtomicEdits – automatically remove silences from videos (github.com/suboptimaleng)
3 points by SuboptimalEng 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Hey HN!

In 2020, I quit my tech job to pursue creating content on YouTube full-time. The biggest problem I had with making videos was editing/removing silence from them. (For reference, it takes 1-2 hours to edit 10 minutes of video.) I put aside 2-3 weeks in June to learn video editing technologies (WaveSurfer.js + FFmpeg) and make a proof of concept - this is the result. It's really rough around the edges but saves me some time while editing.

I was originally planning on selling this as a standalone digital product (for $10-20) since I haven't made much money after leaving the industry, but I found another idea worth pursuing. I haven't touched this project in a month and figured that open-sourcing it can help others who may want to take this further.

Could be also cool to identify "mmm"s and "uuuh"s and remove these, too.

Are there any applications which already do this?

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