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Y Combinator | Software Engineer | Anywhere in US | Full-time

As YC has gone remote in the last year, our small-but-mighty software team has been busy building the OS that runs all of YC.

In the last six months alone, we've rewritten our entire Demo Day experience (to connect founders with potential investors), re-created the batch experience with both in-house tools and 3rd party integrations, and written software to help founders connect with one another for advice, intros, deals, networking and so much more.

We have a ton more to deliver, so we're looking to hire a product engineer to join our team. This is a great role for somebody who loves helping startups, is eager to talk with YC founders (our customers!), and wants to own projects from start-to-finish.

We work primarily in Ruby on Rails and React (learning on the job is fine though), and we spend most of our time coding. That said, we encourage everyone to participate in all of YC -- read applications, join our batch talks, help out with Demo Day and speak up on the projects you'd want to work on. (And if you’re looking for input, there are always group partners around).

The software team you'd be joining has seven people with lots of collective years of start-up and big company experience, so you'll get the best of both worlds: moving fast and shipping and strong teammates/mentors to help you learn. About half of us are alums and several of us are parents. We're open to people 2+ years out of school or even 10+ years of experience. Lastly, the work-life balance is great, and you get to work with people across the company.

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, apply below and email ryan AT ycombinator.com


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