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Elizabeth Holmes gives birth as Theranos fraud trial nears (cnbc.com)
18 points by _JamesA_ 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

> think that she was timing her pregnancy in order to be showing during the trial to get the jury sympathies.

Not sure about this but if true, that’s next level messed up. Imagine the kid finding out his birth was due to convenience.

That is exactly something Elizabeth Holmes would do.

Sounds like something a sociopath would do.

Always has been.

So close, she tried to time it just right to give birth during the trial, aa that could’ve gotten a lot of sympathy points with the jury.

“If Elizabeth is convicted and the case goes to the judge for sentencing, if he sends her to prison for a long time he’d be depriving the child of his or her mother for many years,” Carreyrou said. “And that’s a heavy decision to make.”

Yet I'm sure that depriving a newborn child of a father for years is just fine for judges and juries.

We need equality in this country, where women will face the same rewards or penalties as men get.

Put Elizabeth Holmes in jail for 30 years, if that is what is needed, and let the father raise the child as a single father. Or if the father doesn't want to, then put the child up for adoption or live in a foster home. It happens to children all the time when poor people get convicted.

Lock her up.

As a juror I will never vote to convict a poor person of a crime against a rich person, until rich criminals start facing justice for crimes against all of society.

That's downright sinister. You've no idea who this hypothetical rich person is, or the quality of their character, or their contribution to society.

Who is the poor person in this context?

I'm not sure what you are arguing exactly, but Holmes accumulated a net worth of ~4.5 billion through her fraud.

Her current net worth is essentially zero now that Theranos has collapsed. Plus, she has a lot of legal bills to pay.

It wouldn't surprise me if her legal team points our how poor she is. Poor Elizabeth ...

Well don’t worry, there are many, many people who feel the complete opposite as you do, so the system balances out.

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