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Mapcreator | REMOTE-OK | Netherlands | full/part-time Senior Front-End Developer | Vue.js | Salary + Annual Bonus + Insurance https://mapcreator.io/about-us/careers/

Join our motivated team of internationals based in the heart of Brainport Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and help us scale our customizable online mapping tool Mapcreator.io. We believe that "Anyone can create maps": our aim is to make former cartography-knowledge and time-intense manual labour turn into seconds of work in an intuitive interface for businesses in need of high-quality cartographic output, like Washington Post, CNN or JLL.

Your skill set: As our Front-End Rockstar, you bring an excellent understanding of modern Front-End web development. This includes

- high-level knowledge of the latest Javascript ES11 version/ECMAScript2020,

- experience with frameworks like VueJS, and

- knowledge of Webpack and npm.

- You also know how to write unit tests and e2e tests in NodeJS.

- Applicants with experience in mapping and/or visualization tools and knowledge of Nightwatch/Selenium have a great advantage.

Eager to explore an exciting and fast-growing business domain and accept this mapping challenge? Email me: magdalena[at]mapcreator.io

Applications are open for YC Winter 2023

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