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Digital Theatre+ | Front-end developer | Remote with offices in London & Manchester, UK | Full-time | £45-55k |

We help over 4 million teachers and students by providing the best tools to do their jobs, including live captured Theatre productions, interviews and written materials, delivered by the Digital Theatre+ platform to classroom and remote learners.

I'm looking for a front-end developer, who cares about all the little details of accessibility, performance and usability that make websites joyful to use, to join our 4 person development team who are responsible for the development and operation of the Digital Theatre+ platform.

We're trying to find someone who is passionate about:

* Delivering excellent accessibility and having a detailed comprehension of WCAG standards * HTML and aria attributes * CSS and SCSS or another CSS pre-processor (e.g. SASS, LESS, PostCSS) * Component-based development * Designing and developing micro-interactions * Writing modern JavaScript * Using Git with a repository hosting service such as GitHub or GitLab

It would be nice to have but not essential:

* At least 1 years’ experience in a web development role * Knowledge and experience of developing with TypeScript * Familiarity with Storybook to create an interactive component library

Our hiring process is:

* 30 minute phone call with myself and another member of the team to double check we've understood each other * A few hours spent pairing with team members on real work (just like a day in the [remote] office) * 3 month probation to make sure it's a good match * No code tests or other hoops to jump through

Drop me a message on HN, or email hiring@digitaltheatreplus.com, with CV or LinkedIn or Github if you're interested in having a chat.

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