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Bitmex | Data, various | Remote/SG/HK/BM (VISA)

USD 1 trillion turnover a year; ~100TB of relational internal data now, PB-scale external sources later; Redshift, Tableau, Python, open to new things; scaling data team.

Spend the morning supporting users then handover to the next time zone. Afternoon is for undisturbed R&D, where I expect 9 out of 10 of your (replicable) experiments to fail. These can range from using ML to protect the platform from bad actors to writing a mail server to protect PII from SaaS providers.

Mid and junior roles, if possible in time zones UTC-08 to -06 or +00 to +02. Work entirely remotely, subject to regulatory considerations. We can relocate you to HK/SG/Bermuda.

Process: “CAPTCHA” filter question > ~1-4h SQL questions to test skills meet baseline > 2-4 calls with end users and team > offer > background check.

Apply here: https://grnh.se/66d1bc4d2us

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