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Caffeine.tv | Multiple positions | Full-time | California, New York, Texas | https://caffeine.tv

At Caffeine, we want to change how people consume live television - making it more friendly, connected, and fun. To do this, we’re building a new social broadcasting platform that features world-class content, easy-to-use broadcasting tools, a social and fun viewing experience, and an engaged broadcaster community.

This is an exciting and enormous challenge, and we will only be successful if we build a supportive and collaborative team. Our teams prioritize delighting our community of viewers and broadcasters, working with intention, taking ownership of our commitments, and acting with resilience and determination—all with the intention to ship greatness, always.

My team specifically needs senior iOS and Android engineers, but we also have other open positions.

Android: https://boards.greenhouse.io/caffeine/jobs/4519724003

iOS: https://boards.greenhouse.io/caffeine/jobs/4519736003

Other positions: https://boards.greenhouse.io/caffeine

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