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...but is very quiet about what's going on between the recruiter and the target.

When you say target, I assume you mean the candidate or potential employee? If so, I do reference how I think people such as yourself can help reduce the impact recruiters have on your day to day activity. Take a look at some of my previous posts.

And so in my eyes, these recruiters are no better than spammers. Just more annoying because they don't limit themselves to email.

That's an excellent comparison as that is exactly how we are generally viewed and rightly so. I've known recruiters to literally wait all day outside a companies building with a picture from linkedin in hand, waiting for a specific developer to walk out and approach them out of the blue on the street.

As a developer, I can't help but feel that this would be an ego boost and a really fun story! I know that's not what it's all about, just being honest. :)

It would NOT, however, increase my chances of working with that recruiter. It would probably diminish them because the recruiter would seem overbearing and desperate: neither traits I want in someone representing me to employers.

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