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Sokanu | Multiple Roles | Vancouver, Canada | Onsite or Canada Remote (all remote for now) | Full-time

Serving over 10 million people per year, we use psychometrics and modern data science to help people discover their best-fit careers and give them the tools they need to make that career a reality. We're a small team looking to grow as we enter a new stage for the company. We'd prefer (eventually) on-site in Vancouver, but are open to remote hires within Canada for some roles.

Roles we're hiring for at the moment:

– Front-end Engineer: Typescript/React. Help us create and deploy our new design system, provide mentorship, and improve our stack and toolchain as we grow.

– Infrastructure / DevOps Engineer: Terraform/AWS/ECS. Help us develop and maintain our systems and DevOps culture as we expand and grow.

– Back-end Engineer: Python/Django. Help us get our backends ready for more scale and new features. We're currently typing our entire codebase and improving our test coverage but have some fun projects coming up.

– Full-stack Engineer (Growth): Python/Typescript. Help us continue to grow by finding both technical and product opportunities, running AB tests, and working closely with our data science and marketing teams.

If you're interested in what we're doing, send us an email to hiring@sokanu.com with a résumé/GitHub and let's chat!

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