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Dasha | Developer Advocate | Remote worldwide | Remote-first | https://dasha.ai

Our mission at Dasha is to make communication between humans and machines universally accessible and natural, and eventually get to AGI (human-level intelligence). If you always wanted to build Jarvis from Iron Man - join us! As a 1st step we help developers and companies embed realistic voice and text conversational capabilities into their apps or products.

We're looking for our 1st DevRel hire to help us build developer community and make voice AI a hot thing among developers.

The majority of the team are engineers, machine learning scientists and our Chief Research Scientist is a Ph.D. and a former Kaggle #1.

Full job description and more information about our mission and culture: https://www.notion.so/dashaai/Dasha-is-hiring-6f2156ae251e4e...

Please email at vlad@dasha.ai

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