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Rivian | Data and Software Roles | Palo Alto, Irvine, Vancouver, and Remote | https://rivian.com

Rivian is an American electric vehicle manufacturer and technology company helping to shift the planet's energy and transportation systems entirely away from fossil fuel. To achieve the massive scale of this transition, we need to build the factories of the future, today. The Factory Data team enables Rivian to scale manufacturing with unprecedented speed by making our factories more intelligent and the people creating them more productive.

To achieve this we're making modern software and data practices core to how we develop and deploy factories:

* zero trust security architecture

* factories and equipment that are software defined

* CI/CD for software _and_ physical automation systems

* distributed and highly resilient manufacturing execution systems

* "analytics as code" on a modern data stack

Please apply to roles directly or reach out if you want to contribute in a related way:

* Manufacturing DevOps: https://grnh.se/bc9ff83b3us

* MLOps: https://grnh.se/1a59742c3us

* Decision Science: https://grnh.se/f4d58f613us

* Data Science - Algorithms: https://grnh.se/b56ef1833us

* Other related roles: http://www.linkedin.com/in/benjoaquingouverneur

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