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Ask HN: Repair and Maintenance App
1 point by dispatchapp 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Hi YC,

I am looking to hire someone to build an app for me for repair and maintenance service. Essentially the core features are:

Consumer facing – give people the ability to request services, select a category, urgency, etc.

Provider facing – serve them jobs that they are qualified to do (based on category), allow them to "claim" jobs, and then get paid upon completion while the Platform takes a scrape.

Would a "no code" solution such as Bubble work?

Yes, i think no-code solution can work easily for this use case. There are no of solutions you can try and see which one fits best in your use case. https://bubble.io, https://drapcode.com, etc works best for web apps. If you need Mobile Apps, then you can try using https://adalo.com or Thunkable/GlideApps etc.

The technology is the least relevant thing.

Do you mean something like Thumbtack, or the 50+ similar competing services?

It is for a b2b business with huge market share

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